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U for Uruha. Makeup Tutorial

NOTE: this is more for people with double eyelids.
I'm sorry but I'm not a monolid so I don't know how they work.
But I will try to explain some parts.

Well this is my take on Uruha's, from the j-rock visual kei band the GazettE, make up from the PV 'Silly God Disco'
It's not 100% accurate.
Nor will I say that it is.
It's only that I see a lot of people making mistakes while doing this. I also used to. Until I sat down and actually studied Uru's makeup out completely.
It took me a while of playing around with make up to figure out how to complete this so don't be afraid to experiment, and remember: practice makes perfect~

1. Prime your eyelids.
This is essential . If you're going to cosplay this or even wear this for a full day, it will crease. And this make up isn't meant to crease.
So please use a primer (aka: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance or in my case - concealer).

2. Get the 'almond' shape right.
Remember that you're doing make up of an Asian person. And Asians in general have slightly almond shaped eyes, so packing eyeshadow on in a round way won't cut it for this look.
You can use any eyeshadow you want as long as it's a purple/violet.(I don't know the brand that I used, sorry )

3. The triangle of doom.
As stated above, asian make up takes Asian eyeliner.
Outline first to avoid mistakes. Because you will do them at first.
The triangle like tail at the end 'lifts up' your eye and makes it look more angled.
Use a liquid if you know what you're doing, for beginners I suggest using a gel eyeliner with a thin brush (MAC black track fluidline).
Myself, I used a liquid eyeliner by Isadora.

4. The crease.
This is probably most important part.
Contrary to popular belief, it's actually pretty easy to make this if you have the right brush.
Like in the picture, I used an angled brush. Any brand is good as long as the tip of the brush is in a neat shape, not flared out.
As said, use a black eyeshadow, now you might want to invest some money in a good eyeshadow. Because adding a load of cheap black eyeshadow will result in massive flaking and smearing. And the line won't be as crisp and neat.
(I used MAC Carbon eyeshadow. You can use NYX or Stargazer too)
For monolids and people with generally small eyes, I recommend going up with the line than the natural crease line. Because if you black out your crease and open your eyes, it will look like you don't have anything on your crease at all.
Plus it makes your eye look gradually bigger.

5. Connecting.
You can skip this part if you want, but for me, it looks ridiculous without the bottom lash line connected with the top.
Thanks to the sharp angle of the angled brush, you can make a strong rectangle shape.
If you want you can make it round, of course.

6. Finishing it.
Add mascara ( I totally did a typo in the image) and lashes if you want.
But I don't recommend that, because, well, Uruha isn't wearing any.



thank you for taking your time and reading this.

If anyone wants any j-rock make up tutorials, please leave a comment or note me.
I'd be happy to help out ^^

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Wow it looks so amazing 😍

Thank ya for making this tutorial!