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Lamia Dakimakura (Guardian Version)



If you want to see the uncensored version, you have to be on the $5 tier for Patreon.

For Kickstarter I offered higher tiers a #dakimakura (huggable pillow/ body pillow/ love pillow/ etc) pillow case featuring Lamia on it. Since I have to order in bulk and will have extras, I've decided to open up pre-orders for this 150 cm double-sided pillow case. 

If you would like to order a dakimakura case (case only, but the inner pillows can be bought on Amazon), you can check out the following link:…

I posted the lineart for these on Patreon, including the back side.…

I said I wasn't going to take anymore pre-orders once I left for my American cons, but I think I will until Comiket. I ordered extras, but if I need to make more I can. I just won't make anymore after Comiket, I don't think. At least not until the next Kickstarter.

Lamia is a character of mine from FaLLEN, if you don't know. She is pretty sexual, proud of her body, and thinks very highly of herself, so of all the girls in the group, she is easily the one most likely to pose nude. This pose is based on the "make-poozu" or "pose of defeat" series of illustrations I kept seeing associated with series like Queen's Blade and Queen's Gate. I felt super dirty drawing this, though. It was fun but not something I want to do all the time. Lamia is normally very confident and such so it was interesting to see her in a more vulnerable position, though I think she's really just putting on a good act and milking those cuts on her uniform (if you'll notice, there's no blood, haha). She's like "Oooh, I'm hurt so bad, ooh, my poor wittle body, ooh, my breast is falling out, ooh...." In ten seconds she'll stand up and take a bow.

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Lamia Dakimakura (Schoolgirl Version) by OgawaBurukku
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Nice censorship on Lamia