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Home of the Mothman. The official Mothman Group Fan Page.

I decided that Deviant Art needed and well deserves an official Mothman Group fan page. This is for info, blogging, research, fan art, socializing, theorizing, sources as well. Especially as an "ART based" collective Group on here. For fans of the Mothman legends, prophecies and Cryptid Ultraterrestrial Being.

All are welcomed!
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“Mothman”, as the strange creature came to be called, is perhaps one of the strangest creatures to ever grace the annals of weirdness in America. Even though this mysterious and unsolved case has nothing to do with ghosts, it would be remiss of me to not include it in a section of the website about the unexplained.

The weird events connected to the Mothman began on November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in the local cemetery that day, preparing a grave for a burial, when something that looked like a “brown human being” lifted off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were baffled. It did not appear to be a bird, but more like a man with wings. A few days later, more sightings would take place, electrifying the entire region.

   Late in the evening of November 15, two young married couples had a very strange encounter as they drove past an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The couples spotted two large eyes that were attached to something that was "shaped like a man, but bigger, maybe six or seven feet tall. And it had big wings folded against its back". When the creature moved toward the plant door, the couples panicked and sped away. Moments later, they saw the same creature on a hillside near the road. It spread its wings and rose into the air, following with their car, which by now was traveling at over 100 miles per hour. "That bird kept right up with us," said one of the group. They told Deputy Sheriff Millard Halstead that it followed them down Highway 62 and right to the Point Pleasant city limits. And they would not be the only ones to report the creature that night. Another group of four witnesses claimed to see the “bird” three different times!

   Another sighting had more bizarre results. At about 10:30 on that same evening, Newell Partridge, a local building contractor who lived in Salem (about 90 miles from Point Pleasant), was watching television when the screen suddenly went dark. He stated that a weird pattern filled the screen and then he heard a loud, whining sounds from outside that raised in pitch and then ceased. “It sounded like a generator winding up” he later stated. Partridge’s dog, Bandit, began to howl out on the front porch and Newell went out to see what was going on.

   When he walked outside, he saw Bandit facing the hay barn, about 150 yards from the house. Puzzled, Partridge turned a flashlight in that direction and spotted two red circles that looked like eyes or “bicycle reflectors”. They moving red orbs were certainly not animal’s eyes, he believed, and the sight of them frightened him. Bandit, an experienced hunting dog and protective of his territory, shot off across the yard in pursuit of the glowing eyes. Partridge called for him to stop, but the animal paid no attention. His owner turned and went back into the house for his gun, but then was too scared to go back outside again. He slept that night with his gun propped up next to the bed. The next morning, he realized that Bandit had disappeared. The dog had still not shown up two days later when Partridge read in the newspaper about the sightings in Point Pleasant that night.

   One statement that he read in the newspaper chilled him to the bone. Roger Scarberry, one member of the group who spotted the strange “bird” at the TNT plant, said that as they entered the city limits of Point Pleasant, they saw the body of a large dog lying on the side of the road. A few minutes later, on the way back out of town, the dog was gone. They even stopped to look for the body, knowing they had passed it just a few minutes before. Newell Partridge immediately thought of Bandit, who was never seen again.

   On November 16, a press conference was held in the county courthouse and the couples from the TNT plant sighting repeated their story. Deputy Halstead, who had known the couples all of their lives, took them very seriously. “They’ve never been in any trouble,” he told investigators and had no reason to doubt their stories. Many of the reporters who were present for the weird recounting felt the same way. The news of the strange sightings spread around the world. The press dubbed the odd flying creature “Mothman”, after a character from the popular Batman television series of the day.

   The remote and abandoned TNT plant became the lair of the Mothman in the months ahead and it could not have picked a better place to hide in. The area was made up of several hundred acres of woods and large concrete domes where high explosives were stored during World War II. A network of tunnels honeycombed the area and made it possible for the creature to move about without being seen. In addition to the manmade labyrinth, the area was also comprised of the McClintic Wildlife Station, a heavily forested animal preserve filled with woods, artificial ponds and steep ridges and hills. Much of the property was almost inaccessible and without a doubt, Mothman could have hid for weeks or months and remained totally unseen. The only people who ever wandered there were hunters and fishermen and the local teenagers, who used the rutted dirt roads of the preserve as “lover’s lanes”.

