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RS: The Warrior's Heart (Part 5)The way through the outer base proved simple enough--and easier than before, as a few quick Ice Barrages cleared out all the zombies patrolling the halls. The adventurer wasn’t sure when more might come, so she quickly made her way to the locked door at the end of the winding halls and opened it with the key.“Mind your balance!” squawked the green-feathered raptor perched on her shoulder. “I can’t fly through all this dreadful red mist!”“We won’t have to worry about it, Harold,” Jaina said, patting the bird’s head. “We’ll make a great team, I know it!”“Where da human twaps?” Strawberry asked, waddling close behind her. He had insisted on coming along despite both her protests and Scout Hartwin’s, and was clutching the special canopic jar closely to his chest.Jaina looked over the plans as the unlocked door swung closed behind her. “Let’s see… They should be just down this hall at the right turn, but we can’t go through them without getting caught!”The broav walking next to her sniffed the air. “Smells like magic in here, that’s for sure… Magic and stale socks! It’s better than the rotten dead smell back there at least!”“Woo get caught if woo go through dem,” Strawberry said, “but dey twaps for humans, wes?” When Jaina nodded, he beamed proudly. “Dat means dey catch humans, but dey no catch twolls!”Jaina was taken aback for a moment, surprised by the little troll’s ingenuity. “I… well, I suppose that’s true, but I’m worried about you going off alone in a place like this! What if more zombies show up when you’re by yourself?”“L’il Stinker has a good point,” the broav chimed in. “He doesn’t have to go alone! I can keep an eye on him as I sniff out this heart you’re looking for--he can troll and I can bacon roll right on past those magic human sniffers! And if there’s more dead things out and about, I’ll smell ‘em coming and put him on my back!”Jaina sighed and reluctantly nodded. “Alright, Strawberry, stay close to Petunia, got it? Harold and I will go through the sewer pipes.”Petunia snorted her agreement. “Watch yourself, now! I’ve got this! Li’l Stinker won’t get a scratch!”They came upon a crossroads in the hallway; just to Jaina’s right crackled several yellow magical beams. As Strawberry approached them and reached out to touch one, she stayed close behind him, watching worriedly--and then his stubby little arm passed harmlessly through the yellow beam, as if it weren’t there at all.“See?” he squealed, jumping for joy. “Dey no catch twolls!”Jaina smiled brightly at him. “You’ve become so brave, Strawberry! Look at you, already thinking quick on your feet!”Strawberry nodded and happily bounded through the human detection spells, Petunia close at his heels. Jaina still found herself reluctant to let him out of her sight, but she continued on into the small room at the end of the hall with Harold still perched on her shoulder.The Guthix raptor flew on ahead of her through the smelly pipe at the south end of the room, which she crawled through as quickly as she could. Stepping out into a sewer passage, she gagged and covered her nose, glad for the insulated rubber boots she was wearing as she proceeded through the mucky water--and not just because of the electrical sparks that coursed through it.Fortunately the sewer passage wasn’t too long, and she came upon another pipe soon enough. “Leave this to me,” Harold squawked. “My keen eyes will spot any foul undead that may lurk on the other side, and they’ll never see me flying above! These Mahjarrat have no respect for the importance of balance between life and death!”Jaina stroked his feathers assuringly. “Come back as soon as you can!”As Harold flew through the pipe, she studied a cage near its opening. A label on the side of the cage read “Oddenstein Labs Security Systems”--so that was how the sewers had come to be electrified! Why the kooky old professor had ever agreed to work for Zemouregal was anyone’s guess, though--unless he had been forced into it?She could only shuffle nervously where she stood for the couple minutes it took before Harold came flying back through the pipe. “The coast is clear! The foul undead are gone! We must make haste before they return!”“Right, lead the way then!” The adventurer crawled through the pipe after the raptor, glad to be out of the sewers the moment she emerged from the other end. She hurried through the door just down the hall from where she had emerged, and Harold perched just above the door, ready to keep watch.On a table in the small room lay a set of decoder strips and a book titled “Notes on my fellow Mahjarrat, volume 2,” which she stuffed into her bag. Looking around the room twice over, she spotted a chest in the corner, which was, of course, locked. Ozan had taught her a thing or two about basic lockpicking, though she was no master at it; she wished for a spell to open locks as she worked at the lock with a hairpin.It took her several tries, but at last she managed to pick the lock, and inside the chest she found a small red plaque with the letters DGAF written on it. This must be the key to the vault door code! Ali the Wise had gleaned from the plans that the door required a four-digit code to unlock, so these letters must somehow correspond to numbers--that must be where the decoder strips came in.She would see once she came upon the vault; for the moment, she cracked the door open slightly. “Harold, is the coast still clear?” she whispered.