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Oh, it's been months since I last submited any piece of "art" (as if I would call it like that ^^), but this account isn't dead. I'm just very lazy :P

Anyway, some traditional art, because why not? Some of my characters of my fanfiction "Mondkind". I don't quite know what happened with Nauja's part, the scanner kinda messed it up, sadly :(

Some words to the characters: Nauja, my main protagonist, is a young waterbender from the Southern Watertribe, captured by the Fire Nation at a young age. After years in prison, she finally came free and marries the friendly, kind Nariaki.

Nariaki is the only son of a Firebender, but a Nonbender himself. He fell in love with Nauja at first sight, but had a few troubles to win her heart ^^

Homare is their firstborn daughter, a light-hearted, optimistic girl, who sees the good in everything and everyone.

Li Sin is her younger sister and the complete opposite. Stern, pensive and more a pessimist, she still loves her family very much. Just... with her own way.
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