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We still have to face the pandemic, which can be pretty rough. This drawing of the cheerful, good-natured figure Obelix is to bring a little smile to you, if at all possible.

It's also dedicated to everybody who isn't well. Try to just live for today. It can take an eternity, but in the end there will be some light again in your life.

We are a great community here, so let's support each other.
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Sep 26, 2021, 10:06:01 AM
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You made me pick up up my old dusty Asterix and read it again. Thanks.

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Haha, never seen an Asterix as Obese as this, I can see why you've called him Obelix! Funny pic, funny work!

KittenRobotsArts's avatar

I watched this cartoon in my childhood. Nice drawing.

BoredDinobot's avatar

Love this! He’s a very jolly looking character. You have a wonderful array of styles!

Toraach's avatar

that was a very nice cartoon/comic

CarbonBasedUnit's avatar

You could draw the series, it looks just like the original art!

I also love the text you's very pertinent for these times.

OptimisticJerk's avatar

Amazing work, Anni! It’s so wonderful to see your art again! And what a lovely message : )

Gimlet0819's avatar

Beautifully drawn, a wonderful display of detail and talent 👍 So well done!

Your talent speaks for itself, keep up the amazing work.

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Oh yes, Obelisk. Asterix cannot be too far behind!

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This is truly amazing :) The line art are great

onthemoonpoetry's avatar

So well done~ Really nostalgic, and such lovely linework. Wonderful message in your description, too.

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