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Welcome to Art Fight!

This Official group for Art Fight, the annual art trading game. Open to all participants of all years! All art submitted to this group may only be Art Fight related. We are not a DeviantArt based group, please check out our website for up to date news.

Team Zombies - 2014
Team Hunters - 2014
Team Color 2015 Stamp
Team Monochrome 2015
Team Magic 2016 Stamp / Badge
Team Technology 2016 Stamp / Badge
Team Moon 2017 Stamp / Badge
Team Sun 2017 Stamp / Badge
Team Tea - 2018
Team Coffee - 2018
Team Dream - 2019
Team Nightmare - 2019
Team Spice - 2020
Team Sugar - 2020
Team Steampunk - 2021
Team Cyberpunk - 2021
Team Vampires- 2023
Team Werewolves- 2023

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rainyv krakenpho Classicturtle

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Art Fight 2024

2024 Seafoam Badge
2024 Stardust Badge
2024 Seafoam Card
2024 Stardust Card

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I'm joining the fight this year, and here's my team card

My 2024 Artfight Meme

Can't wait for July 1st !!!🐬🌊💛

Which team is more recommended for beginners this year

BTW can someone send me a link to the login page on the website

There's no recommendations for teams. Just pick whichever suits your fancy.

You don't need a discord to participate either. The entire event's in the Art Fight site:

The Register and Log In buttons are at the top right section of the page.

Tysm!!! I'm excited for my first year. Good luck!

Team Seafoam IS GOIN DOWN!!!!!!!!!

how do I submit my id card