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Six Fanarts Challenge, round 2

By Oha
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Another round of #sixfanarts challenge <3
There was too many characters I also wanted to draw, so I made another six!
But unfortunately, this one is a little bit rushed, and also, it was harder to edit the colors on this one, so that all the characters would look good on one page.
But anyways,, there's never too much kitties! :D

You can find the original template here!
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JennaakaNinjastarHobbyist Traditional Artist

Cute little characters!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]

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You did a VERY good job on Bambi and Oliver.  Except for Mae Borowski, I don't know any of the others and I only know Mae from watching someone online play the game she's in.
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Thank you very much! Well -
- Luna is a cat character from Sailor Moon series Luna icon 

- Kitten Gav / Woof is a russian animated character - www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nVixZ…

- Unico is a character created by Osamu Tezuka, the same director who made Astroboy and Kimba the white lion. ^^
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Oh.  Osamu Tezuka?  The same man that stole the idea for Kimba from Disney's "The Lion King" 20+ years before Disney made it?  LOL

That cartoon you linked to was pretty cute.  I like how the older cat told the kitten things that weren't true and things that were sometimes in the same sentence.  LOL.  BTW, I recognized only one word in the entire cartoon.  Pravda.  I wish I spoke Russian it would be nice to understand what's being said without having to worry about subtitles that might not be correct.
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Being one of those original fans of Unico makes me feel really old, heheh. I love how adorable you drew these.Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Aww it's so nice to know someone who knows Unico character so well!
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Unico, Blue Blink, Astro Boy, Princess Knight, Captain Boko & most of the late Tezuka Osamu's characters have been ingrained to my childhood. I still feel like crying remembering how Unico was treated by those jealous gods. Aaaargh, I want to go all Kratos on them!
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I only recognise three here.
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Mr-ReichHobbyist Digital Artist
omg its Woof
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BloodhoundPrestonHobbyist Digital Artist

That is very cute.

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mimimoo123456789Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kitten Gav was one of my favorite childhood cartoons!! Oh it's so adorable!!!
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ElwoodmcnuttStudent Artist
AAAAAH you drew Oliver! He's my little pumpkin pie sugar plum 
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foressttStudent General Artist
Aaaa you drew kitten gav <3333
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DreamHunter23Hobbyist Digital Artist
(пишет на русском )
Мультфильм девства 
настольгия :3
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WatermelonthecatStudent Digital Artist
This is adorable!!

how's your daughter BTW?
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
I've got a son, though, and he is doing good! Thank you so much! ^_^ :heart: :love:
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WatermelonthecatStudent Digital Artist
sorry about that,
stay safe!
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Aw, you too! Stay safe and healthy! <3
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WatermelonthecatStudent Digital Artist
hope the baby's doing well!
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Good morning, Adorable!!!!!!!!. 
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AplReachStudent General Artist
 О, знакомая мордашка :3
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Гав-гав ) Они меня ждут, эти неприятности? Я пошел )
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Tailless critters always get tails in fanart.
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
I know what you mean. I just decided to go as everybody else. :cries:
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