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Bayonetta :0 I drew this a while ago, but I guess with the announcement of a sequel coming up, oddly appropriate timing.

Anyway, this is also the cover for a fanart book I put together for upcoming conventions. If everything goes according to plan, the first convention it'll be at will be APE 2012.
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where you on the skullgirls team??? this is good btw.
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reminds me of skullgirls. cool drawing
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Ooh Skullgirls style
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Wow, this is really good. I recently started playing the second game, and am really enjoying it so far. The art style you're using kinda reminds me of Skullgirls though... now it makes me wonder how Bayonetta would respond to the Skull Heart.
SyaoranKitesun's avatar
That explains a lot.
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Oh!Oh!and Panty n Stocking come out n fight for! :la:

Oh wait,that's just a crossover I wish for... ^^;
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Love it. ^^

Sucks that the sequel's only for Wii-U though... 8<
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That girl reminds me of Mrs.Victoria from Skullgirls. 
PS: You made this into the Skullgirls Edition!
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You have good taste!
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If bayonetta was a playable character in skull girls. =)
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Bad news, it's NOT from Skullgirls. It's from it's own game, Bayonetta.
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It's too bad that Bayonetta 2 is coming out for wiiU... and I don't have a wiiU. =(
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it looks great! XD
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I love Bayonetta <3 
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Lol,the same picture that my sister have in our ps3
I love this cartoon style! Very Nice!
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Appropiate is not a problem. Style is what matters, and I like yours.
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tu boceto a color [link]
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