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My 2017 Art Summary by oh-no-Castiel My 2017 Art Summary by oh-no-Castiel
....... okay first of all holy sHIT. 2017 is almost over??? How is that even possible tbh w o w

hah i love how you can pinpoint the exact moment i fell into Voltron hell never to see the light of day again

I remember filling out my 2016 art summary and saying,

"it's obvious I haven't grown completely comfortable
with my style, buuuuuttttt I'm growing into it. Hopefully
I'll have shaped my style some more and improved
by this time next year. ...Hey, maybe I'll even be able to
draw hands better!"....okay let's not kid ourselves here."

and I was trying to sound hopeful, but honestly I was really stuck and didn't think I'd actually end up improving?? But I've gotten a lot more comfy and friendly with how I draw, and I'm really glad that I have actually improved. And I have actually gotten better at drawing hands!! :,0

Right now I'm generally really happy with where I'm at in regards to art, which, honestly, isn't something I thought I'd be saying so soon, considering it's only been like... a year and a half since I really got into digital art?

.....enough rambling goddamn shut the fuck up kir

... (:

rainbow heart rainbow heart rainbow heart 

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my 2016 summary:  My Summary of Art 2016 by oh-no-Castiel

2017 blank template: 2017 Art Summary Template [ FTU ] by oh-no-Castiel
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