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FaLLEN Ch. 8 -Front Cover-

I finally had time to do the cover image in between calendar images and comic pages once the Kickstarter was over with, and I get to post this now because I realized Big Boobs has finally gotten her name in the comic page I posted before this. Congrats, Neiva, Guardian of Ice!

The title of the chapter is "Break The Ice", so I tried to make it like she's breaking out of ice... with her boobs? I dunno, after doing Ch. 7 and Vol. 1's cover art my brain was doing a constant brain fart and bleh. Not my best cover, but I'm like really REALLY short on time. And I hate that you guys can see I put "boobs" in the tag. And I hate the new DeviantART logo. And... and... and dA should stop "fixing" things. (I got sidetracked)

FaLLEN Ch. 1 Page 1 by OgawaBurukku <---- read?


FaLLEN Volume 1 Dust Jacket Cover Artwork by OgawaBurukku

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Weekly webcomic series FaLLEN! Check out the website every Friday for two new pages (I post the pages on DA too :3).

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whisnubintangjiwa89's avatar
my god...this one is so good...
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Thank you!! I was a little disappointed in how this came out, but I'm glad you like it :3
whisnubintangjiwa89's avatar
your art are so awesome,,,i hope i can make it like you
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Well, I didn't make it too far, haha. I hope you can do better than I did :D
whisnubintangjiwa89's avatar
Kurasu-Bureiku's avatar
This is super cool!
OgawaBurukku's avatar
blueshoney's avatar
I have been horrendously behind on commenting. Sorry about that! I have caught up though and I have been loving these pages. I also love seeing how the dynamic between everyone is playing out. I also like seeing the older character feel out of place rather than going "Oh, I guess I'm group mom then" or something. That's usually what happens almost immediately to the oldest woman in a group. There's almost never even a build up to it. She just automatically takes over as "the mom". And while I know that could happen (and has happened) in real life, I wanted to see someone do something different.

Also when she was talking about The Sun Also Rises: I liked that she didn't like it LOL. I feel like a lot of authors are afraid to have their bookworm characters dislike the classics for fear they'll look dumb. I think they even did that with Daria, but I might be remembering wrong. So seeing the rare bookworm who reads them but will have varying opinions is wonderful. (As weird as that might sound.) It's such a minor thing, but it's been a pet peeve of mine for 5ever. But I've noticed a lot of people have that really crappy attitude of "If you don't love each and every book that's considered classical literature, you're dumb."

Can I say it's also nice to see a character with big boobs that look like actual boobs? That feels like such a bizarre compliment, but you might already know what I mean LOL. So often do I see huge boobs that defy the laws of physics or just constantly flop in separate directions like some invisible motherfucker is following them around to bop them around even when they're just standing still.

Oh, and congrats on meeting your goal on Kickstarter!
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Ugh, yeah, Group Mom Syndrome. She definitely never becomes that stereotype. I am putting into her my feelings of being older than most of my peers at comic school. When I came to Japan and enrolled in a manga school, I was 22 when everyone around me was 18. Keep in mind that the legal adult age is 20 here and Japanese people in general are kind of... younger mentally? Which is great for 40-year-olds who still have Hello Kitty keychains and fun stuff like that, but that also means the 20-somethings act more like teens, and my classmates spent most of class time talking about boy bands and "someday when I get a boyfriend" stuff. So I did not really mingle with my classmates and everyone looked at me like I scared them (of course, I was also in a metal band at the time and would come to class sometimes in knee-high stripper boots and chains and whatever...). I made an attempt to befriend some classmates once and it backfired pretty badly, haha. So Neiva will probably be like that with the group. She can be civil with them, but she's not going to mother them and is still a bit of a loner, or will only strike up a conversation if it's Guardian business. 

God, I'm starting to think Neiva is the character most like me, haha, but her opinions on novels are basically going to be mine. I love some classics and hate others (Of Mice And Men? Yes. To Kill A Mockingbird? Yes. The Great Gatsby? Nope. Frankenstein? Hell no. Wuthering Heights? Puuuke.) Yeah, most bookworms (in fiction and real life) think all books that are treated as classics are good, and I hate that. Part of her character is that she probably hates 60% of what she reads but she gets some satisfaction out of reading bad books anyway. Almost like she has a quota she needs to meet, or maybe she feels better about herself trashing literary figures, haha. She is passionate about a few books, though... well, as much as she can be, since she's kind of stone-faced much of the time, heh.