   Very few homes could be found in the region, but one dwelling belonged to the Ralph Thomas family. One November 16, they spotted a “funny red light” in the sky that moved and hovered above the TNT plant. “It wasn’t an airplane”, Mrs. Marcella Bennett (a friend of the Thomas family) said, “but we couldn’t figure out what it was.” Mrs. Bennett drove to the Thomas house a few minutes later and got out of the car with her baby. Suddenly, a figure stirred near the automobile. “It seemed as though it had been lying down,” she later recalled. “It rose up slowly from the ground. A big gray thing. Bigger than a man with terrible glowing eyes.”

   Mrs. Bennett was so horrified that she dropped her little girl! She quickly recovered, picked up her child and ran to the house. The family locked everyone inside but hysteria gripped them as the creature shuffled onto the porch and peered into the windows. The police were summoned, but the Mothman had vanished by the time the authorities had arrived.

   Mrs. Bennett would not recover from the incident for months and was in fact so distraught that she sought medical attention to deal with her anxieties. She was tormented by frightening dreams and later told investigators that she believed the creature had visited her own home too. She said that she could often hear a keening sounds (like a woman screaming) near her isolated home on the edge of Point Pleasant.

   Many would come to believe that the sightings of Mothman, as well as UFO sightings and encounters with “men in black” in the area, were all related. For nearly a year, strange happenings continued in the area. Researchers, investigators and “monster hunters” descended on the area but none so famous as author John Keel, who has written extensively about Mothman and other unexplained anomalies. He has written for many years about UFO’s but dismisses the standard “extraterrestrial” theories of the mainstream UFO movement. For this reason, he has been a controversial figure for decades. According to Keel, man has had a long history of interaction with the supernatural. He believes that the intervention of mysterious strangers in the lives of historic personages like Thomas Jefferson and Malcolm X provides evidence of the continuing presence of the “gods of old”. The manifestation of these elder gods comes in the form of UFO’s and aliens, monsters, demons, angels and even ghosts. He has remained a colorful character to many and yet remains respected in the field for his research and fascinating writings.

   Keel became the major chronicler of the Mothman case and wrote that at least 100 people personally witnessed the creature between November 1966 and November 1967. According to their reports, the creature stood between five and seven feet tall, was wider than a man and shuffled on human-like legs. Its eyes were set near the top of the shoulders and had bat-like wings that glided, rather than flapped, when it flew. Strangely though, it was able to ascend straight up “like a helicopter”. Witnesses also described its murky skin as being either gray or brown and it emitted a humming sound when it flew. The Mothman was apparently incapable of speech and gave off a screeching sound. Mrs. Bennett stated that it sounded like a “woman screaming”.

   John Keel arrived in Point Pleasant in December 1966 and immediately began collecting reports of Mothman sightings and even UFO reports from before the creature was seen. He also compiled evidence that suggested a problem with televisions and phones that began in the fall of 1966. Lights had been seen in the skies, particularly around the TNT plant, and cars that passed along the nearby road sometimes stalled without explanation. He and his fellow researchers also uncovered a number of short-lived poltergeist cases in the Ohio Valley area. Locked doors opened and closed by themselves, strange thumps were heard inside and outside of homes and often, inexplicable voices were heard. The James Lilley family, who lived just south of the TNT plant, were so bothered by the bizarre events that they finally sold their home and moved to another neighborhood. Keel was convinced that the intense period of activity was all connected.

   And stranger things still took place..... A reporter named Mary Hyre, who was the Point Pleasant correspondent for the Athens, Ohio newspaper the Messenger, also wrote extensively about the local sightings. In fact, after one very active weekend, she was deluged with over 500 phone calls from people who saw strange lights in the skies. One night in January 1967, she was working late in her office in the county courthouse and a man walked in the door. He was very short and had strange eyes that were covered with thick glasses. He also had long, black hair that was cut squarely “like a bowl haircut”. Hyre said that he spoke in a low, halting voice and he asked for directions to Welsh, West Virginia. She thought that he had some sort of speech impediment and for some reason, he terrified her. “He kept getting closer and closer to me, “ she said, “ and his funny eyes were staring at me almost hypnotically.”

   Alarmed, she summoned the newspaper’s circulation manager to her office and together, they spoke to the strange little man. She said that at one point in the discussion, she answered the telephone when it rang and she noticed the little man pick up a pen from her desk. He looked at it in amazement, “as if he had never seen a pen before.” Then, he grabbed the pen, laughed loudly and ran out of the building.