“Aye, no sign of any undead nearby!” Harold chirped. “The vault is just to your right as you leave that room! Petunia and Strawberry are waiting for us there.”Jaina hurried out of the small room and spotted the broav and the little troll just up ahead, she ran straight towards them and immediately saw the vault door come into view. “Are you okay?”“Right as rain,” snorted Petunia, digging a brown mushroom out of the ground. “That thick metal door cannot stop my nose! I smell the heart we’re looking for!”“We got through da human twaps no probwem!” Strawberry cheered. “Can I help put da heart in da special jar?”“It won’t be easy getting to it,” Jaina pointed out, studying the vault door and placing the decoder strips along the panel according to the letter code. “There are enchanted fire rays in the way! This time none of us can touch them, else we’ll set off the alarms and release some kind of harmful gas. I’ll need to swing on a rope and grapple to get over there!”“Allow me,” Harold squawked. “I can grab hold of Strawberry’s diaper in my talons and carry him safely above the fire rays!”“I… Well, alright, just hold onto him tightly and don’t let go!” Jaina carefully punched in the numbers revealed by the decoder strips, and the lock on the vault door clicked open. The thick runite door swung open, revealing a crisscross of streams of red light all across the vault--and a beating, pulsing, bright red human heart magically suspended on a pedestal at the other end.She gathered the rope and grapple from her bag, and turned to Strawberry as Harold flew the grapple up to a pipe in the ceiling. “Harold can carry you over the fire rays, so make sure you hold on tight to the jar and stay as still as you can, okay?”Strawberry nodded, and Jaina tugged the rope to make sure the grapple was tight before climbing up the rope and swinging her way over the rays of fire. Once she had landed safely, she kept hold of the rope, her eyes never leaving the Guthix raptor as he carried Strawberry high over the rays. The little troll kept the canopic jar clutched snugly to his chest the whole way over.Still held in Harold’s talons, he held out the jar, and Jaina telekinetically guided the heart into it, careful not to damage it. She then gently closed the lid of the jar and tucked it into her bag.“Yay!” Strawberry cheered. “We did it!”“That we did,” said Jaina, climbing back on the rope, “and now we’d better get out of here! Before any zombies show up.”She swung back out of the vault and waited for Harold to carry Strawberry back, not daring to risk leaving Petunia behind. Once the group was all together, she broke a teleport tablet, immediately whisking them back to her house.~***~“Welcome back,” Ali the Wise greeted as he pulled up a seat for Jaina. “How is the grand heart robbery coming along?”“I’ve done it!” Jaina proudly produced the canopic jar containing Arrav’s heart, holding it up for him to see as she sat down. “I got the heart! I’m not sure what to do with it now, though… How am I supposed to return it to Arrav, let alone get it back in his chest?”“That is excellent news!” Ali exclaimed, gingerly taking the jar from her. “Let’s have a look at it, then...”As he studied the jar, Jaina also set the four tablets she’d recovered from Lamistard’s tunnels on the table in front of her, She had also brought along the two tomes titled “Notes on my fellow Mahjarrat,” and now that she thought about it, she should read those herself before letting Ali study them… With everything that had happened between the events in Weiss and recovering the heart, she hadn’t had time to read them yet.“How interesting!” Ali was still gazing at the jar containing the heart. “It’s still beating perfectly… I suppose now it is my turn to do much research and figure out how to get this back inside Arrav, so then he can finally escape Zemouregal! It’s the least I can do for sure--he is a great hero, after all.”“His freedom after all these years will be a proud day for my beloved Misthalin,” said Jaina, nodding steadfastly. “Anyway, I forgot to give you these before! They seem to be inscribed by that Lamistard fellow...”