What, you mean to say you don't like torpedo tits? How that became a fad a few years back is really strange. I just hate basketball boobs like you see on a lot of anime girls. Actually, in her original design she was kind of a chubby girl, but I thought that wouldn't make sense since she has to do quite a few flips and jumps and whatnot as a Guardian. She is still a little thicker than the others but I did try to keep her boobs big but still within reason. I had to keep pushing their size, though, because a friend pointed out that with the way modern anime boobs are, they wouldn't seem that big. So in earlier art with her they aren't that big, but to get the point across I pushed for a larger size. She's going to have lots of jokes about lower back pain, though. I don't think most guys realize breasts can weigh 14 lbs...

And yay, thanks! I was very surprised by the outcome of my Kickstarter. It will be interesting to see how next year works, now that I've learned from some of my mistakes.
Tadpole7's avatar
Nice work.

Also the new DA logo ... it's just bad design, really bad design.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
You are right, the dA logo is ugly ugly. Bad design, looks off up against that new font... I can't believe they paid money for it.
BalloonPrincess's avatar
caydett's avatar
wow we can see tags now?! or wait... how long have we been able to see tags?!?! WHAT. That really makes me never want to tag anything ever again :( I hate everything oh my gosh some of the things I used to tag my works as in the hope that more people might see them are like UH HELL TO THE NO if people can see them (like bishie lol). also agreed, the new logo is hideous. It looks like the logo for a 99cent flash game company.

Yay Neiva! I know how hard it is to paint ice haha and I think you pulled it off pretty well :o
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Ever since they made the hashtag thing replace keywords they have been visible, which is totally TOTALLY stupid. I hate every aspect of tags... with each new update the site just gets dumber and dumber. If there was another English-language art site that was as big as dA I would consider switching at this point, since for the first time ever I think dA has stopped listening to the needs of the community and voices of the users. Before this year I really felt they cared about us, but now... who knows. The logo is just... no. I'm surprised a few people LIKE it, but it seems the vast majority hates it bitterly.

Haha, I was just looking at your pic of Neiva last night when updating my website. You did such a lovely job with the ice :heart:
HeartandVoice's avatar
Glad I'm not the only one who hates the new DA logo.  I'll see the logo in one of my tabs and be like "what website was I on??? o-oh yeah....thats da?" I still don't like how people can see my work that I put away in scraps over on the side.  There's a reason they're in scraps!!Guaaah!!!!
DA just needs to stop DX
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Did you see the dA logo is identical to a Russian company's?
It makes sense in their logo because it is actually supposed to be a z (specifically the Z in Platz).

And totally agreed. dA needs to just stop messing with a good thing. The old logo was plenty nice ;_;
HeartandVoice's avatar
Wooooooow, thats too funny! 
There was this video that showed the process of how they made the logo and I was like "Wow...after all of that...THAT'S all you could come up with?!!"
Every time I see it, it makes me think of a plant.
It was a good logo before, at least some of the previous ones represented a D and A.  I'm not sure what the hell this is!.....a plant?
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Yeah, the DeviantART cactus, haha. I hate that it's not even DeviantART, it's DEVIANT ART now. No style at all. But the site would win some big BIG points with me if they would apologize and admit their new look is stupid. I think the community would appreciate that, I just hate that they seem to be forever patting themselves on the back about how amazingly unique and awesome their new logo is.

But it's a cactus. 

I know it is a sliced up d and A and I still can't see it. It still looks like a Z tilted, or a tilted X. Or yeah, a twig or cactus, haha.
HeartandVoice's avatar
Caco the Cactus "Hey guys! I'm your new mascot! The DA Cactus!"
 .:Sokka on Cactus Juice:. "All hail the DA Cactus!!"

I don't think there's any amount of cactus juice that could make me tolerate this logo haha

Ooh, I see, it's a lower case "d" next to an capitalized "A", but why the hell did they slice the edges? It would look better if they hadn't done that.  It might actually resemble the letters!!It might even look like a fairly decent design! (just barely though...)
A design so boring, you can practically type it on your keyboard! ITS FOOLPROOF!!
Maybe they got some pretentious contemporary artist as their new head designer or something.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Have you seen this?


It's practically the same logo but finishes the letters and utilizes the older (and nicer) color scheme. I would be okay with this kind of thing if they wanted to rebrand, but the cactus needs to go go go.
HeartandVoice's avatar
OOh that would be way better!
I'm hoping that one website realizes DA stile their logo and does something about it.
logoshouldbeplz's avatar
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