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Birthday '15: Celebrated DeviantArt's 15th birthday
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My Bio

Due to DeviantArt Shitclipse being drunk as fuck. I had to put everything that I have from the DeviantArt Classic to DeviantArt LJNclipse.

Some OBVIOUS Rules for both Sides of my Accounts (Normal and Fetishes)

- No Bullying/Harassment

- No Spamming me with Comments/Favorites (Especially with ATs and Commissions)

- Don't steal my art. Unless if it's made for you and had my permission to upload it on your profile then sure I could allow that. (And it also included Tracing and other) If my artworks was stolen or Traced, please either DM me through Discord/Twitter or Note me on FA or DA and I'll take care of it.

- Don't sent me any Malicious Links, I don't trust them. I only stick with the ones that I know.

- If you like/dislike something that I like/hate, obviously respect my opinion.

- If your planning to draw Fetishes involving my HTF OCs, then go ahead I do love them being fetished but please follow one of my Fetishes Interests before you draw them with fetishes.

New * - Due to the Annoyance of the "Cartoon Shows" Favorite Collections spams every time that I upload an new fan-art (Evenly Fetishes) and being flooded with these notifications, I don't want to have my HTF artworks featured in your "Happy Tree Friends" Favorite Collections every time I upload an new HTF Artwork, evenly if it's old artworks of mine. (I get it that you love the show. And besides, these favorite collections were nothing but spam to begin with.)

New * - New Rules will be added later on just in case if things starting to be annoying.

~ I will giving you many chances, but if you blew them up many times. Then your blocked, Unless if your an Art Thief or anything worse than that then an insta-block might do.


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Social Links

Discord - BV the Dream Sheepfox#4393 [Main Account]

NEWER Discord Server -

FA -

Inkbunny -

Twitter (BV) -

Twitter (Woolie "Fetish Account") -

Instagram - [Soon]

Trello (If you forgotten to do your part of the Art Trade) -

Favourite TV Shows
Happy Tree Friends, Danganronpa (The Animation), Pokemon, Nichijou, and etc.
Favourite Games
Trove, Roblox, Danganronpa Series, Zelda, Super Mario, Kirby Games, and etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS
Other Interests
Game Development
[Annoyed Vent] I know this is not intentional about this problem. So there's this Reddit named "HCF" and they're posting my fetish artworks from my fetish accounts without my consent and my permission (Even if they do asked, it will be denied anyways) and calling it "Cringe", worse they evenly gotten away with it. So uncool. They had no rights to using my art like my own version of Female Flippy. It's very disrespectful for that. Normally, I would tell them to delete any reddit posts involving my arts (Including Fetishes) and don't use it again. But instead of that, It will be similar to Team Meat's Response to Peta's Parody Game named Super Tofu Boy that they made Tofu Boy as a Playable Joke Character but way different concept and going to be created by the same one who made the Modernized Redesigns of BV, Chubby Lammy and many many others, I don't know what name is he's going to name them but who knows. I hope they better not mess with the one that I'm talking about, it will be a
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I know that I forgot to announce this on May 3rd. So need to make some changes with revealing the new owner's name, instead of 200 watchers, it will be reduced to 100 since he decided to change it because it takes too long to hit it in just one year. But since today's May 4th, the owner that I was fucking talking about going to be start uploading the new redesigns of these 26 HTF OC/Headcanon Characters from A - Z everyday at 8 PM Central Time. Since Nutty's Redesign that he made was already uploaded publicly as a test itself. So that's means the Characters like BV, Chubby Lammy, Woolie, Randy, Cotton, Grace and the other 20 Characters will be having their new designs uploaded by their new owner, it will be a new chapter for them. But just to clarify, those new designs that he made before 2024 arrives are both DeviantArt Premium and Discord Exclusive. Like I said about exclusives, Pay about $5 to buy his Premium Folder, or reach Level 10 on his Discord Server. (If course that gaining
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Had to explain the good news about BV and the others' New Designs through Google Docs, since DA was doing these "Deviations and Journals Deletions" for some bogus reasons, even if it had a good reason to take it down. (Except for some deviations that deserves to be deleted by DA Staffs.) [Link Here] For those want the short good news. The New owner of BV, Chubby Lammy, (Headcanon) Nutty and the rest of 24 characters from this former era was finished redesigning and their new designs are going to be upload by the following May 4th 2022 in the Premium Folder that costs about $5. Each Day will be an Design of whatever Character that your familiar with or not. And No, it's not going to be this account. (He given me the permission to put this.) Also one bet is that, if Jandel releases a new premium Potion Ingredient on Wacky Wizards (Snake Head doesn't count) during 2022. Then I'll had to be forced to post a poll that had a Redesigned Character to be revealed early by the owner
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