“How wonderful! We truly are making for a great team.” Ali’s brown eyes were gleaming as he looked at the adventurer. “We’re making great progress in bringing those nasty Mahjarrat down a peg or two! But it is nonetheless wrong to defile their soul gems, should you come across any others, and we must remember that.”Jaina shivered a little, remembering his barely contained anger. “I wouldn’t even think to do that anyway!”As Ali looked over the tablets, she read through the notes. Zemouregal didn’t have much to say about Akthanakos the beastmaster or the hero Azzanadra, other than that Akthanakos might be a suitable Ritual sacrifice and that Azzanadra was “a powerful adversary” that was to be feared. The Red Witch, apparently, was the last surviving female Mahjarrat; reading that momentarily filled Jaina with a twinge of pity for the rest of them. The feeling quickly gave way to one of disgust, however, when Zemouregal mentioned that she had spurned his advances “to sire more of our race” and that she had refused because she was smitten with Zamorak. The thought of those two having children together made her stifle a gag, and she quickly continued reading.She grimaced again reading the entry on Hazeel that mentioned he was “back in play”--thanks to her, in part. Why had she let her anger at that awful family and how they’d treated her drive her to help Hazeel and his cultists? Why had she helped poison their dog, when just because it had bitten her on command didn’t mean it deserved… that? What would Hazeel do next and what would his presence mean for the Ritual?Shaking her head, she kept reading. Khazard, apparently, was the youngest living Mahjarrat, having been born towards the end of the God Wars and being raised by Hazeel after his mother’s death shortly afterwards. It wasn’t clear if this Palkeera had died giving birth to Khazard or if she had died later while he was a baby--she wasn’t mentioned as being sacrificed in a Ritual, so she hadn’t died that way, at least. The adventurer found herself trying to picture the hulking brutish Khazard as a baby, and all she could imagine was a chubby baby with a big grinning skull head. The mental image was so absurd that she couldn’t help but quietly laugh as she tried to focus on reading.The second volume of notes mostly listed several unfamiliar names, two of whom had been sacrificed in the fifteenth and seventeenth Rituals. The Lamistard fellow who had carved the tunnels had been taken prisoner after tunneling into Zemouregal’s fort, and sacrificed at the sixteenth Ritual without much fuss from the others. Zemouregal seemed slightly concerned about Lucien’s growing power--if even the Mahjarrat were worried about him, that made stopping him all the more important!But it was the unfamiliar names of Mahjarrat who yet lived that jumped out at her. Someone called Kharshai had apparently vanished without a trace and missed the last Ritual; she had no idea where he might be hiding or what he might be planning, and Zemouregal didn’t appear to either. More concerning was the mention of a powerful master shapeshifter named Sliske, “a slippery fellow” with a particular gift for shadow magic. Part of Jaina surmised that he might be able to teach her about shadow spells, which she’d been struggling with more than the other ancient spells, but magic lessons from an evil trickster would certainly come at a steep price--if she could even somehow find a master shapeshifter who had to have a million different guises.Aside from Zemouregal’s description of himself as simply “This is me. I am amazing,” the last unfamiliar name was Wahisietel, apparently a recluse who might have Zarosian sympathies. He didn’t seem like a threat at least, and she hoped he might prefer to mind his own business and not bother anyone…She put the tome down and slid both of them across the table. “I also found these notes! They mention several Mahjarrat I’ve never even heard of, as well as those I’ve met… Should be helpful for your research! I do wonder why there are so few female Mahjarrat...”Ali nodded, looking pleased as he accepted the two volumes. “That they should be! It was wise of you to study them yourself. Be on your guard; you never know if you might run into another!”Jaina nodded steadfastly. “I’ll keep my eyes peeled! And I’ll keep working hard to get my cape of magic mastery--if I can do that, I’ll have a chance to finally take Lucien down!”


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First came emissaries to spread the word. Now the RuneScape community's talented artists are fighting for those who haven’t yet pledged their allegiance. If choosing your side was difficult before now, it will be almost impossible. Brace yourselves - the campaign posters are coming!


Be wary of Halfingr’s artistic skills! His wicked poster, named Be Wary, is our undisputed winner of this Players’ Gallery. Congratulations!

 Players Gallery 46 Winner


We would like to highlight at least 10 more campaign posters because they are just so good, but - sticking to the rules - we will mention only 2 more entries that made it to the top of our list. One of them is Say No to Ogrecide by Teezkut. Excellent design, nice colours, punchy line. That’s how we like it!  

 Players Gallery 46 Runner Up 1

The other one that touched our hearts and thus made it onto the Community Team wall is Stead’s poster We Are Godless, recruiting those who are through with all the deities.

 Players Gallery 46 Runner Up 2

You can check out all the other amazing entries that made it in on our Players' Gallery page.
Congratulations to all who made it, and a special thank you to everyone who took part!  

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