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Jenna on quarantine

By Oha
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Surprise! Not Disney, but close.
You know I couldn't not draw Jenna! :D

Disney mothers on quarantine:

Part 1 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Thi… (101 dalmatians)

Part 2 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Lad… (Lady and the Tramp)

Part 3 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Jen… (Balto and Jenna)

Part 4 - www.deviantart.com/oha/art/Kit… (Aristocats)

Stay safe everyone! :rose:
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So for them basically................. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNNPNweSbp8

If you know what I mean.

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First panel.  Spoken like a true man.  LOL
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Zalla661Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor jenna, Balto has it so easy. XD
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disneyfangirl774Hobbyist General Artist
Poor things. :(
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Rookie109Student Artisan Crafter
alue its so cute as a puppy F2U Cute Bisexual Divider 
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Aww she is ^^
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jenna is like me, but without kids
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I wonder if Jenna would draw you if she could.

/dumb question
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
LMAO that's an interesting question XD
I would love to see if she would 0____0
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sunkissinHobbyist Digital Artist
if they're in quarantine, Balto's doing a pretty good job ignoring the rules and breaking it!!! He shouldn't be out at the pub with his pals, he should be at home helping poor Jenna with the pups trying not to spread the disease! typical man.

These are so beautiful, I love seeing all the different animated dogs in your style!!! The way Jenna's posed with the pups is especially adorable, they all look so cute ;; 
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Lol don't pay attention to a reply from Stuntpony here, I totally get you here and I can't agree more, lol :D
Get your ass home, Balto XD
Thank you so much! :heart: ^^
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sunkissinHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha not a problem, I'm so glad you at least got what I was trying to say! You're welcome <333
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I don't know. Isn't in in a setting? They don't even have mobiles, if I recall. It's not exactly 2000's...
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sunkissinHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure the series Oha is making is about animated dog mothers in quarantine. Also I wasn't being 100% serious lmao
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For jokes to work they must have some sense to them. As it stands - your joke doesn't have much logic behind it. Not obvious, not hidden.
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sunkissinHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I'm sorry I forgot everything has to be completely serious when talking about animated dogs, my apologies Mr. Joke Police.
Stuntpony's avatar
Clearly you must be blind. I said jokes must follow SOME logic. Could see NONE in your comment. Now can you kindly get off my case, Mr. Funny Joke?
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sunkissinHobbyist Digital Artist
I so obviously wasn't being entirely serious in my original comment. that's on you pal, not me. And no, you're the one who replied to ME first with your flaccid take, so why don't you get off my comment. :)
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AdamiroHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess I can just copy-paste my comment from previous pic xD Someone wants the end of quarantine asap XD

Beautiful pics ;w;
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daw so cyuut ^w^
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Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart
Some men don't know anything about the sufferings of women. Let's see them survive after giving birth!
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OhaProfessional Filmographer
Yeah..... ;_;
Thank you so much :heart:
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You're welcoooome.
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RoxalewProfessional General Artist
Poor Jenna haha ^^; But awesome artwork :D
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