   Several weeks later, Hyre was crossing the street near her office and saw the same man on the street. He appeared to be startled when he realized that she was watching him, turned away quickly and ran for a large black car that suddenly came around the corner. The little man climbed in and it quickly drove away.

   By this time, most of the sightings had come to an end and Mothman had faded away into the strange “twilight zone” from which he had come... but the story of Point Pleasant had not yet ended. At around 5:00 in the evening on December 15, 1967, the 700-foot bridge linking Point Pleasant to Ohio suddenly collapsed while filled with rush hour traffic. Dozens of vehicles plunged into the dark waters of the Ohio River and 46 people were killed. Two of those were never found and the other 44 are buried together in the town cemetery of Gallipolis, Ohio.

On that same tragic night, the James Lilley family (who still lived near the TNT plant at that time) counted more than 12 eerie lights that flashed above their home and vanished into the forest.

The collapse of the Silver Bridge made headlines all over the country and Mary Hyre went days without sleep as reporters and television crews from everywhere descended on the town. The local citizens were stunned with horror and disbelief and the tragedy is still being felt today.

   During Christmas week, a short, dark-skinned man entered the office of Mary Hyre. He was dressed in a black suit, with a black tie, and she said that he looked vaguely Oriental. He had high cheekbones, narrow eyes and an unidentified accent. He was not interested in the bridge disaster, she said, but wanted to know about local UFO sightings. Hyre was too busy to talk with him and she handed her a file of related press clipping instead. He was not interested in them and insisted on speaking with her. She finally dismissed him from her office.

   That same night, an identically described man visited the homes of several witnesses in the area who had reported seeing the lights in the sky. He made all of them very uneasy and uncomfortable and while he claimed to be a reporter from Cambridge, Ohio, he inadvertently admitted that he did not know where Columbus, Ohio was even though the two towns are just a few miles apart.

   So who was Mothman and what was behind the strange events in Point Pleasant?

   Whatever the creature may have been, it seems clear that Mothman was no hoax. There were simply too many credible witnesses who saw “something”. It was suggested at the time that the creature may have been a sandhill crane, which while they are not native to the area, could have migrated south from Canada. That was one explanation anyway, although it was one that was rejected by Mothman witnesses, who stated that what they saw looked nothing like a crane.

   But there could have been a logical explanation for some of the sightings. Even John Keel (who believed the creature was genuine) suspected that a few of the cases involved people who were spooked by recent reports and saw owls flying along deserted roads at night. Even so, Mothman remains hard to easily dismiss. The case is filled with an impressive number of multiple-witness sightings by individuals that were deemed reliable, even by law enforcement officials.

   But if Mothman was real... and he truly was some unidentified creature that cannot be explained, what was behind the UFO sightings, the poltergeist reports, the strange lights, sounds, the “men in black” and most horrifying, the collapse of the Silver Bridge?

   John Keel believes that Point Pleasant was a “window” area, a place that was marked by long periods of strange sightings, monster reports and the coming and going of unusual persons. He states that it may be wrong to blame the collapse of the bridge on the local UFO sightings, but the intense activity in the area at the time does suggest some sort of connection. Others have pointed to another supernatural link to the strange happenings, blaming the events on the legendary Cornstalk Curse that was placed on Point Pleasant in the 1770's. The Cornstalk Curse

   And if such things can happen in West Virginia, then why not elsewhere in the country? Can these “window” areas explain other phantom attackers, mysterious creatures, mad gassers and more that have been reported all over America? Perhaps they can, but to consider this, we have to consider an even more chilling question... where will the next “window” area be? It might be of benefit to study your local sightings and weird events a little more carefully in the future!

   © Copyright 2001 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.
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Welcome to the Mothman Official DeviantArt Group

Welcome all Cryptid Paranormal friends and Moth Man fans!

Feel free to Join! Everyone is welcomed and auto-accepted. Leave comments, ART, theories, etc. Questions or concerns please message me.

This Group is currently under construction and development. Please be patient. But in definite composition to an excellent Foundation Source. This I'm hoping to make the best Moth Man group on DeviantArt.

