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Aleu gets adopted


Aleu gets adopted! 🥺❤️

(Aleu from "Balto 2"). Evolution and careful breeding made dogs feel happy when they're around humans. Aleu has even more dog blood in herself than her father, Balto. I always imagined that she could get adopted by Aleut people (doesn't even her name suggests that?), and this could bring her joy. Even though I have a specific vision of how she could live with the wolf pack, as the movie itself suggests, in my mind, there was always an alternate ending. :) So here is my new drawing about it!

Way back in 2009 I already made a pic of the same topic, you can see it here! ->…

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I'm adopting this as my headcanon now.

Great drawing!

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A better ending that what the movie had..

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This is amazing. When I watched the show I really wanted her to get adopted

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Awe! It really would've been nice if this was the canon version.

Sorry if i removed any comments!...

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A sweet look look at what could have happened!

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Awwwww, this is so precious. I love the shadings, very bright and warm.

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that's so cute! :)

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I like this ending better

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This pic is so great, I like this warm light, it's so great :D

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Very nice! I love it when you post art!

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This is so cute!

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I LOVE this alternate ending!

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Потрясающий и милый рисунок.:D

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Boy, does Aleu look happy to be adopted by this lady!

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I see this was a quicker piece.

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So wonderful omg!

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Can you drawing a guy fox and a girl cat fell in love with each other?

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I really think that girl human should have a name .

her name should be SunFlower

because she is so happy.

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Here is kind of a fun fact: There are some Native American cultures that purposefully breed domestic dogs with wolves because they want the characteristics of both; of course the results may vary but something that I thought would be kind of adding to this as well.

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OMG this is so adorable ! :heart:

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