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Dwolfyj's avatar
Nice Job!!! XD! (Sorry i didn't know I joined the fight.. think i had problems submitting the form...)
Kelina10's avatar
YAYY!!! Team Nightmare won!!! XD SOOO hAPpY 

becauze I'm a total nightmare XD
cassyuiu's avatar
Great job fellow nightmares! Can't wait for next year!
LynnesGalaxy's avatar
This was SO much fun, can't wait for next year!!! :la: :la: :la:
Daliamikk's avatar
AAAAAAAAAA it was so close!
It was fun though~
Congrats nightmare team!
Pink-Dad's avatar
Congrats Team Nightmare!💕

This year was my first time experiencing ArtFight, & I had so much fun!
Can't wait to go again next year! 
(୨୧ ////)
CuppaCuppaCoffee's avatar
GG Team dream, this year was really fun!~ 
Meyan-chama's avatar
Victorrrrry! Congratz, team Nightmare~!   >w<
That was my first ArtFight, and that was purretty fun! GG ya all!

Congrat by Meyan-chama
misellapuella's avatar
This was my first year and it was so fun O: thanks guys gg
Ruitherga's avatar
stariipop's avatar
V I C T O R Y (this is the first time i was on a team that won ahh)
Good job to everyone else tho!!!
Miocarre's avatar
Wolfypoof's avatar
Two years in a row yeehaw ;3
The-UwU-House's avatar
GG homies! 👏👏
Quirk2's avatar
oh yeah baby 2 years in a row
AislynnDavis's avatar
Congratz team Nightmare!!! This is my first time winning on a team so I feel really happy ;u;

Great job everyone (including team Dream), y'all did amazing! :3
OkuBunny's avatar
AretMaw's avatar
YEAHHH!!!!! >:^D
PurpleBird333's avatar
WOOHOO WE WON! Congrats to my teammates and "good game" to team Dream! 
paranormal-thingum's avatar
team nightmare represent!!! wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 
im a little upset with myself for not particpating as much as i usually would but i did make it to a grand total of over 100 attacks this year which is fun!!
AKA-38CAUTION's avatar
Good game guys! See you next year!
Copgirl862's avatar
Congrats, Team Nightmare! We had a good run this year! (I was on Dream this year, but they did really well!)
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