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Bay-beh, FaLLEN, and Webtoon

Fri Jul 20, 2018, 5:19 AM
Almost 6 months after giving birth, life has been pretty weird. My kid is a monster (she is in the 99th percentile for height and 97th for weight, meaning she is bigger than 97-99% of all babies her age) and a fast learner, much to my dismay. Oh, sure, I'm proud of her... but at 5 months old she is able to sit, roll, crawl, and can stand for short bursts if holding on to something. I REALLY can't take my eyes off of her. So drawing time has been scarce, and there are weeks where I may only leave the house once or twice, so cabin fever has effectively set in, haha.

FaLLEN Schedule

It looks like I will begin drawing the next chapter of FaLLEN sometime in the fall, when I will either hire help to babysit while I work or have family members take her on weekends, etc. I will probably have to adjust my work method and do pencils for the whole chapter all at once, then the inks, etc etc, which means I won't be posting as frequently to public sites. I will be posting my progress as I go on Patreon, though. Once I get one whole chapter finished, I will start uploading those pages on the website, dA, and other mirror sites one page every week. 

Raising a kid is HAAARRDDD and time consuming, so this is the best I can do until she is a tad bit older.

Line Webtoon

If you use Line Webtoon, the comic is now available to read on that site. I've posted up to Chapter 8 and will slowly unveil the remaining chapters over the next couple of months. ---> FaLLEN on Webtoons

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I Made A Bay-beh

Mon Feb 5, 2018, 5:44 PM

I had a baby! Yup. I don't want to post her picture all over the internet, so this is her hand and her pink elephant sleeve. Coincidentally, when she farts/poops she sounds just like an elephant, and it's super cute.

My labor story: Uh, easily the hardest thing I have ever put myself through. She was almost 2 weeks late and 4 days before she was born they decided to induce me. Not going to go through all the details, but I was having labor contractions for 3 days before I ever even went into labor, thanks to a torture device that injected man-made oxytocin straight into my veins. So I had maxed-out the machine and had mega contractions up until the last day, when they said if I didn't get her out the old fashioned way they would have to do a c-section on me that night. My water had broken on the second day of contractions, so her heart rate was starting to go down and the doctors ended up having 8 people around me during labor, with one guy whose only job was to forcefully push down on my stomach while I was holding my breath and pushing. I would tell you what the other jobs the people had were but it is definitely TMI material, haha. Also, I did all this without anything for the pain. They say you forget how much it hurt once you give birth, but... no. I will never forget screaming as it felt like being ripped to shreds EVERY THREE MINUTES for three days.

Anyway... uh... the labor itself was pretty short (3 pushes?) but it was pretty traumatic. My baby was fine but I wasn't. I'd lost over 500 mL of blood and they thought I was going to lose consciousness. I also have the rarest blood type in Asia and I'm pretty sure they didn't have blood ready for me if a transfusion had been necessary. They had me on IVs and medication at the hospital for 5 days after the birth and I needed a walker just to get to the bathroom. It sucked.

But my baby is pretty adorable. Sora is laying next to me as I type this and she coos and makes the sweetest sounds. When she's working on a poo she makes these great faces, and I'm pretty sure she's the loveliest baby I've ever seen but I might be just a wee bit biased, haha. I have never known anyone with my DNA because I was adopted, so it is really bizarre for me to look down at her and see so much of me in her. She's half-Japanese but she takes after me more than I expected, with brown hair and that eyelid fold that is considered "beautiful" in Japan (I love fold-less eyes, too, so this never made much sense to me). She has my nose, which is to say a "high nose" as Japanese put it and her eyes were blue at birth but are more gray now. It's very very surreal for me to see so much of me in someone else.

OKAY. Enough of that. I don't want to be one of those moms who blabs about her amazing kid all the time, so here's some info on my work schedule.

I'll be working on FaLLEN pretty much once my lady parts have healed. Right now it hurts to sit for long periods of time because I have sutures in my hoo-haw, because that is what happens when you shove a watermelon through a lemon-sized door. I fell into some money via an inheritance and used a bit of that to buy the newest Cintiq 13" model that was released last year to replace my gigantic 2011 model. This way I can work on illustrations but still be around my family or be able to put down my work in a flash if I need to assist an upset baby. 

As for the comic, my mother is in town helping babysit when I need the assistance, so once I am healed (another week or two?) I am jumping right in and working on FaLLEN's next chapter. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping and mine wouldn't wake up if a mack truck drove through my living room. So hurray!

Okay, gotta lay down or something. The pain is real. This is the first time I have opened my computer since the hospital and now I'm gonna stick an ice pack between my legs :p Giving birth is painful, yo.

Update April 30, 2018: Uh... I was oh-so naive, haha. Breastfeeding is a major pain. My kid turned 3 months old recently but she is nursing EVERY HOUR when she is awake. This is a bit unusual apparently, since most people/books say babies this age nurse every 3 to 4 hours. Ha! I wish. This has left me with very little free time and was unexpected. So I am thinking I will not even attempt to draw new pages until we are feeding her solids and I am done breastfeeding her as her sole source of nourishment. Not sure when that will be, but maybe the end of summer?

