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Hey guys!

For anyone going to Anime Expo, I will be in the artist alley with :iconcrybringer: :iconrobotnicc: and :iconporkbun:

You can find us at tables K4 and K5. Artist alley is located in Kentia Hall this year.

I'll have my books on hand, including a new color one. Also, there will be some new charms too.

Feel free to stop by any say hello!

I will have booths at both Anime Expo and SDCC this year. I'm mentioning both because they are so close to each other, that they are practically one singular, gigantic convention gauntlet in my mind haha ha .. ha.... *dies*

Anime Expo is from July 2-5, SDCC from July 8-12

At Anime Expo, you can find me in the Artist Alley, Table number B59 (It's a corner table not far from the Copic area, if that helps.)

If things go according to plan, I will have a new book. From Scratch #2: Inktober. I will also have the stuff I had from Fanime, plus some new content. 
I will do commissions, but I may experiment with doing them a bit differently this year.

At SDCC, I will be in Small Press, operating the LAVAPunch table at Booth # 1635 (We are next the Peanuts booth, so that should be a useful landmark.)

In addition to my stuff, the booth will be representing several other artists that are related to LAVAPunch in one way or another, plus the anthologies as usual.

See you guys there!
Hey guys,

Anyone in the SF Bay Area, I will be at APE this coming weekend, sharing a table with the Lava Punch crew. We'll be at table 1013 and 1014. Please stop by if you get a chance!

I'll have my books and prints for sale, as well as taking commissions at the convention.

If all goes well, I should also have a new book too, "From Scratch". It'd be a collection of relatively-raw scans of some of my sketchbook drawings.

See you there!
Hey guys!

As some of you may know, I have two artbooks currently: A fanart collection and a full color monster girls artbook. You can now buy them online at Gallery Nucleus!
Check out them out here!…

Gallery Nucleus is a pretty cool store and has some neat books, prints, and other stuff. :9
Hey guys,

I will be at Otakon 2014 Artist Alley this coming weekend. Anyone going, please stop by the table~! I'll be at AA-07, sharing a space with Crybringer ::iconcrybringer::

I'll have my books and prints on hand, and will be open for commissions.

See you there!
Convention season is startingggg....

I will be at Fanime's Artist Alley this year. Table 720. I'll be next to other Skullgirls team members and the Lava Punch / Black Torch crew.

If you're going to be at the convention, feel free to stop by. I'll have my usual stuff and a couple new prints.

See you there!
Hi guys!

I'll be at AOD this coming weekend in the SF Bay Area. If anyone is going to the convention, feel free to stop by the artist alley. I'm at table A 15.

As usual, I'll have books, and whatever prints I have on hand, plus I can do commissions too.

See you there!
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Hey guys!

I'll be at Anime Expo this year. I have a table in the artist alley.

My table number is B43. I'll be sharing it with fellow LAVAPunch comrade, Evon Freeman :iconporkbun:

As one of the contributors, I will be one of the tables selling "Fresh Productions," an artbook compilation of several artists, who all came from an art group in UCLA called Fresh Produce. You can check out more info here:…

In addition to that book, I should have more copies of the fanart book from before, and I will be open for commissions.

Also, stop by the Skullgirls Booth in the exhibit hall. We are booth #1030. 

We'll have the PC version to try out, and will be handing out postcards (as seen above<). We are next to the Sanshee booth, who has a lot of great Skullgirls merchandise you should check out (such as this George plushie)

A lot of the artists from the team are in artist alley, but will be periodically stopping by the booth to do signings / meeting the fans. Kinuko will be at the booth, working on Big Band animations live!

We also have a Skullgirls panel on Friday, July 5th. 2:30pm-3:15PM in LP4

The voice actors and actresses will be stopping by the Skullgirls Booth on Sunday at 1PM for an autograph session as well!

See you guys there!

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Hi guys,

First of, thank you to Shake-zula (the mic-rula') for the Premium membership! ;w;bbb

Also, thank you to everybody who donated to the Black Torch kickstarter- I put up a thank you image for that in the gallery too~…


As you can tell by the journal title though, entry's mainly about Fanime!

I'll be at the artist alley like usual this year.

For those of you who don't know yet, the Fanime Artist Alley is in a bit of a weird spot this year. It's in the giant tent behind the convention center called South Hall.

k009 had a very helpful map to point out its location!

I'll be at table #309. Here's a map of the artist alley and the table location:

I'll be sharing a table with Black  Shihfu and my friend Nick

Incidentally, here's a pretty neato map / directory from Fanime themselves as well :0/…


In some other recent news, as some of you might know- we've got some REALLY awesome Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 hats up for voting in their recently implemented voting system. From what I understand, the idea is that if the hats get enough up votes (thumbs up, basically Liking it), it'll be accepted by Valve as approved hats.… Go here to Up-Vote them. Anyone with a Steam account is eligible. Spread the word~! Thank you guys for all the support! *A*b

Incidentally, Vaatiwithblue… other SG fans have gone the extra mile here on DA and have set up a contest regarding the TF2 hats. You can check it out here: skullgirlsfansite.deviantart.c…


I apologize for not catching up on notes lately. I might be able to keep up a bit better after Fanime. I'll see if I can take a look just before Fanime, if there is anything time sensitive. Otherwise, I guess just poke me again in the comments section of this journal entry- that will be easier to see more immediately.

