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Little Greyneck Remake 2021


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I made a remake of my own old drawing:

Anything changed in 12 years at all? :XD:
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Нельзя ж так пугать-то! Я уж подумал, что на СМФ ремейк того самого мульта делают :)

Oha's avatar

Ух ты, спасибо ) 😊

VagabondHeartt's avatar

Hmm, I'm Polish and I remember my mom always telling me that Russian animations were the most beautiful to her. Now I see what she meant. It's really beautiful animation! Reminds me of those old Disney cartoons or something. My mom was right, Russian animators were absolutely talented!

SeekHim's avatar

I'm rooting for the duck but the fox looks beautiful.

GOD bless

John 3:16

KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar

Now it's on-model.

ZeFrost's avatar

For all western spies who didn't seen the original cartoon here's a link

There is a version with english translation too, but colors in that version is shit.

KuroNeko369's avatar

Beautiful but I can't help but say "Uh oh!" for the bird

TripForwards's avatar

I think that the message is conveyed clearer and the perspective is better and it overall looks like it has more work put into it. You've certainly gotten better dude!

Oha's avatar

Thank you very much! :w00t:

K4nK4n's avatar

This looks gorgeous.

SaviorFoxOwlis's avatar

Fox is gonna make her a meal!

Tsalagi27's avatar

Amazing work as always!

MariEsposeets's avatar

This is incredible! Little duck, better fly. Absolutely adore the painterly background too.

Oha's avatar

Thank you so much! :hug:

egalvan555's avatar

This vixen is bad as Tod & Dixie

Naahelee's avatar

Wow, so much improvement! This is incredible, very great work here :happybounce:

Oha's avatar

Thank you so much! :happybounce:

PouassonDeOro's avatar

Yep I can definitely see an improvement and a more personal style. I especially love the way the background is painted :D

Oha's avatar

Awww. Oh my gosh thank you so much! <3

PouassonDeOro's avatar

You're welcome dear!

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