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A panel from something silly I put together when the RE 8: Maiden demo came out. Posting multiple things on DA is a pain and I don't like it.… just look here if you want to see the full comic lol
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Now draw her in her dragon form next time.

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I smell JOJO! *Cue Giorno's Theme good part*

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badass family girls

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I’ve been avoiding these but this one.... I like!
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These characters look great in your style.

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*Awaken gets more evil*
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son vampiros asi que un ataque de hamon y se acabo

CainisDad's avatar
Holy shit 😳

*cue Castlevania music*

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All eyes on the one with

the hat

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Could this be Dio's other wife........and it looks like the pillar man or pillar women...........
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Lady Dimitrescu is also a vampire, just like Dio. Сoincidence?

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Me: she's coming quickly open the door

Ashlyn: I can't it's locked

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Very good job :D

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Quite an impactful panel. :) Especially when it shows our favorite vampire ladies in an amazing light. :)

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Alcina: Oh, you're approaching me?

Ethan: You can't step on my face unless I get closer.

Eddyibblee's avatar

Jack Baker - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard “Bring it on!!!”

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