See you guys at Fanime~!
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Hi guys,

The Black Torch color comic anthology Kickstarter is in its final 24 hours. Check out the page and spread the word if you have not already~…

I posted up a bit of a preview of my entry for it in my gallery too- check it out if you're curious.

Thanks to all of your guys' support, we definitely appreciate it!!! ;w;bbb

Also, in regards to Skullgirls~ thank you for the support there too- the second voted character will be determined soon~ I hope most of y'all are happy with the results. I guarantee that whoever it will be, we'll make sure they come out as a cool/interesting character~

I'm curious what people thought of this second voting system. At least the rounds a lot faster this time, hehe.

Again though, thanks for all the support!
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Man, almost done with the voting for the first character~ I wonder if the voting system will be similar or modified for the second character. Incidentally, wow, I was looking at my last journal entry- thanking y'all to allow the first voted character.. but since then we were allowed a second one as well. That's still pretty amazing to me, and to think about how a lot has been going on lately. It's pretty interesting to be so much more transparent with the community, in regards to our development. It does make sense to me though, since it's thanks to all of you that we are able to continue.

I also wanted to take this time to let you guys know about another project that the LAVAPunch crew has been putting together lately: our first color anthology, "The Black Torch" !!!

We have started a Kickstarter for it- check it out and donate if you can. If you can't, that's cool~ but it'd be great if you could spread the word at least~~~…

I'm one of the commissioners in the rewards section- so if you wanted one from me, this may be your chance owo/
I have a comic in there, for which I had been posting pictures of on my tumblr ( )

A couple of our other SG artists have also contributed to the book: (navfn and Kinuko)

Also, again, I should apologize about not catching up on DA notes lately. Between Skullgirls and The Black Torch, I haven't had much free time lately. I'm already pretty behind on emails, let alone notes/messages ;w;/ I apologize! m(__)m

Thanks y'all~~~~~~~~~~!
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Hey guys~

First of all, I want to thank all of you so much for letting us reach the 3rd character in the Skullgirls IGG campaign! I never expected we'd get this far *A*;; The voting will commence after the end of the campaign.

There are still more stretch goals after this, including support for Mane6 and their new project and Robo Fortune as a character- check out the website for more details.…

We are less than 2 days away from the end of the Skullgirls crowdfunding campaign. Spread the word around if you haven't already~ Anyone who pitches in any amount to the campaign would be able to vote for the 3rd character!

There will also be a special stream at 8PM PST tonight. You can stop by here:

I'll be on the stream later at night as well.
See you there~
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Hi guys~

So, I have more than 100 notes to catch up on ;w; Actually some from a while ago. Once again, I apologize for the huge delays in replying. I also want to thank everybody that greeted me a happy birthday this weekend- and some drawings, even! <3 Thanks~!

Also, of course, I wanted to mention that we've started out crowdfunding campaign to keep Skullgirls going. Our first goal is to get Squigly made, and with any luck and your help, maybe we can get more characters done as well. Check out the Indie Go-Go page for more details~!…

Even if you can't donate a lot or at all, please spread the word- that too will help a ton.

Oh, and for those who hadn't seen it yet, here is a video of our panel from the Animation On Display convention in Japan Town, San Francisco a couple weekends ago:…

It's a bit long, but if you are realllllly curious and have time, here's that 3@. Bonus: Kinuko's cup apparently also now links to the IGG page, haha~

Thanks again guys for all the support!
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Hey guys~

I've got some Skullgirls news in general for y'all~

First of all, we've set up an official Skullgirls tumblr account- so you can follow that for news and/or reblogs of Skullgirls fanart or other related posts. I'll probably reblog things from there from time to time, and use this tumblr account for posting my own art, as intended.

Check out the tumblr page here!

I've been reblogging people's posts about it lately, but just another reminder that tomorrow is our last push for the Skullgirls-in-EVO/Breast Cancer Research fundraiser. You can donate here:… Thursday, Jan 31 8PM PST [11PM EST]

The stream will be going on here:

A lot of the artists, including myself, will be there. I know that at least Persona and I will be doing requests during the event.

We'll have an assortment of things going on, including giving away prizes, an auction, story mode reading, hopefully time for a tournament, and answering questions on the stream.

The voice actresses and actors will be showing up once again as well. I believe that Cristina, Kaiji, Danielle, Erin, Sarah, and Kimlihn will be there.

