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Queen Oha trotting

Just a little updated walk cycle for my character, Oha. ^_^
You can compare it for yourself with a walk cycle I made TEN years ago of her! :faint: 2009 - 2019! -

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Very regal, very adorable, very smooth animation! :star:

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All hail the new queen! Adorable little animation. X)
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Omg I have a character super similar to this (color wise)except mine is a warrior cats sona lol. That's so adorable! 
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So bouncy and adorable! Amazing work!! 💕💕
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All bow to Queen Oha! 
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Haha. She's adorable. I love just how much personality shows through a walk cycle.
I just love all of the secondary motion in this - The tail, the hair, the tips of the ears and that cape... and those little black things on the cape. It's all very impressive.

The improvement since 2009 is HUGE!
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Gosh, I've always just loved your animations!
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She's because a beautiful bouncy love :heart:
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i live for that fluffy tail!!!!
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oh good! She look is so adorable :heart:
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Thank you so much sweety!!! :heart:
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You're welcome :heart:
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OMG!!!!!! LOOK how cut she is i love her so much sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!:love:

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AWW AWW thank you so so so much! :love:
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Thank you! :D
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Awwww she’s looks precious and so happy <3 <3 <3 
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Hehe thank you! Sweet little pwincess :3
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Hope to see more of her :icondragonwant:
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i love. this so much.absolute cutie pieee!!!!!
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Ahhhh thank you! *_* *blushes*!
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i SO need an animation from u ;w;
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Excuse me, but if you don't mind, could you tell me what you use to draw?
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