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tagged by catleidoscope 

1) she originally had default black, orange, and indigo ms paint colors for her design :) fun

2) she was actually based off of the warrior toon i made. i made her a feral once i got deviantart.

3) her apprentice toon didn't have orange legs :) but then i made a MisTAKE

4) lol she was my other OLD character's (iceclaw's) best friend and their tagline was "we are infinite" (look @ THIS  When We Met by Iceclaw-Fallblossom) and she replaced iceclaw as nightfur's mate or something. i don't know what i was DOIIING

5)  Fallref by Official-Fallblossom her first reference sheet was so good

6) in her 2nd ref i decided to give her one gold toe on each foot don't even ask

7) i had also decided to give her a cyan scarf and wristband for a "winter look" (low-key copying ska #FallKittyArtist)

8) her suffix was chosen by another toontown player (the leader of CSP aka Coalstar) and i just went with it (tbh? i remember i was very reluctant to name her fallpaw bc if i was leader "fallstar" would be a horrible name but i wasn't creative enough to think of another one)

i tag disasteroIogy :) 
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Submitted on
March 17, 2016