Speaking of the VA's, since we passed the 25k mark (you guys rock ;w;b), Kaiji is actually getting a Skullgirls tattoo. In fact, the process will be streamed here:… tonight (Wednesday Jan 30) 8:30 PM PST [11:30 PM EST]

Another reminder that you can get an awesome poster from Sanshee, our merchandise partners, and $5 of those sales go towards the donation as well:…

A lot of Skullgirls news to mention today a@;;/ Another big one:

An update on the PC version of Skullgirls- Autumn is in talks with Marvelous/AQL to fund and publish the PC version. It'll take some time, but it will be a more robust version of the game. More details here:…

And this one's actually a few weeks old, but an article about Skullgirls and Lab Zero that I think is really worth re-posting / mentioning:…

Whew, ok I think that is everything.

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Hey guys,

A quick heads up, the awesome people at have our special Skullgirls poster for sale: $5 of every sale goes to the Skullgirls donation drive.…

Check it out! The poster is a really cool design by Brady :iconashuraou:

For those who don't know, Skullgirls is among a handful of games nominated to be the 8th position at EVO, the biggest fighting game tournament event in America. To determine the 8th game in the lineup, they're running a charity event. Whichever community can raise the most money for breast cancer by the end of January gets selected as the official game. You can read more info here:…

If you want to support Skullgirls and see it at EVO, you can also donate through this link:…

The donation drive is only until the end of January- so there is just about a week left to go.

Thanks guys~ a@///
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Hi guys,

I'm back in town, though I only just got in yesterday. Still catching up on a lot of stuff / unwinding. (And last minute preparations for ALA)

Thank you all for your support for Skullgirls for the IGN Best-of Awards. I figure it would have been a long shot, but the support is always appreciated either way ;w;b

Oh~ for anyone going to Anime Los Angeles this weekend, I will be at the artist alley. Feel free to stop by. My table is 30B. I posted a couple preview pages of the fanart collection I'll be selling at the convention. I'll be doing commissions and I'll have a few prints as well.

Hope to see you guys there~

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Hey guys~

I'm out of town currently, so my sense of time-zones is a bit funky at the moment...

Hopefully I'm not too late with this notice- but Skullgirls got nominated for IGN's Best Of awards for best fighting game- it's based on a voting poll, so check it out (and vote for Skullgirls, that would be nice ;w;b)…

Sorry about my lack of replies to notes and comments... my internet opportunities here are a bit limited + I'm just bad at keeping up with that stuff anyway =w=; It'll be one of my new years resolutions yusss haha~

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Hi guys,

Once again a lot of notes to catch up on. I was hoping to do that all at the same time, but my time ran a bit short.
Anyway, I wanted to make sure to update today to let y'all know that I'll be with the Lava Punch tables like usual this year at Alternative Press Expo in SF.  If you're going to APE, make sure to stop by!  We'll be at Tables 512 and 513!
I'll be selling a new book there called "Shades of Grayscale."  =w=;;  It's a 54 page black and white collection of fanart  from the past few years.  I posted the cover image in my gallery here:

For those who put your name on the list at AX, this one is a separate book I put together to have something ready for APE.  The larger book will also have a fanart section, just not as big as this one.  Feel free to send me a note or email reminder though, if you'd like. But I'm still definitely working on it!  Anyway, stop by the table and check it out, plus all of the other neat stuff at the Lava Punch table :0~
I'll be catching up to the rest of DA notes and messages... at some point >w<;;;  Also, in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the internet, I am now posting on tumblr and blogger lol

Does anyone know how to change the blog name in tumblr? I probably should change it to something other than "Untitled" lol..

Thanks~!! m(_)m
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Hi guys,

I normally catch up on comments / replies / notes whenever I update, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I apologize for that, and will try to get on it soon ;w;

I actually should have posted this update a few days ago. Anyway, if you happen to be at PAX, you should stop by Sanshee's booth and get some cool SG merchandise 3@/

Check out previews here:…


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Hey guys a@,

Some updates on Skullgirls. Most of this stuff was mentioned already on Twitter and Facebook already anyway, but I figure I could mention it here as well:

The patch for the game is in the works. It will be full of a lot of major improvements and new features, plus extra color palettes for all of the characters.

Back to School Shirt-
Check out the Skullgirls store for a Back-to-School themed shirt! They're available on the site for a limited time only.

Was a fun excuse to draw Mrs. Victoria. owo

I might have said it before, but I always need to thank all of you who have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about the game, even in times when things were awfully quiet. Trust us, Skullgirls is still definitely on our minds, and we are still planning many things. There were a lot of other elements that came up that often slowed down progress. I know that is super vague and abstract, and I apologize for that.

Still, though, it is really amazing seeing all of the fan support in various forms, from some really interesting tumblr accounts and character blogs to amazing cosplay and fanart. And other stuff owo/; Can't forget the other stuff.  There's an amazing amount out there, nearly impossible to keep track of in some ways, hehe. I'm glad there are people that enjoy Skullgirls, and I'd hope we can bring you more in the future.

Thank you for the support. ;A;b  I'll try to post more Skullgirls material. There are some images from before that I was holding back because they were of things not shown yet, but story mode has revealed a lot in one form or another, so I can probably post it now. Plus I need to update in general anyway
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