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Hey how are you all? :rose:
So some people have been asking if they can follow me elsewhere, other than DA (especially since many people are going to leave after Eclipse will be launched).
And I decided to start posting on other platforms, all at once! So simply choose which one is better for you!
All of them are fresh out of the oven. :D

And as for the Ko-Fi one, I though of offering special sketch portraits to those who donate 15$ or more!
Considering I haven't been taking Commissions in ages, that's something refreshing. ^v^
But EACH and ANY donation is very much appreciated, it would help me create more art and animations and don't starve. ^v^

Thank you so much for reading, hope to see ya somewhere out there!!! :heart:
I keep participating in DA's Valentines "quest" and today's prompt is very pleasant. :heart:
I picked 5 of some of my favorite fanarts on DA and 5 favorite artworks about my homeland that I found on DA :heart:



Hello everyone, hope you've been well! Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes!
Thanks to dear :iconstrawberry-tate: (wow great, even username tag won't work XD) who gifted me 1 month core on my birthday, I could finally test out Eclipse. And after 2 days I feel like I can almost cry. I guess I'm too old now to adapt to this. ;_;
I seriously can't figure out why admins or designers who made Eclipse think that we need to get rid of most of useful functions on this site. I literally can't use this site in Eclipse mode:
- where are Deviants birthdays?
- how do I even remove favs from my mobile device?
- where are ALL my saved comments and notifications folders that I've been collecting for years, in this new design?
- we don't have useful Friends editor page anymore? Only this tiny frame for viewing all our friends in random order?
- why can't I save comment after I reply to it, like before? ;_;
- are.... gallery, friends and watchers "modals" are all we get to customise our pages now?
- why Lord, oh why the page comment section is in the endless feed style now, instead of pages?
- why the "cover" image for my page shows in ridiculously terrible quality if I uploaded a giant 4800px image for it?
And many, many more questions. Not to mention the mobile version is even more useless than PC version of the site - it's glitchy, very confusing and I have to spend ages to go around usual daily rutine now. I gave up on Eclipse after all and switched back to the site that actually functions to do all the stuff I needed. I'm afraid to think we won't have the option to get back, soon? I'm afraid I won't be able to even use DA anymore if that's what it's going to turn into. ;_;
Or am I just getting old and stupid, after all? XD
I am sure a lot of you remember this from at least 2007 (or even earlier):

We have spent years and years, waiting for the release, finding specks of dust of information. Now we are finally getting the finished product:

Just to remind you how the concept art looked:

Cats020 by Oha

Cats019 by Oha

Cats018 by Oha

Cats014 by Oha
Cats015 by Oha