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Return to Oz

This was meant as a Halloween card for Angel (:iconbutterflyindisguise:), with a simple Return to Oz theme, because she really liked that movie. And she introduced me to it. Actually, she introduced me to a lot of good movies i've grown to love. And I was watching it a few days ago. Took about a day to do, but I never got the chance to give it to her.

Pencil crayon on craft paper... the scan made it all purple. I had trouble adjusting the colours. Seems kinda boring to me, but! I do like it. Some things I'd like to fix...... but...

I hope she enjoys this.

Return to Oz © Disney, 2011
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I like it...alot...simply beautiful...if you love Oz you may like my new book NORTHERN OZ....all new lands all new characters....go to and it will have the art work and book...not asking you to buy the book just thought you might be interested...... 
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I love it!!! Very nicely done. I love how you have the Gump flying in a silhouette against the moon.
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i love it!!! *O*
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I love this movie. I love this drawing.
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Awesome scene.
I like your style. Good job :)
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Wonderful technique and style! My favorite movie of all time.
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this was such an amazing movie, id love if someone were to make a graphic novel or animated series of it =) great rendition of it
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How about having both Oz GAP and Return to Oz characters with Oz itself in Kingdom Hearts 3?
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So cool! I love your take on the characters... This is one of my favorite movies ever. <3

...Is Jack holding the electroshock machine?
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He is! I'm glad you noticed :) I want to do another Return to Oz fanart!
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Why's he holding that? XD

That would be cool to see more RtO fanart! :D I've been wanting to draw some, myself.
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I always thought Dorothy was crazy, or at least somewhat out of the loop in her head. :) So I put the ol' shock therapy in his arms. Mostly to just tie in the image and the machine. :)

If you do some Oz art, show me! Also, dunno if you heard, Sam Raimi (the guy who did spiderman, evil dead series) is trying to do a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, but is having trouble getting licenses to use the characters -from- Oz. Hope it pans out!
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Since it's based on the second two books (Oz is real in the books), I figured all the Oz stuff Dorothy saw in Return to Oz was real. XD; But they intentionally made it so you could interpret it either way in that movie.

Well, I have a little bit of Oz art, but it's a bit old: [link]
I also have a Return to Oz-based fanfic, if you're interested.

Yes, I did hear about that! They were actually doing casting for it near where I live, but they were looking for either very tall people or very short people, so it didn't quite work out for me. XP
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The scissor sisters made a song titled "return to oz"... maybe you should check it out ;)
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I think I will! ... rrrrright now!
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That is my favorite movie
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Never seen or read this story! Would you recommend it to a Wizard of Oz fan? :)
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It's a bit darker in terms of comparing it to the original film.. well definitely darker, but I would -definitely- recommend this movie. It's such an interesting take on the aftermath.

A bit weird sometimes, admittedly, but I like that. :)
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Anyone remember the "Mirror Head room" Scene? Scariest scene from my child hood...

Tick Tock was the man in those years...

Great work
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