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some things have changed! [end of 2016 ship meme] by oh-no-Castiel some things have changed! [end of 2016 ship meme] by oh-no-Castiel
So I posted this meme back in June, which isn't really that long ago if you think about it, but I think six months is a wide enough time gap to be allowed to redo this. Plus, my ships have changed since then- as well as my reasons for shipping them. ^-^ (just to clarify, I still ship everything on the older version. just maybe not as actively as I used to. c: )

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Because it's Adorable: Kickthestickz
– I don't know what prompted me to fall in love with this ship honestly. It's just frickin cute.

Because it's Hot: Septiplier
– After growing a range of artists I love who draw Septiplier, I can now clarify that yes, it is hot.

Because it's Plausible: Phan
– Still shipping Phan harder than ever~ (but not forcing it down their throats ofc)

Because they're Alike: Samifer
– I didn't have this on the older version, but I ship the hell out of Samifer (see what I did there)and I have for a really long time. Surprisingly enough, I never drew any fanart for it this year... Expect some Samifer in 2017 then! If you asked me how they're alike off the top of my head, I wouldn't be able to tell you any good proof- but I just think.... something about their personalities? I dunno. I think they're alike somehow. Definitely.

Because they're Opposites: Johnlock
– I didn't have anywhere to put this ship, so I just dumped it here because I NEEDED IT ON HERE, DAMMIT. XD They are pretty alike in some aspects, but at the same time they're completely different. It's just one of those things, you know?

Because it's Canon: Victuri
– HOLY CRAP A CANON SHIP IS THIS EVEN REAL?? DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME? I'VE NEVER ACTIVELY SHIPPED SOMETHING CANON SO I'M FRICKIN ZAZZED---- (i haven't watched episode 11 yet but I heard something kind of sad/bad happens in it?? shhh, don't tell me yet~)

Because of Subtext: Destiel
– Destiel, man. I can't even say anything about this shio other than it's worked its miserable way into my heart and it's there to stay. <3

Because of Fanwork: Sabriel
– I still don't understand this ship. But just the fanart and the stories and everything, hhhh... makes it so hard not to ship. I love it.

BECAUSE I CAN: Larry Stylinson
– I just... I'm trash, okay? That's all there is to it. Larry was my first ever ship and it'll stay up there forever. #ishipbullshit

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So I hope you had a fantastic 2016, and I hope 2017 treats you even better! <3

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top 20 ships of…

my older version: Long AF Description :-:

original meme: Shipping Meme
CoolSkeleton03 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Student Artist
one question: do they all have to be man x man? I'm not judging, just wondering :P
oh-no-Castiel Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, all of my ships at the time were boyXboy. I don't know why, but I don't really ship girlXboy couples all that much... Although, now I do have girlXgirl and girlXboy ships that I sort of like. :>
CoolSkeleton03 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Student Artist
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