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FaLLEN Calendar 2015 - November

By OgawaBurukku
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Planned on posting this tomorrow, but I would bet twenty cookies I'm going to be preoccupied with inking and totally forget, so posting it now before I get started on this next page. Good because now I have another image to add for Vesta for people doing my art contest, which is going on now:

FaLLEN Art Contest 2016! Cash or Points Prizes!
EDIT March 6: Received a prize donation! If anyone else wants to contribute prizes, you are more than welcome to! Just leave a comment below!
EDIT March 3: I realized some people in the past asked for points instead of cash, so that is now available.
If you are not familiar with my webcomic FaLLEN, it's available to read for free on the website:
At last, I can finally announce the FaLLEN Art Contest has begun!! Anyone is welcome to join and there is no limit on submissions. Cash prizes and a chance to make it into FaLLEN vol 2’s graphic novel!! Let’s discuss the rules:
RULES You may use any medium! Illustrations can be color or black and white. Cosplay is okay (make sure the photo is good!). Craftwork, fan comics, all of that is fine. As long as it’s a visual art medium, you are good to go! By entering this contest, you give Ogawa Burukku (me) permission to post your art to the FaLLEN website (with credit t

This was the very first illustration from the 2015-2016 calendar I made, and it's maybe my favorite. Not sure why. Maybe because it's my birthday month? I do also love the autumn season, and Vesta's color scheme goes really well with fall. 

Vesta is kind of a hard character for me to draw sometimes, but I was pretty happy with how she came out here.

The rake looks pretty good because I actually traced the outline from a rake catalogue. I honestly can't remember when the last time I traced anything was, but I really liked the effect. They taught me at art school how to trace (did you know pros trace? Pros trace) but I always fought it since I thought it would make me a bad artist, but it was an amazing time saver. I think I might do that again if I have to draw more complex garden tools in the future...

I remember feeling like I learned a lot from this pic. I drew this back in November of 2014. Hopefully I'll be so much better by the time I do the 2017 calendar later this year.

Autumn forest Stock 01 by CindysArt-Stock

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PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar

There She is, a Real Autumn Girl.

OgawaBurukku's avatar

Yeah, I love drawing her in autumn attire ^^

PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar

Me and My Bestie Were both born in September

This reminded me of her. Her name is Reiko.

A better friend I could not have found.

Burksaurus's avatar
Vesta looks really good
OgawaBurukku's avatar

Thanks! This was one of my favorite images from this calendar.

AkiOrinoco's avatar
Very beautiful illustration, really nice work :aww:
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I really appreciate it ^^
AkiOrinoco's avatar
eggsomniac's avatar
Oh wow, this is beautiful! Amazing work!
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Thank you so much!
eggsomniac's avatar
aw of course^_^
G4MM43T4's avatar
the only highlight of the fall
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Thank you! (though I happen to like the fall, heh heh)
G4MM43T4's avatar
oh my goooooooooooooooooooooood i want to pick her up and run away with her....
great job once again! i swear shes a personal fav of mine!
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Is she? Yaaay, Vesta needs more fans :D 
Vesta Deserves more fans! i mean how can you not just fucking love her?!
OgawaBurukku's avatar
I think she will get more fans pretty soon. She has a big role in Chapter 12.
fighterxaos's avatar
Fantastic colors. :love:
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Thanks! I don't usually use lots of reds and yellows like this, but it was fun :D
sharka121's avatar
looks like Piper from Fallout 4
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