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strawberry bun-bun adopt open


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strawberry bun-bun adopt open


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Pijama Party Ych - Cancelled


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Nijimura Keicho - Jjba Cosplay


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Avies for 6


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Ovi Plush Doll

Plushies and Dolls

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delsnora | c


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My Dolls

Dolls on my bases

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[P2U]3USD PAY to Use base by yukomeow0222


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How to THINK when you draw IN 3D QUICK TIP!


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bat bomber animation


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Adopt+dress up game Auction(closed)

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Sugar Rune Valentine

Super Cute

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Doll Kuroshitsuji


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[CMS] YCH Mirror base - 2

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Tiny Adoptable Aucion (CLOSED)


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Spooky Patterns Pack


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Deus ex machina II

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Aseprite User Stamp

Page Decor

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F2U Journal Skin: Starry Kei

custom page

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Angel / Shadow - custom

Characters I've Adopted

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Commission Info [OPEN]

🌸 🌸🌸 I accept payments only with Boosty. It's site like Patreon. How to pay with Boosty: -When you comissioning me  you agree to my terms of servise. Note $=USD Terms of servise: - I start working on your commission only when I received payment on my Boosty account (if the payment pending, I will not start your commission) -If you are in my waiting list I'll send a note to you when I can start your commission, answering on this note is required, (if you for some circumstance can't pay for commission,  then, please, just write about it). If you do not respond to me within 48hrs I'll block you, sorry..  -If you don't like my anatomy, or proportions, or my colors, etc, please, don't commissioning me, because I just can't draw in other way... I don't draw in other art styles -I'll not accept the changes on artwork that will sounds like: do her legs on 3mm longer, or the hips must be on 2 mm wider : if you are so picky, please, don't commissioning me.. -I accept Boosty

Commission Wishlist

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Paypal and Commissions!

[EDIT] As of September 2020 I am no longer active on deviantArt and will not be able to answer any questions. If you have any questions, please look in the comments for possible answers. Okay, so maybe I'm a complete butt for not making this journal earlier. But better late than never... So if you're an artist that does commissioned work, you might use Paypal to request payment. And if you're a good boy or girl, you do it the way that Paypal intended for you to do it and you DON'T just tell your clients "to send you 100 bucks to DangerButt@geocities.ocean on Paypal." I'll re-iterate: If you are an artist who asks for money on Paypal; YOU C


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Blind Dead


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