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New Website, New Patreon

Sun Oct 15, 2017, 7:47 PM
This week I'll be entering the third trimester for my pregnancy (and it looks like we're having a girl, huzzah) so the comic hiatus continues. I have of course been working on FaLLEN in other ways, though. Been busy getting out Kickstarter rewards (most have gone out, but the constant rain and typhoons we've had in the last month, and my parents visiting last week, has caused some delays), been working on scripts for future chapters, and as the title of this post suggests I have finally sat down and revamped the website and my Patreon page. Things I've put on the backburner in favor of working on the comic, but now that I have more time to sit on my ass, these things are done (or mostly done). 

New Website --

I have always used to redirect to my FaLLEN website, but now it is it's own thing (I switched hosting servers) and I have finally utilized a CMS so that I can post pages on a schedule. So even if I am out of town or something, a page will automatically go up to the website. So with that I am hoping to have more consistent update times! I also switched the website to a single-page format since that is what the CMS supports, it looks better on smartphones, and it allows me to break updates so that I post twice a week. I will still post double pages to dA, same as usual, so if that's what you prefer, you can continue to read that format here. 

The website is not totally working yet-- no art gallery and no extras page, but I actually went through and reformatted EVERY SINGLE PAGE so that it matches the quality of the printed books. I also added my logo and name to every page since I have seen FaLLEN on a few illegal scanlation sites. That took so much time, you guys @_@;;

So while the site is still being worked on, every comic page is up and running. I even added comments from when I posted the pages to dA so you can read my thoughts from when I first worked on the pages. Some of those thoughts are really dumb and whiney, though. You've been warned.


I have had a Patreon account for a while (and some of you may be supporting it!) but I decided to slash a bunch of higher tiers and add a new lower tier to better reflect what I'm currently capable of doing. I took out a lot of physical rewards and added rewards that aren't actually extra work for me (like now you can view the PSD file of digital works at certain tiers) and reinstated the sketch gallery. If you want to tip but don't want to keep up with updates, there's a tier for that, but if you want to have access to pages early, that's only $2 a month (will go into effect once the hiatus if over, obviously). If you want to see production blogs, behind the scenes stuff, etc, that all starts at $5 a month.…

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So... I'm Pregnant...

Tue Aug 1, 2017, 7:50 PM
Hey, guys. It's been a while. I haven't posted all summer even though:

1. I said in August I'd be done with my hiatus and be back to posting FaLLEN comics.
2. The FaLLEN Vol. 2 books have come in and look awesome.
3. I normally post fairly regular updates! What gives?

Well, when I announced the hiatus with the last page of Ch. 13, I didn't know that I was actually a week pregnant. My husband and I had been trying for a kid for a few months and the hiatus was secretly intended for me to get Kickstarter stuff rolled out and a buffer ready for FaLLEN, so when I had to go to the emergency room (ambulance ride!) about a few weeks later, and we realized shortly after I was pregnant, I had no idea that a three month hiatus wasn't going to cut it.

I am tempted to do a video for women artists who are thinking about having kids, because hoo-boy. Things have been crazy.

My first trimester was basically me doubled over for 8 weeks unable to eat and unable to move because of constant nausea and blinding migraines. PREGNANCY SUCKS. Nobody tells you how bad the first trimester is until you are knee deep in the muck. Right now I'm 16 weeks pregnant, so I'm in my second trimester, which is when the nausea and appetite loss goes away, but those things have been replaced with an unusual amount of "stretch pains", as my doctor called it. I had to go to the hospital for the third time in a week yesterday because of a medical scare we had, but I'm on a new medication that will hopefully help. 

When I haven't been crippled with pain or nausea I've tried to stay busy.

- I've been completely revamping the website, which should be unveiled near the end of this month. 
- I've started on the next chapter of FaLLEN, which will be a two-parter (ch 14 and 15). Both of those scripts have been written and I am hoping to finish the thumbnails for Ch. 14 tonight. 
- Kickstarter rewards are going out! I've already sent out about 100 or so books in July (the heat has not been kind to my fat ass).
- I've been fine tuning some future volumes of FaLLEN as well, since writing is a lot easier than arting at the moment. 

A lot of stuff I had wanted to do obviously won't happen (my grand fan art projects have been canned) and I know these rewards are gonna take a little longer to get out than they would otherwise (see: fat ass). And while I've joked about my size a lot to friends (I like to say my boobs went from a size Lamia to a size Neiva) it's actually been pretty weird, since I haven't gained a pound despite being at the 5 month marker. But ask me to walk a block and I'll be panting and wheezing like an old man. Pregnancy is weird-- ask me about how my eyeballs have changed shape and I can't wear contacts until the baby is born. Yeah, that is a thing that happens, apparently.