COM: Mothman Chibi 3/3 by Turquoise-Cherry


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Mothman emote flying by Pizzaface4372 - You may upload, feature, submit and share unlimited amounts of Mothman Posts in this group!! :thumbsup: So post galore, the more the better!! It can be in ANY type of art format. Visual, comic book (legit to the Mothman only, No superhero please! Mothman has never been proven to be a superhero. Unless you have credential references to back up your thesis and statements that Mothman is in FACT a Superhero of some sort?), literature, I also accept some Anthropomorphic along with OCs. However keep it limited in this Category, this is a Mothman Group not an Anthropomorphic Group. Mothman was an Insectoid for that matter afterall, which is the only reason I'm accepting. Also other types of arts are accepted..etc.

Mothman emote flying by Pizzaface4372 - Keep posted for more info soon.

*I will also hold activities, contests and forums on here. As time progresses*


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I decided that Deviant Art needed and well deserves an official Mothman Group fan page. This is for info, blogging, research, fan art, socializing, theorizing, sources as well. Especially as an "ART based" collective Group on here. For fans of the Mothman legends, prophecies and Cryptid Ultraterrestrial Being.

Soulwinter Eye by Wolfsherz Soulwinter Eye by Wolfsherz


The Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly and first primarily seen amongst Point Pleasant West Virginia, United States. From 15th of November 1966 to 15th December 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated 16 November 1966.

After the Silver Bridge collapsing accident during these enduring time frames. Mothman was never seen there again. ...However...

Till this day, Mothman sightings are continuously still seen, experienced, witnessed and heard from all over the World.

Bat by Flacienne Mothman by MechaPilotUnit93 Bat by Flacienne


About Mothman

The Mothman is a paranormal Cryptid being that was first reported and sighted in Point Pleasant, WV, United States, in the late 60's. The Mothman appears as a tall human figure with very large wings with characteristic traits that appear Moth-like along with glaring red eyes (like shiny red bicycle reflectors others have reported its eyes having a strong red glow; so bright to almost blinding). It's said to move and fly extremely fast and even let out piercing shrieks.

Through periodical times Point Pleasant was for lack of a better word "haunted" by the creature in the town. It came to people and residents in different phases warning them through mixed signals, towards a Catastrophic event to take place. Prophecies.

One day it was spotted on top of the Silver Bridge of Point Pleasant. Chaos followed by a tragedy with the death of 46 people confirmed from the Bridge falling. 2 were never found. From that time after, Point Pleasant since has both embraced and condemned the Mothman. It having its own statue in the middle of the town to remind the folks of a historical event that changed their lives forever.

Also take note-Mothman should NOT be confused with the OWL MAN. There's a significant difference between the two. Owl Man is said to be a physical and more aggressive creature known to attack people. Even eat larger animals and sometimes small children; like infants. As to the Mothman, is not known to be violent or attack people; unless crossed. Research provides Moth-mans intentions are more calculating and expanded to higher purposes, even after countless people have died over decades nothing indicates that The Mothman is like the Owl Man. References pertaining to Moth-mans involvement, phase and connections are countless and beyond Folklore. In Cryptology, the Owl Man is more of a overly grown Owl Vulture. Beast-like, yet still a Large specie of bird. Owl Man guards an Aged Sacred Church in Mawnan, Cornwall Village in England U.K. It's said to lurk in the Woods nocturnally, especially during particular Seasons the way Owls do. Theoretical assumptions according to Occult Folklorists. Only similarity most consider is the appearance, Owl Man and Mothman both winged-humanoids with red eyes. Owl is described to be over the size of an average human male 5-6 ft tall and stocky. Mothman about 7-8 ft. tall (however Moth-mans ability to shapeshift itself makes it even more indistinguishable to tell an actual mass or height).

From what has been come across the Mothman is a telepathic Ultraterrestrial being with many various abilities; along with manipulating time and space around it, being a mind reader and mind controller (its red eyes have been said by experienced witnesses that it can hypnotize or put you in a catatonic daze), integrate and manifest neurological brain waves all around it surrounding itself and anything around or anywhere near its parameter with mixed aural energies. Being as it can do this Mothman can also cause power outages and distort frequencies into static radios. Incredibly these theories have served and multiply that Mothman is an extreme versatile being (meaning it can go and switch into both physical and astral realms). Trans-dimensional (Teleportation).

Through other reports and studies over decades- Paranormal Psychologists, Cryptologists, Research Scientists, UFO Experts (Ufologists), and so on.. have come to different case theories and almost conclusive studies over the same. As to what the Mothman "is" and its intentions are... still to this day, remains unclear. Many Cryptologists consider the Mothman one of most mysterious and unknown of all of the other Cryptids. There are also REAL documentaries over Mothman and an official book (NOT novel) written by Donnie Sergent Jr. and Jeff Wamsley.

