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Actually, there wasn't any winter in middle europe of 2013/2014. I don't missed winter anyway. Beside, if you need cold, there is a new cold war going on in the near east, making minds frosty... just 100 years after 1914... people do not learn from history. It's a pity.

But I'm going for new arts southwards in a few days, hoping to get some great new cultural sights and many new photos. Untill then, I will put some new renderings here.
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Slightly autumn arrives in Klettgau-County, but a warm "Altweibersommer", the european version of Indian Summer, let summer stay a while longer. I'm somewhat tired, feeling sun is going away, so there wasn't much artistic created in the last weeks.
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Its shooting-star-time: The night of the Perseids meteor shower arrived, but weather could be too cloudy to watch it. We'll see. The long hot summer killed most of the flowers in our garden, so only few blossoms are left to make a foto from. But there are already enough flower pictures for 2013 in this gallery, maybe its time for some new drawing or painting.

Hm, seems the hot summer dryed out my COPIC-Markers, too. So I need more money to buy new ones or go back to good old pencil-sketches.
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This year we have a late spring in middle europe, but a very colofull also. All flowers of the spring session are blossoming together: from anemone over tulips, dandelions to lilly and iris. That's to much to make photos of them all. I wish I would have more time for watching my garden...
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Now its already march, but a very late winter has come. Actually I have no time for winter and doesn't need more snow and ice anymore. But he just doesn't realize that and keeps staying. Looks like a white Easter again. That's so annoying... :-(
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No winter at all...

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 1:46 PM
Now it's january 2013, but not winter at all. Nothing like white Xmas. The weather is more to be alike some november mixed with a little bit march - and so no new photos were created.

Instead I drawed some architectonical drafts of fantasy-buildings in style of Hundertwasser.

I also upgraded my installation of ZBrush, so they will go 3D some time, but not these holidays, because they are over within a short time.

Untill then I have to do all the homework I didn't in 2012 and at school we are actually layouting the next incarnation of the great PHOENIX pupil's magazine. It will be the number 60 and our magazine is going to become 30 years old in 2013.

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Its about Xmas-Time

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 2:26 PM
As you see, my journal is updated with a new skin and a new Premium-Membership, brought by some anonymous Santa. Thank YOU, it's really Xmas. :-D

Yes, it's Xmas, but weather seams more to be Easter in Black Forrest. So no new winter-pictures can be shot.

Maybe, the holidays allow drawing some new pictures or rendering some new graphics.

Merry, merry Xmas to you all. :-)

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I think, it's time to write here something new, once again. After all, I've uploaded a few dozen new graphics since the last journal entry and made some hundreds of photos.

What a shame that I haven't more time, otherwise there probably would be many more photos and graphics here to find...
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It can't be, can it? But its true: A whole year has gone, but I haven't found words to put in this journal. However, the pictures in my gallery got more and I some comments also. We'll see, if I can optimize both - the quality of picturing and the frequence of journalblogging in this new year 2010. ;-)
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Actually, this is not the time for great operations I think. Outside, the next winter storm is going on, inside, I'm tired of a busy week. But I enjoy reading some foto-books about the art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, especially his thoughts on architecture and so I got the idea of some nonlinear but symmetric art - like spirals, which symbolized live and death in Hundertwasser's art.

I like his fantastic ideas about houses, windows and trees, curves and the powerfull colors, he used. But my line-vector-based 3D-Editors aren't able to do this on a simple way. So I took the free fractal software Apophysis and some of CabinTom's and ShortGreenPig's great scripts and made some experimental art on spirals, shells etc.

Hmm... I'm actually not an exceptionally gifted fractalist, but it was quite funny... ;-)
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So, after my 40th deviation is online, it's time for the next step. I even put on some foto of me (well, I must apologize it may be not quite up-to-date, but it's difficult to find sophisticated photographers here in the county).

Next should be an ID, I think. Do you know someone to make one? Well, at a push, maybe I get something tinkered with endurance myself after some time...
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This is my tiny little deviantArt-Gallery, not mutch yet. But we'll see...