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Art Fight is a web-based graphic art game that was created in 2009 in order to inspire creativity and fun among different communities of graphic designers. The fight lasts for one month each year, and returns annually. Players are split into two teams and "attack" by drawing art for members of the other team. Each attack is worth a specific number of points based upon effort, completion, and detail. At the end of the month, the team with the greater score wins.

Users can register to the site to join the game. When you join the game you will be assigned to a team. Each year there are 2 teams that are based on a theme. In the past we've had Past vs Future, Day vs Night, Land vs Sea, Dream vs Nightmare and Pirates vs Ninjas.

Once you have signed up and joined a team, you can then browse the list of members of the opposite team. Each player will have a profile page that lists their attacks, any attacks against them ("wounds"), their points and a list of their characters. You select a character to create art for, and are free to use any style. Upon submitting your attack, and having it approved, you will earn points for your team. Each time you make an attack, you will get more points.

Points can also be given by the community at large. Each person will be able to vote on your art. If they like it, you will get more points. Making better art will get you more points in the long run!

Every time you get attacked or submit an attack, your battle ratio will change. Battle ratio is the amount of art received vs given. People with a higher battle ratio are more likely to be a target to the other team. This is because each team will have a 'suggested player' on their attack page. Higher battle ratio gives you a greater chance on landing on this page. Also, the votes from people with a higher battle ratio are worth more than points of those with a lower battle ratio.

Each players points will count towards the team total. After the game is over, the points are tallied and the team with the highest number of points is the winner of that years Art Fight!

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Does the quality of the revenge effect the battle ratio score?