Still sighted around the World today, it knows things far beyond our grasp of reality and is usually warning many that something terribly chaotic and horrible is about to take place soon in an area. Everything eventually falls into a pattern.


The Mothman by PoaAlpina


--Origins and the Legend of the Mothman.……

--Witness Claims Mothman Sighting in Japan Prior to Earthquake in 2011…

--Other Sources and Recommended Bibliography:

-Unexplained! by Jerome Clark (1999)
-The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel (1975)
-The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings by John Keel (1970 / 1994)
-Our Haunted Planet by John Keel (1971)
-The Silver Bridge by Gray Barker (1970)
-Mysterious America by Loren Coleman (1983 / 2000)

Hellbutterfly 2 by deidara1444

-Official Info About the Men in Black (Synthetic Cyborgs) and the Mothman:
*This whole site will extend further info and insight on the Men in Black*…

(A Documentary Film - The Trailer)

WIP- The Mothman by faded-impression


The Mothman in connection to the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster:……

NOTES: Reports of Mothman sightings and events continue to this day. Instances of "strange flying creatures" and "winged men" have been reported in many American states as well as across the globe in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including supposed sightings in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986, shortly before the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.


[GIF] Mothman by Porto881

Mothman Overview on Wikipedia:

--Informative Sight:


Mothman Encounter by Slurch


"Butterfly Caught" by Massive Attack

Album: 100th Window

---EVERYONE check out this excellent artistic music video!!---…


Mini Mothman | f2u pixel art by SinnamonWade



NOTES: The Man who took these photographs of the "recent sightings" of the Mothman says he had just moved to West Virginia and had never even heard or knew about the Legend of the Mothman. The man who photographed the Mothman, declined and refused to be revealed for his safety as well as refusal against a public interview, but is extremely adamant that what he saw in the photos he took are 100% Authentic and REAL! Many Citizens of Point Pleasant agree along his side.

Coincidentally it was also the Mothman's Anniversary when he/It reappeared. The Man said, the figure flying back and forth through the trees, was larger and taller than a human.
Is how he caught glimpse of it.……

Hellbutterfly emoticon 1 by deidara1444


Mothman flying animation by CorvidVolk

IntuitiveMoth visits Point Pleasant


Here: officialmothmangroup.deviantar…

Mothman Sketchy Thing by PoaAlpina


Visit The Mothman Museum

Mothman by lmarc001


mothman stamp by macrofossils


--> <--

This is held every Annual season! Click the Link for more info.



September 21, 22, 2019:



Bat by tsimbat

COM: Mothman Doll 2/3 by Turquoise-Cherry


:bookdiva: :coffeecup: COM: Mothman Icon 1/3 by Turquoise-Cherry


The Mothman Prophecies (Film-2002): Based on the Novel by John A. Keel


Documentary 2017: The Mothman of Point Pleasant
(Jeff Wamsley, Lyle Black Burn and featuring John Keel)

Learn the terrifying, true story about thirteen months that changed history! In November of 1966 a car full of kids encountered a creature unlike anything they'd ever seen before. In the weeks and months to follow, the monster (known around the World, as The Mothman) was sighted again and again on country roads and around the state of West Virginia.

Lyle Blackburn, Jeff Wamsley
1 hour, 7 minutes

Out now to rent and watch exclusively on!…


Mothman Dedicated Track by IntuitiveMoth (Mnemothra):
Check out this track on!!!!!
Dedicated to the Mothman!!!!

"The Artifact Moth"

-Click link below-

What do you look like? by BrotherOstavia


IntuitiveMoth featured made Mothman track,
with Credited Artwork Cover by: Jonathan G. Gómez

Released October 31, 2017

Track Titled: "The Artifact Moth". Produced and composed by Mark Cavazos, October 31st, 2017. (Halloween).

FREE, for Download (feel free to snag and download a free audio file, if you like the song!) =D ! A Non-profit track.

Pixel: Bat by apparate For enjoyment! Pixel: Bat by apparate





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No other updates have been recently reported on The recent Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant within 2017 that I've read up upon, (as of yet, as least since late last year and very early 2017...after it's last encounter on it's/his Anniversary). Anything or all else of other reports have remained stagnant and unknown on this subject and not much disclosed to public media.