I'm 33, this is my first kid, my husband is way more thrilled than I am because his body has already done its job. We don't know the sex of this parasite that keeps kicking me just yet, but I expect we will know later this month. I'm super clumsy and can barely hold a pencil right now, so I've avoided my art table, and every day my body finds new ways to gross me out. Pregnancy totally sucks! This kid better be pretty awesome, that's all I've got to say :p


The FaLLEN hiatus has been extended! I want to get Chapter 14 completely finished before I start posting pages publicly because I will need the buffer for whenever January rolls around and I'll be about to pop. Kickstarter rewards are going out in order of tier, as fast as my wobbly legs can get me to the post office. 

It kills me that I can't post any new pages right now, but it is what it is. I'm going to go crazy if I don't start working on new pages soon, though!

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FaLLEN Pre-Order + Sale

Fri Apr 28, 2017, 1:19 AM

Big book sale for FaLLEN titles! 

- FaLLEN Vol. 2 Pre-Orders
- FaLLEN Vol. 1 in English will be 20% off the usual price
- FaLLEN Vol. 1 in Japanese will be 40% off the usual price
- Postcard Vol. 1 Pack (8 designs)

The Vol. 2 books will be arriving next month and I will start sending them out as soon as they get in. IF you pre-order Vol. 2 and also order a copy of Vol. 1, please make the purchases separate UNLESS you don't mind waiting for me to send everything out together. If you want the Vol. 1 books sooner, make that a separate purchase, otherwise it will be grouped together.

There is also an option for INSURED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for people who want it. The cheaper option is uninsured, so choose wisely!

You can click the banner above or go to my Storenvy link below. Sale ends in two weeks!

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FaLLEN Sale + Pre-Order Next Week

Thu Apr 13, 2017, 9:17 PM
Update: April 21, 2017

My books and dust jackets came in separately, with the books just coming in yesterday. I haven't put them together yet (and you want to let them sit for a few days with the covers on before you send them out, since the covers need to form to the books). Anyway, with tax season and all, I just decided to push this sale back to next week, so whenever I post Ch. 13 p 26 I'll post the sale stuff. 

My print company just emailed me to let me know my newest shipment of FaLLEN Vol. 1 books are on their way! I had to order 1,000 copies-- the most I've ordered all at once to date, which is really exciting. Once they arrive and everything looks good, I'm going to send Vol. 2 to print! I'm pretty excited to finally get this sent off. Thanks to everyone who has supported the comic so far!

Anyway, I'm going to celebrate by doing a pretty big sale AND pre-orders for volume 2. Anyone who was thinking about buying a copy of the book should hold off until next week when the sale starts.

The sale will include:

- FaLLEN Vol. 1 in English will be 20% off the usual price
- FaLLEN Vol. 1 in Japanese will be 40% off the usual price
- FaLLEN Vol. 2 Pre-Orders

I may also have sales for Postcard bundles and Dakimakura.... we'll see!

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At the link above, I have updated my Patreon to discuss a few changes I want to make. I plan on lowering tier amounts to no more than $20 and while I'll be taking a HUGE cut, I think I need to simplify things so I can keep up with my work schedule with the FaLLEN comic and all that goes with being your own editor, agent, publisher, and publicist. 

I'm basically looking for suggestions and trying to figure out what it is people want the MOST from my Patreon. Even if you are not a patron, if you are a Patreon patron for OTHER artists I would still like to hear your input. 

I'm toying with the idea of doing more fan art, more sketches, and possibly even some NSFW art that I would only be able to post on Patreon for the higher tiers. There's going to be a much bigger gap between page releases on Patreon and my public sites, but there are also going to be some cuts (no more t-shirts) so I can have a more realistic schedule. Because, in case you haven't noticed, I tend to over-schedule myself :p

You can leave suggestions or general thoughts here as well, but the Patreon link above shows you a full list of what I am planning on changing.

Manga review videos are included in the overall change, though they won't be a monthly project, maybe more like once every three months or something.

If you have time, check it out and leave a comment or vote anonymously on the poll :D

Interested In Manga Review Videos?

Tue Jan 24, 2017, 8:54 AM
Although I am finishing up FaLLEN Vol. 2 for the next couple of months, I have been considering doing videos for youtube besides what I do on my Patreon. I have hit a video review goal on my Patreon but haven't had time for it since I was globetrotting so much last year, but starting in the Spring I should be able to work on one.

I was wondering how much interest you guys would have in me talking about published manga from a creator's point of view? I don't want to be on camera, so I'll probably have an animated (badly) version of me instead, and a few live action shots of my hands drawing or something but mostly shots of the manga and artwork.

I don't want this to focus too heavily on making fun of bad comics, like a lot of movie review shows do these days, but I will not be afraid to point out problem areas, either. I just noticed there are very few quality manga review videos compared to anime or movie reviews, so it's been on my mind for a while.

