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Annie 02

Annie is not allowed to swear T^T;
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Annie almost say a swear eddy
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Ah Annie I wish she made the cut :(
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for if she swears she gets a stake in dah skull.


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Wow, wait is this even fan art? I though Alex created this... How does it work when it is on fan arts?
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the bunny can see into your very soul

is annie yours?
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I wish she was a playable chara-wait why not make her DLC?
meismeduh's avatar
eventually we hope
saaaaawwwww's avatar
Naughty naughty
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Omg she looks awesome! Why wasn't she in the gameD:
Oh my god I love her! Please make her playable!
She definitely needs to be a playable character! :DD
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i love her 1000%
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That rabbit is on my shirt RIGHT NOW.

Also, that looks like a painful sitting position. You probably drew this a good while ago, though, so critiques now are less than relevant.
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yus indeed its totally like the same one -- hmm I should probably upload those pics too eventually maybe

ah critiques are valid wheenver :0 what if even by now I hadn't learned my lesson? XD also: I could say that "its a doll" or something, but that is kinda arbitrary but yus you have a point- probably should have twisted the shoulder/torso of it a bit more to make it more of a logical twisting
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It's mostly the position of Annie's shins I mean. I don't know anyone who can twist both their legs 90 degrees inward to make their shins go straight out like that.
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*gasp* She cussed!
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:3 cute. love the freaky eye-in-mouth bit, very cool
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this attribute is more arousing for some reason
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the bunny sees all...
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