Wherever Mothman is at this point..remains a mystery, yet once again??  Mothman emote facepalm by Pizzaface4372   :-? (Confused) 

However I shall, keep any updates available to all here on this group; if any surface. I find, if any?  Here's another evident link:…
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The Man who took these photographs of the "recent sightings" of the Mothman says he had just moved to West Virginia and had never even heard or knew about the Legend of the Mothman. The man who photographed the Mothman, declined and refused to be revealed for his safety as well as refusal against a public interview, but is extremely adamant that what he saw in the photos he took are 100% Authentic and REAL! Many Citizens of Point Pleasant agree along his side.

Coincidentally it was also the Mothman's Anniversary when he/it reappeared. The man said, the figure flying back and forth through the trees, was larger and taller than a human.…

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Again a question:
According to the eyewitnesses of Point Pleasant&environment and according to the most other eyewitnesses, the Mothman has no tail, right?
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This question you've asked, is the most random? Heh. However, I don't think he does or would. I've never hear that of him/it? Not in any reports. Nor Sasquatch. Sasquatch is considered a Hominid. As far as Mothman, he's more Insectoid. I honestly doubt he'd have a tail. He's more half man, half moth (humanoid). But who knows for sure? It's been known as a shapeshifter...
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"This question you've asked, is the most random?"

I don't understand this question.
I am looking for more accurate eyewitnesses-statements.
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There are a few versions of the actual Mothman Legends and of its appearance type. Considering the tail. If you think it has a tail, there probably is a valid reason why too.

There was an ancient area with a mural of a Plains Natives in the West Virginian Caves. There is the Original Mothman and the Mothman "Thunderbird" an Artifact known as; Algonquin. A God known to the Natives Indians of West Virginia from within this tribe.

It drew the attention to similarities between a circa 1600 an Indian Thunderbird resembling the Mothman, and the descriptions of the anomalous and frightening figure seen repeatedly in 1967, dubbed "The Mothman."

It was considered a Thunderbird. So it could "have possibly" had a tail, since birds do. It appeared a bit differently however, wasn't like most birds. It was more Primordial like. It would attack people, kill large live stock and eat infants. Just as Owl Man did. ...This entity has been around longer than the 1600's Pioneer day towards the times the European travelers were making home and civilizations here.

Mothman in our modern Century and Era we all know of, came after Flatwoods. Rarely ever attacks humans. Almost a decade later. Here it became a significant difference.

You may want to Google some more info regarding this? hmm

However, this is the best details I know of what I've heard of both versions of it's Thunderbird beast-form from the Natives of the WV lands and Mothman-like qualities that are still seen today and yet nothing remains even one bit clear.

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I tried submitting my artwork for the contest, could you please add it for me?…
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Times a question:
Does anyone know perhaps a travel agency near Point Pleasant, which offers travels to Austria, Germany or Switzerland in Europe? They have perhaps contact with travel agencies in these 3 countries and maybe they have offers. I can't find a package trip to Point Pleasant or near ( other Northamerica-travels are roundtrips 2-3 weeks and 2000€+ wtf.. ) >.< and would like to come to the next Mothman-Festivel, or 2018 and would like to stay a week.
No packing trips are expensive, I don't know myself out in America and I can't speak English...
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The only main source I can think of.

400 Main Street • Point Pleasant, WV 25550• 1-(304)-812-5211 •

It's also Right at the Cross Border Bridge Line crossing Ohio there's booking Hotels there in Ohio (extremely nearby). As well as an Airport directly in Ohio. You can also Google Map it and the locations. Travel Packages, of course you can find deals. They always hold Annual Moth Man Festivals, in Point Pleasant. However, it's usually in the Autumn seasons (every year) that they hold them; from what I'm aware of. Meaning it's more than likely over for this year. At this point it already has passed.

I'd try to get in contact with the Owner of the Museum and Event Coordinator Director for more info. However, there are many Resorts there in that location. If you cannot speak English that well. Write them through email. They have great customer service and will work something out with you. Trust me, I'd personally would know that. Plus Airlines and International Flights, I would assume "should" be good at translation.

