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My Summary of Art 2016 by oh-no-Castiel My Summary of Art 2016 by oh-no-Castiel
So this is it. The last day of 2016.

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Part of me is super sad to say goodbye... there have definitely been lots of ups and downs this year, (terrible terrible downs), but in the long run it has been pretty great. I'm gonna miss 2016.

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So on the subject of my art.. hooooly wow. I got my tablet in July (I was using an app on my phone and my finger for any digital art before that one) aAAAND I guess i figured it out pretty quickly?? I haven't done much traditional art since, tbh. but my art from august vs art from december got worse?? Okay, I have a logical excuse. I transitioned from Sketchbook Pro to FireAlpaca in October and I absolutely fell in love with the ability to do clean lines. I also found that I like doing simpler drawings. It's just more fun for me. So after a bit of improvement, I downgraded my art style to what it is now, basically. I'm still figuring it out as I go- it's obvious I haven't grown completely comfortable with my style, buuuuuttttt I'm growing into it. Hopefully I'll have shaped my style some more and improved by this time next year. ...Hey, maybe I'll even be able to draw hands better! ....okay let's not kid ourselves here. :3

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So I hope you guys had a good 2016 overall. Happy New Year! See you in 2017~

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2016 Summary of Art [TEMPLATE FTU]

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