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Happy Skullgirls Halloween

Hey guys, I wanted to thank all of you for your support in Skullgirls so far, it really means a lot to us m(___)m

come check out our website at

more update coming to DA, hopefully soon @u@b
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Hold up... Is Big Band the Headless Horseman?
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Nope. It's Ms.Fortune. And it's a tiny throwback to her old concept!
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...Painwheel as Tinker Bell. That’s all kinds of hilarious. Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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Wow, Peacock is Inspector Gadget and Painwheel is Tinkerbell :) Awesome job
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probably not the first to make this joke, but...

SmokeApe47's avatar
If Double was here, She (or whatever is it) would be The Thing or even It himself!
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when  i realized peacock was inspector gadget i was like "inspector Peacock"
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Morrigan Parasoul looks sexy as hell
OrageSpark's avatar
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She's Sadako from "The Ring." 
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Oh I see. I haven't seen this movie yet XD
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It's a horror film about a cursed video tape and a creepy ghost girl. 
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Well I guess I know what to watch tonight. Thanks !
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Umbrella looks like "Darkstalkers meets Don't Starve", y'know?
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Lost it at painwheel
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Sayaka Talking Icon WAIT! HOLD ON! Where's Valentine and Double!? Oh...and...Looks like my favorite character Peacock will be the cutest girl with that costume she wore. Isn't she cute~?
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The image was made in 
November 4, 2006
SonAmyfan12903YT's avatar
So does that mean Valentine and Double weren't created yet or what?
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I approve of Peacock as Inspector Gadget.
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Lilith and Morrigan... excuse me while I fangirl for a moment.
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