Manga series would be judged on four areas: story, characters, artwork, and overall themes/presentation. 

Do you guys have any interest in such a review series? Or is there a reason there aren't many manga review videos...

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Thanks For Birthday Messages!

Mon Nov 7, 2016, 6:47 PM
Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings and wished me a happy birthday! It was possibly the least exciting birthday I've had in years, haha. With the election and working on my book, though, I wasn't really in the mood to do much. My birthday gift to myself was one of those 23 And Me genealogy tests, since I'm adopted and don't know too much about my background. It will be interesting to see if the results match up to what little info I do have, haha.

Not much else to report! To my fellow Americans, stay sane this week! I can't say I envy anyone living stateside at the moment. The stress from this election has caused me to lose sleep or wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, and I'm not touching Facebook for a week or so, once the dust settles. Can we just go back to having a Lord Ruler? I nominate... John Stewart? 

When Dogsitting Gets Ugly

Fri Oct 14, 2016, 2:52 AM
UPDATE: 10/22

Lilly is still here, but her owner's have been telling us they want another chance so tomorrow I think we are going to give her back and then once a week check on them and do some training tips with them. One thing is for certain: I cannot keep her. My dog and her do not gel well at all, and she has not been properly trained and doesn't understand even basic things like "stop" or "bad dog". My dog has kind of hit his limit with her and started acting up yesterday, by pooping and peeing on the floor, which he never does, and he started growling at her and was basically saying "I'm tired of sharing my food, water, toys, and humans with you, go home". And when it rains it pours-- construction workers were on our balcony yesterday painting, and Lilly barked constantly for 45 minutes. We then had an earthquake hit in Tottori, Japan, which is close enough that it was a 4 on the Japanese measurement system. And then today I had to take her to the vet to get her stitches out and it literally rained, so I had to carry her for three blocks with an umbrella because she can't get her belly wet for another day.

I am getting all kinds of work done, just not any comic pages. Mostly Kickstarter stuff. But like I said, she's going to be going back to her owners tomorrow night so starting Monday I am, hopefully, going to be right back on schedule.

The one good thing about all this craziness: I am sleeping, guys. I suffer from chronic insomnia and can't usually sleep unless I take a sleeping pill, but I am so exhausted at the end of the day I pretty much fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. The only other time this year this has happened was when I was doing conventions this summer, haha. I will say, for all her annoying habits (constant whining, constant begging, ignores any and all directions) she is really cute when she sleeps, and I do hope she'll have a better life from now on. We'll be doing follow-ups with her owners and I'm taking them to the pet shop to show them what foods are good, what are bad, what toys to buy, to get her a new bed, new leash, tags for her collar, etc.



FaLLEN's newest pages have been delayed, because I had to unexpectedly take on dogsitting last night, supposedly until Sunday night.

I'll spare you all the sob story, but the short version is: I took in this elderly dog who has been severely neglected for five years now, only to discover after her owner's left that she was suffering from a hernia (on top of other health problems). I took her to the vet today and found this was a hernia her owners had basically ignored for weeks and weeks, and that at this point it was life threatening. It was so bad that waiting for my in-laws to return was putting her health at great risk (the swell on her lower abdomen was the size of a tennis ball) and I opted to pay $500 for someone else's dog's surgery, without their permission, and now have to figure out if I should keep her (which, to be frank, I don't want to do) or to just give her back (which I definitely don't want to do).

So because of this rather unexpected moral dilemma, I wasn't able to finish toning on the next four pages like I'd planned.

I'm just gonna throw this out there.... if you are considering getting a puppy, please also consider your life in ten years. If you cannot take care of that dog when you've had kids or when the dog's health begins to fail, or if you don't have any interest in training your dog or taking it for walks or playing with it regularly, don't get a dog. Just don't. Because these people lock this dog up in a cage all day every day, and have for five years, and it absolutely breaks my heart. If this was my brother, I would punch him in the face, but this is my husband's brother, and family relations are a little tense with them because they are (not surprisingly) really shitty parents as well and nobody wants to be around their kids, who are only 3 and 5 and already little terrors.

But seriously, I might be in a lot of trouble with my husband and his family for overstepping my bounds a bit. It makes me really nervous. I hope when my husband comes home, at least, we can discuss it and he will side with me, but I dunno. We'll see.

And that's the rather bizarre reason I don't know when the next set of pages will go up. I wasn't saving orphans from a burning building but I was saving an elderly dachshund from a killer hernia.

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Convention Report!

My convention tour is over, yay. I am super pooped but of course it was worth it. I sold 305 books and met so many people! I met a ton of awesome people, including my all-time favorite mangaka Takeshi Obata!! That was possibly the most fangirling I have ever done in my life. It took everything in me to talk to him like a human being and not try to suck his enormous talent from his tiny body. Best of all, in the five minutes I had with him he actually seemed nice. I've met people I admired in the past and most times I end up feeling disappointed, but he wasn't a jerk and when I gave him a copy of FaLLEN in Japanese he seemed really impressed, and it felt more genuine than I was expecting. So hurray for that.

