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going titan hunting! [ levihan ] by oh-no-Castiel going titan hunting! [ levihan ] by oh-no-Castiel

i actually drew this about a week ago, but i didn't feel like editing the speedpaint for a while... especially since i didn't really like this very much? but i still wanted to post it, and the longer i waited, the less fond i became of it... so i figured i'd just post it now before i completely dislike it! ;v;

GUYS... I love Hanji to death and I really want to marry them. I really really want to marry them. I really really really want to marry them. Like,, this is a serious question i swear,, is it actually possible to fall in love with a fucking fictional character?? because if it is,, holy SHIT hAA can i just marry a print of them they're so fucking amazing and beautiful afdjkflfdl
yes, la/nce is still my favorite character e v e r,, but i don't want to marry him and also i ship him with ke/ith too much djjdfjdjf

YeaH SO Hanji dragged Levi (and the rest of both their squads too of course) outside the walls to do some titan capturing! Levi is less than enthusiastic, but compliant nonetheless :'D

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other versions, because i'm trash and can never decide on just one apparently:
Levihan4 by oh-no-Castiel  Levihan  by oh-no-Castiel  Levihan2 by oh-no-Castiel

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hanji and levi Copyright Black hajime isayama
work Copyright Black moiiii
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P-INKBLISS Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
Hanji is gold. One of my favorite characters all the time <3
both looks very good in your style! I love the high differences here XD
oh-no-Castiel Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mine too! :'D
Aa thank you! I kind of wish I'd made Levi a little shorter, I think the canon height difference is a bit more drastic, but oh well- Cx
P-INKBLISS Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
but that way we won't see him in the picture XD I think it's totally ok!
oh-no-Castiel Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o h true- xD ty!
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