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Lady and her Scamp on quarantine

By Oha
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Lady - Lady and the Tramp

A second addition to Disney dog mothers series I wanted to make ^^

Disney mothers on quarantine:

Part 1 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Thi… (101 dalmatians)

Part 2 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Lad… (Lady and the Tramp)

Part 3 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Jen… (Balto and Jenna)

Part 4 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Kit… (Aristocats)

Stay safe everyone! :rose:
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really nice good for lady that she lives in 1900 I think or some thing like I don't think it was in 1955 not 100 sure

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Scamp living up to his name.
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This is the best! :)
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thattonekid03 General Artist

This is so adorable! You are amazing!

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disneyfangirl774Hobbyist General Artist
Poor things. :(
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The-Sparkly-SpycarHobbyist General Artist

Such beautiful lighting! I love their expressions, too :)

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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Thank you so much! :hug:
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Bastet-mrrStudent Traditional Artist
какие милые)
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LupaChuHobbyist Digital Artist

This is the cutest thing! Amazing work!

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LadySionis Writer
Disney should be looking to hire you!
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
I hear this all the time but the problem is, they are NOT making classics like this anymore ;_;
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LadySionis Writer
Oh that's true. Maybe they'd go back and make classics like these if they actually took the time to look into some of you amazing artists! I mean, you guys have talent for days!
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RoxalewProfessional General Artist
The lighting is just so amazing and well done :iconrainbowheartplz: and the little dust spects, this is beautiful! :D
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Aw, thank you! I'm so happy to be able to draw some beautiful simple things from life, like dust particles ^^
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RoxalewProfessional General Artist
You're very welcome :D
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Tsalagi27Professional General Artist

I LOVE this! The poses, the lighting, the detail!

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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Thank you so much! :hug:
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I gotta say if I was in lady and the tramp 2, i’d be a golden retriever with a past that I’m not proud of. Here the 
lines I’d use. 

Me: “Scamp, I saw that little boy. Judging from his tears, looking at the picture with you and him and both your families, he must really love you. (Sigh) kid you should go back.” 

Scamp: “Why should I? This is all I ever want to be free and live by my own rules.” 

Me: “Kid I was once like you. I too wanted to live my own way. But that choice coast me more than I bargained for.” 

Scamp: “What do you mean?” 

Me: “It happened many years ago, in dog years. I was your age, i wanted some time to myself. That’s all. I played, have fun, till I was captured by the pound. I managed to escape, but I was three towns away. But i was determined to return home to my family, both dog and human. I took the train thought it be quicker, I was wrong. I was now 4 towns away from home. But I refused to give up. It took forever, but by the time I reached home. The damage was done. I hurt the boy I loved. I hurt my parents and brother. Take my advice pup, just cause you have freedom doesn’t mean it isn’t free. It comes at a cost.” 

Scamp: “I’m sorry Coyote, I-I didn’t know.” 

Me: “Some lessons you need to learn the hard way. And to be honest I just wanted a day to myself not a month. Now I til this day I can’t go back to my family. Felt so ashamed than and now. 
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The whole work is beautiful, and one of my favorite small details is the little glowing dust motes in the light. Such a beautiful, realistic little touch! 
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Aw, thank you for noticing! We always have very much dust at home because we got a cat and live in a filthy place in the city. But in a sunny day when all this dust is visible in the air it looks so magical *_*
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Good morning, OH!!!:O.
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Мне 101 Далматинец больше нравился, но этот фильм по-своему шикарен. 
И, насколько я помню, действие этого фильма происходит в нулёвых или ранних десятых годах прошлого века. На арте это хорошо видно.
Осталось нарисовать Герцогиню и Налу, или у вас только собаки? 
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