I also met a lot of FaLLEN readers. Some old, some new, some I'd met before and some I knew from posting comments on here or other sites where I post FaLLEN, and that was really great. Thanks everyone who made it out to see me, and thanks to the four cons who hosted me (Tokyo In Tulsa, Metrocon, AnimeIowa, Anime Midwest).

Future Cons -- Get Involved!

If you really enjoyed my panels, workshops, or talking to me about making comics or FaLLEN at one of these cons, you can email the conventions and request they invite me back next year! Below I have some of the contact info you can use:

Anime Midwest (IL):

AnimeIowa (IA):

Tokyo In Tulsa (OK):

Metrocon (FL): (their theme next year has FALLEN in the title! ha!)

You can probably find these cons on FB or Twitter as well (especially since Metrocon's site is currently down).

If you would like me to be a guest at a different convention, let them know you want to see me! There are usually contact forms on websites or email addresses for conventions and you can send them here or to my website at

Kickstarter Slacker Backer Info!

So you wanted to support my Kickstarter, but you missed it... well, good news for you! We had a few backers NOT pay what they had pledged, and this led to us going just below the $25k line, meaning we didn't quite get that last stretch goal we unlocked:

A lot of people asked for Slacker Backer, so here it is. You are now able to make a last minute pledge until November. And if you are already a backer but forgot something, you can now do add-ons. Here's a lovely graphic to help:

Slackerbacker by OgawaBurukku

Previously I had said in an update on Kickstarter that new book orders would cost $15 no matter what, but that just confused people, so ignore that statement from Kickstarter's updates. I had also said that backers would NOT be able to get the Volume 1 Bonus Comic in color, but since I'm using Slacker Backer to reach that goal, anyone who pledges $20 or more via Slacker Backer will now have access to that comic. (JUST the volume 1 bonus comic, NOT the Volume 2 bonus comic in color, which is exclusively for Kickstarter backers before August 13th and for Patreon patrons)

If you have any questions at all, you can message me here, on Kickstarter, or just leave a comment below. 

FaLLEN's Back!!

Hiatus is over, hurray! I will be posting the rest of Chapter 11 in single page format until Ch. 12 starts, but that's only to give my Patreon patrons a head start. Thanks for waiting everyone! I'm going to be super busy for the rest of the year, but I'm glad to be back to drawing comic pages.

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30 minutes left!!

Last chance to back this thing and get exclusive FaLLEN content and merch!

Kickstarter Icon  FaLLEN VOLUME 2 KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN Kickstarter Icon 

The artwork is not really final, I just needed to get something up for the KS and for the video, etc. I still need to make some adjustments on it, but this is essentially what it will look like. Just needs tweaking here and there. I am putting more of a focus on Maris and Vesta in this volume, especially where the bonus goodies are concerned, but fans of Ora and Neiva will get a lot more of them in the next volume for bonus goodies and such.

Kickstarter time! WOOHOO! 

House FaLLEN Archives (Homepage)

.:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon

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I inked a whole page of FaLLEN (and it took me forever to film and edit this video) and put it up on Patreon and Youtube for everyone to see! No restrictions (except Germany due to music... sorry >_<;;) so please check it out!

This is a preview of the kind of stuff that will be available on my Patreon. Up until now my videos have been single-angle and didn't capture too many details, but from now on I will go in and do more close-ups and different angles, as I've done here. Music is metal, hard rock, and... jazz XD And a song that makes me laugh. Couldn't post my Asian music because Youtube's copyright policies didn't cover anything I had :(

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Shirt Stuff by OgawaBurukku

OMG SHIRTS. These are 100% cotton shirts with a variety of sizes in men, women, and youth size ranges. The back is basically decided-- five Guardians standing over something that says "I support Magical Girls IRON MAIDENS!!" with the Kickstarter and Patreon symbols. This shirt will be available on Kickstarter and for some of my higher-level Patreon patrons. The color is probably going to be Galapagos Blue but I also considered Jade Dome (both colors seem very FaLLEN-y to me). One person said they wanted black, though I generally don't like black (I like charcoal/dark gray more). 

Anyway... I'm having trouble coming up with a front design. Currently the most popular design is the top left larger shirt image of Arma under the logo with her sword and a few leaves in silhouette. I have another possible image shown in three styles: negative (top), line art only (left) and silhouette with the logo inside (bottom).

What do you think? I'm not much of a designer, so I wanted to keep these designs fairly simple. 

I could also do similar stylizations for the top left image of Arma-- lineart or negative film look, though silhouette matches the girls on the back.

What do you all think?