Hope this helps. :)
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Thank you. I will look.
I know the festival is always in the autumn, normally mid-September.
I find it a pity that I could not be there this year on the 50th festival :depressed:
It will probably be 2018. Because I don't think that 1000 € will be enough.
But I'll come :)
One need a visa to travel as an EU-European to North America or is only a passport sufficient?
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Hehe, you're asking the wrong person on that question my friend? A far as myself... I'm not sure on International passports, etc? Only my Domestic and Continental.  However, if I were you I would easily consult a Travel or Airline Agent through their Policies. I know they could answer that. I myself have seen UK (British) people around those airlines. Just ask. They'll let you know. I wouldn't be able to answer that, myself however. However, I know people from all over the World go.

*MUST NOTE: If you're coming all the way out there/here from Europe, make sure it's for the Annual Festival!!! Trust me! Don't go on a regular day. You'll want it to be the Festival. You'll get the full package of it and every full experience out of it, it's amazing!! Including a Tourist that guides you to the TNT Plant, Cornfield, etc.. Plus the sights are beautiful. Not just that, but there's so much more, there's contests, activities and side shops!!! =D

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I have never heard of it, but does anyone know if, the mothman is perhaps able to speak? No matter what language and whether a known language.
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The Mothman has been known to communicate in many different ways. Using various sources, I'm not sure he/it has an "actual" language of it's own? It's said to carry frequencies (I'm not sure exactly through what part of itself? Only theories suggest?) and derive it into everything in its proximity, flutter the air motion and eyewitnesses have literally stated it shrieks when crossed, chased by or angered. Mothman is capable of communication. Not just vocal. But dreams, brain or electrical impulse frequencies, visions (hallucinations) and way many other ways too. It being psychic and read minds, it can go that route as well and mind control humans..…

However, for me to answer this in my OWN speculation and theory. I'm very sure He/It has spoken to Humans directly: =D This is why - The Mothman who certainly does communicate. If it wanted to manifest and "reveal itself" through a human-like voice and speak directly to someone, by all means would absolutely. I'm surely positive he has too. I wouldn't for a second doubt it. If it wants to speak to someone, it will not hesitate too either. I'm sure he/it has. However I have no actual evidence or proof provided. But many have understood it over decades and have experienced it; regardless. So either way, people still understand when or if Mothman speaks or wants to make contact to humans. It will do so.


However, off the record... The Mothman itself is as well to be formatted as a Shapeshifter and manifest as different "images"/"visuals" that comes to others. Yet another one of its abilities. But as always; it's default-look will always be a Black Moth Humanoid with red eyes.…

Indrid Cold in The Mothman Prophecies movie was The Mothman's HUMAN-Type form that manifested to talk and interact to the other humans. "The Mothman" --- was his default --- THAT what was what Mary saw, (John Kleins wife; what she saw before she got sick and died in the movie, it's original form). Definitely read the novel, "The Mothman Prophecies", the movie and book are a bit different from their versions. However the movie was still excellent!!!

Along in real life. It would do so, on his own terms; of course. People would see Mothman as a half man half Moth. A winged Being. That it being an Ultraterrestrial being on this Planet, over so long is no coincidence. If others have seen it as well.


This is just based on what I know and have researched over years.

Hope this helps. :)

Thank you for joining our Group too btw! Mothman emote  deviantART Groups

Always happy, to have new people join!! =D
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Thank you, very helpful.

I think its creators and their followers (mens in black) have their own language and exceptional abilities. And they are not nice, according to experience of eye-witnesses.. The Mens in Black are also wherever UFOs were spotted.
Strange that DNA from the mothman was never found. I think the mens in Black are responsible for this. They have it removed or concealed.
He is certainly a test bull and there are more of these "legendary animals" on this planet (example Bigfoot, Loch Ness, or gods or animals in ancient writings) and also similar animals as mothman.

When the mothman has spoken, did he have any accent or any particular emphasis or a particular pronunciation?

What exactly happened in those dreams, in that Mothman spoke?

Appearance: If you take the shading of bird wings / kite wings, a butterfly shape is created in bright spots as shown on my drawing.
The round nose and no mouth and no neck is explained by a longer face, lowered head, some hair.
But all the statements are too inaccurate. Are there any eyewitnesses in this group? It would be very helpful.

No problem because of the group. I am not a fan, but very interested, because my research and other things has brought me to this theme.
But I am convinced that the Mothman himself has no evil intentions, even if he stand under the thumb of the evil.

He went into the TNT power station... so there must be something.. Much earlier one should have looked there! Who knows what these evil mens are going to organize and build up behind us against us!
And who knows what terrible experiments they make...
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