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i did a thing [ klance animatic ] by oh-no-Castiel i did a thing [ klance animatic ] by oh-no-Castiel
so uhh hey //sweats i've had this video since late december but only just now posted it because i was really nervous to before!!

i hope youtube doesn't kick my ass for using the audio that i did,, i couldn't find any audio-swaps that had that little "no no, no no" background vocals at 0:49 and i really wanted to keep it in D :

cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 

i listened to "cold water" by Major Lazer and i really wanted to do a klangsty little animatic for it,,

and then i realized that it would make more sense if it was a little further in the future because of the line "although time may take us into different places", (only a year or so though)

so i added in scars and made Lance blind in one eye, and although it's not noticeable in the animatic, Keith has an Altean spine prosthetic! now he and Shiro are prosthetic buddies! :'00

.....aaaand then i got really into the AU so now i wanna write fics n stuff explaining how they got their injuries, what happened in the flashback at the beginning of the video and how Lance developed ptsd from almost drowning, ect :00

It's not all Langst, I swear. He's not the sole focus of this AU, and Keith will not be sidelined to a supporting role.

this entire animatic and song is kinda what inspired my future au aaaa..... the Hunk/Lance thing that i drew for Hunk's birthday takes place in the same timeline!! just a little later on. *u*

i'll post more shit on my tumblr as i get more into this au oof

cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 


cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 

lance and keith Copyright Black dreamworks
"cold water" Copyright Black major lazer (ft. justin bieber and )
work Copyright Black moi
JikiHana Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my! This Video is sooo great!! [And soo cute x3]
It's so nice and I just watched it 10 times! xD

oh-no-Castiel Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you liked it!
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