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Thank You

Wed Jun 1, 2016, 12:15 AM
I was thinking about it today, and I just wanted to say a big thank you to my readers who post a comment every time, or nearly every time, I post a new page of FaLLEN. When it comes to illustrations, I kind of prefer favorites to comments, but when it comes to comic pages feedback means way waaaay more to me. It's really a wonderful feeling and great motivator when I see people making jokes about the characters, predictions, declairing their OTPs, and so on with each update. 

I am always grateful to everyone who reads my story, and I am aware that the majority of FaLLEN's readers are silently enjoying the story. You guys are awesome too! But I do have to give a very special shout out to those of you who comment pretty frequently. Heart 

Also... you guys are entertaining as heck, haha.

That's all I wanted to say XD

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Next month I'm going to start my Kickstarter for FaLLEN Vol. 2. It got pushed back since I will be hitting a bunch of conventions in North America from late June - early August. Will likely have the new cover artwork finished by early June and featuring Vesta, Maris, and Neiva. The cons and the Kickstarter will all probably delay comic page production this summer, but I'm putting the finishing touches on Chapter 11 now and then it's just two more chapters and the book is finished. It's going to have a fall release, which is appropriate, I think, haha. 

Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions for rewards for the Kickstarter? Let me know down below in the comments. 

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8 Things About Ora

Fri May 6, 2016, 2:26 AM
I got tagged by JadineR to do a thing where you have to say 8 things about a character of yours that people don't already know (or mostly don't already know). Okay, well, I'll try to keep it spoiler-free!

FaLLEN Chapter 9 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukku

1. Ora was originally designed to be a cottontail rabbit anthro! All the girls were furries in the initial planning stages of FaLLEN. I sometimes draw her with rabbit themed items (a bunny lunchbox, carrot hair clip). Her name was originally Wendy in the planning stages, too. 

2. Ora originally had sandy-colored hair that was very curly. It gradually got darker and now has a slight green tint to it, but I always regretted "taming" her hairstyle, so since she transformed in Chapter 9 I have started to draw it with a bit more curl to it XD Her hair has been tweaked a lot since Chapter 1.

3. I consider Ora and Vesta to be my two hardest characters to draw! They are both cute characters who are not usually CUTESY, which is kind of a happy medium that's hard for me to find. There was a lot of inconsistency with both of them in early chapters (and still some with Vesta even now thanks to this problem). 

4. It was a coincidence that Ora's name is in her image color, orange! But I chose orange for her because I was trying to envision the wind and thought of fall leaves blowing in the wind. I think the "personality" of orange fits her image, too. Normally I think green is used to represent the wind for some reason... never understood that, haha.

5. Of the six girls, Ora's agility as a Guardian is matched only by Lamia's. Her offensive magic is on par with Vesta, Maris, and Neiva. She has comparatively lower defense and stamina, though. So despite her personality, and despite what everyone was expecting, she actually uses an offensive element. 

6. Her image flower is a sunflower. Fun fact: Himawari (Sunflower)  was recently voted the #1 overused song title in Japan!

7. Though I don't think she ever does in the story, Ora would listen to teeny bop music. She likes girls' pop and some boy bands. She would lover Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana, and probably early Justin Bieber, but none of these people exist in my universe. I do not have the same tastes as Ora in music :p If Ora lived in our universe, she would be a big Disney Channel fan and would dance and sing to those songs when nobody else was looking. Rap, heavy metal, and overtly sexual lyrics are not her scene.

8. Ora and Arma are about to get last names in the comic... Ora's last name (And Arma's at that) is the name of a street in historic Savannah, GA and is not too far off from Lamia's initial suggestion, "corndog" and has already appeared in Chapter 10 in the background. Ora's first name, however, is an alternate spelling of "aura", which is the name of a greek Titan of the breeze. I spelled it as Ora because I wanted it to stand apart more from Arma's name and I wanted Ora's name to be easy to poke fun of, which is about to be obvious in the comic pages I'll be posting soon!

I'm horrible at tagging. How about HeartandVoice and her character Dante!

House FaLLEN Archives (Homepage)

.:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon

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The Judges

First I want to introduce my amazing judges. Even though it's my contest, I do not judge my own contest! Why? Because I am weak-willed and can be easily swayed by flattery. Also, if I know the artist personally I may also know how hard they worked or if they are having a hard time of late and I will totally be lame and give them a boost any way I can. And that's why I am a terrible judge! So here are the people who do the actual judging:

:iconcybervideo: Knows my story better than anyone other than me, he's also a published author for tabletop gaming books.
:iconheidiarnhold: Comic artist who worked for TokyoPop and is now working on a graphic novel about rabbits called Cottons.
:iconsuzuran: Former Marvel employee, she was a Premium artist on the old Inkblazers site with her ERA universe.
:iconmarybellamy: Another comicker who has been producing her own series for young girls, including the Faux Facts series.
:iconjadiner: A colorist with her own series of comics, including Ara & Celi among others. 

All judges are somehow familiar with FaLLEN to varying degrees and most are artists. Check out their galleries!

Okay, now, I am going to be going through and leaving actual comments on all the entries instead of just the typical "good luck with your entries!" that I do before the winners are announced. If you want any deeper critique, you can note me and ask me for feedback. I usually get comments from judges too so for some of you there were just one or two things that if they'd been fixed or changed the image would have received more votes, etc. I will only give critical feedback to those who ask for it!

All right... now for the winners!!

1st Place

FaLLEN: To the Rescue! by Kurumi-Lover

Congratulations, :iconkurumi-lover:!! This was actually the ONLY illustration that made every judge's list, so it was the winner this time around. Most judges really liked the '90s anime art style and coloring as well as the action shot and dynamic poses. I'll be contacting the artist soon about his prizes, which include:
  • $30 USD (via paypal) OR 2,400 points on dA
  • One physical copy of FaLLEN Vol. 2
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 and 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • 7 postcard-sized prints from FaLLEN
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2
  • a full-color chibi illustration by :iconmochaeii:

2nd Place

Moonlight Lamia by SpavVy

Congratulations, :iconspavvy:!! This was the very first entry in the contest and it was a strong contender the whole contest through. Judges really liked the reference to the horse from Chapter 4, which was an illusion Lamia produced upon her first transformation. They also said they really liked the use of purple, which is Lamia's favorite color. Awesome job! Your prizes are:

  • $20 USD (via paypal) OR 1,600 points on dA
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 or 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • 3 postcard-sized prints from FaLLEN
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

3rd Place

FaLLEN: ARMA by darlingGrim

Congrats to fellow Tulsan, :icondarlinggrim:! Judges said they loved how this image showed the Arma's musculature, her determined expression, and the colors used, which were simple but effective. You will receive the following prizes:

  • $10 USD (via paypal) OR 800 points on dA
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 or 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

Honorable Mention

Group Shot by RimoOfArtSchool Lamia- Contest entry by Okami2506 FaLLEN FanArt by starduo FaLLEN [Arma + Lamia] by KokiSegamiFaLLEN Art Contest 2016: Father Sam by Creative2Bit

Three of these images were deadlocked for third place until the very last judge sent me her picks and bumped them down, so they ended up tying for fourth place. The other two were also quite nice and I wanted to showcase them :D :iconrimoofartschool:, :iconokami2506:, :iconstarduo:, :iconkokisegami:, and :iconcreative2bit: receive this consolation prize:

  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

This year there were fewer entries before because there was a much shorter timeframe given before the deadline. Really really sorry about that... I received many emails and notes requesting an extension and I even saw a few wonderful entries that were completed after the deadline. 

Also, this year I was saddened to learn that at least one participant had copied their entry from an artist on Pixiv, and while I didn't make a big deal out of it they were quietly disqualified. Cheating is not cool, guys.

Next year I will definitely give more time to complete entries! Judging this year was definitely tougher than usual, which is why it took a little longer to get back all the nominations. But ballots have been counted and I hope you all enjoyed participating in the contest! I'll be going through and leaving comments on each entry throughout the week. Hope to see many of you again next year! And again, if you want more critical feedback, just note me and I'll be happy to give it. Thanks to everyone who participated! Be sure to congratulate the winners :D

2016 Entries

Moonlight Lamia by SpavVy  Lamia cosplaying as Archer by Jyoshu-kun 

Mature Content

MARIS :) by ErotixXx

Mature Content

MARIS vintage by ErotixXx
 <da:thumb id="598161407"/>  Armey by grandcross  Arma of faLLen by SEwingless  FaLLEN Contest by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy <da:thumb id="600573450"/> <da:thumb id="601107795"/>  Group Shot by RimoOfArtSchool  FaLLEN Art Contest 2016: Father Sam by Creative2Bit 

Mature Content

FaLLEN [Arma + Lamia] by KokiSegami
Sam (FaLLEN fanart) by DaffyDC <da:thumb id="600957022"/>  Movie night - FaLLEN Art Contest 2016 entry by JoaRosa <da:thumb id="602043015"/>  Lamia- Contest entry by Okami2506  FaLLEN: ARMA by darlingGrim  Vox by MegaTurnip 

Mature Content

Fallen Fanart: Taking Lamia's Precious Possession by grandcross
  The Iron Maiden by HeartandVoice  Tales of the Fallen by Sakrachi  Lamia The Guardian of Illusions by Ankonox  Neiva by MegaTurnip  FaLLEN: To the Rescue! by Kurumi-Lover  Fallen | Contest by PuRpLekHoUkHa  FaLLEN FanArt by starduo  Walking With Armidillos (fan art) by Tadpole7

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Artcontestbanner by OgawaBurukku

TIME'S UP!! The deadline has come and gone and the contest is no longer accepting submissions! I just got a slew of entries last minute and I will be adding them to the list shortly. 

I want to thank everyone who participated this year! If you do not see your entry below, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  • You may use any medium! Illustrations can be color or black and white. Cosplay is okay (make sure the photo is good!). Craftwork, fan comics, all of that is fine. As long as it’s a visual art medium, you are good to go!
  • By entering this contest, you give Ogawa Burukku (me) permission to post your art to the FaLLEN website (with credit to you and links to your galleries, of course) as well as permission to print the artwork in FaLLEN Vol. 2 if placing in the contest.
  • You can ONLY draw FaLLEN characters, and specifically the ones listed below. Do not draw your own character, or draw FaLLEN characters with established franchise characters, etc. You may draw the characters in cosplay, though!
  • Adult Only work is allowed, as long as the characters are over 18 (so not Ora, not the Munchkin). Fair warning, though, explicit art probably won’t place since they would change the book’s rating, but you are welcome to submit it anyway. I have no problem with nudity… obviously!
  • No copied/traced work! I would also prefer you NOT use a base or doll making program, etc.


1st Place

  • $30 USD (via paypal) OR 2,400 points on dA
  • One physical copy of FaLLEN Vol. 2
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 and 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • 7 postcard-sized prints from FaLLEN
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2
  • a full-color chibi illustration by :iconmochaeii:

2nd Place

  • $20 USD (via paypal) OR 1,600 points on dA
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 or 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • 3 postcard-sized prints from FaLLEN
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

3rd Place

  • $10 USD (via paypal) OR 800 points on dA
  • One copy of FaLLEN Vol. 1 or 2 as an ebook (pdf file)
  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

Honorable Mention

  • your work printed in FaLLEN Vol. 2

Everyone Else

  • no prize, but you will still get your artwork featured on this DeviantART journal entry, Tweeted by me, shown on the Facebook page, and your art will be listed on the FaLLEN website with links to your work

2016 Entries So Far

Moonlight Lamia by SpavVy  Lamia cosplaying as Archer by Jyoshu-kun 

Mature Content

MARIS :) by ErotixXx

Mature Content

MARIS vintage by ErotixXx
 <da:thumb id="598161407"/>  Armey by grandcross  Arma of faLLen by SEwingless  FaLLEN Contest by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy <da:thumb id="600573450"/> <da:thumb id="601107795"/>  Group Shot by RimoOfArtSchool  FaLLEN Art Contest 2016: Father Sam by Creative2Bit 

Mature Content

FaLLEN [Arma + Lamia] by KokiSegami
Sam (FaLLEN fanart) by DaffyDC <da:thumb id="600957022"/>  Movie night - FaLLEN Art Contest 2016 entry by JoaRosa <da:thumb id="602043015"/>  Lamia- Contest entry by Okami2506  FaLLEN: ARMA by darlingGrim  Vox by MegaTurnip 

Mature Content

Fallen Fanart: Taking Lamia's Precious Possession by grandcross
  The Iron Maiden by HeartandVoice  Tales of the Fallen by Sakrachi  Lamia The Guardian of Illusions by Ankonox  Neiva by MegaTurnip  FaLLEN: To the Rescue! by Kurumi-Lover  Fallen | Contest by PuRpLekHoUkHa  FaLLEN FanArt by starduo  Walking With Armidillos (fan art) by Tadpole7

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It's 3:15 am... I'm about to pack my husband's lunch like a good waifu and then go to bed, but before my sleep meds kick in I want to make some quick announcements...

I'm on a super tight schedule with FaLLEN vol. 2. I'm really hoping I don't have to cut the book short since Chapter 13 is where I want to end it on and it has the perfect cliffhanger for a volume ending. So I am working my booty off and upping my schedule to 4 pages a week instead of two, possibly doing up to 5 pages some weeks. If I do die due to this schedule, please know that I appreciate any support you guys have given me over the past few years.

I will be at Zenkaikon this April in the Artist Alley! First time in Pennsylvania! After that, I won't be at any cons until summer. So if you are in the Philadelphia area, I hope I'll see you the first weekend of April! I might offer a discount to anyone wearing Rocky merchandise (my favorite movie franchise!). 

Art contest is coming soon!! Like, real soon. The winners will be put in the guest art gallery of FaLLEN Vol. 2 with cash prizes, etc. I will NOT be doing artwork as part of the prize... last time I did the contest in 2014 I had art as a prize and found I just wasn't able to make time for it, so I offered a compensation of more cash prizes instead. I'm doing so many pages a week right now until summer, so I don't want to make any promises I can't keep. As much as I would love to do artwork as prizes, I gotta be realistic with my time. 

Since I am prepping for FaLLEN Volume 2, that means there will be a Kickstarter sometime in April. It will probably be similar to the last Kickstarter, with some changes based on my experience from the first one. Still debating on how long I want to do the Kickstarter... anyone have any experience with KS campaigns that last OVER a month? 

If you are on my Patreon, you know I've got four pages I've been working on. Toning those tomorrow, but they won't be available to non-Patreon sites until Friday and next Friday. 

Let the record show that January kind of sucked, but February is starting out awesome. Tax refunds, yay.

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