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A Baby!!
💚Virgin Killer and Diadem had a lil baby today!💚
DCM- Virgin Killer
NAME: Halter "Virgin-Killer(Kilelr)" Midori

AGE: Appears 19 (Is actually pretty old she's 345) Born on August 22nd 1673

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5'3"


WEAPON: Weighted Dual Scythe named "Cavity"

PERSONALITY: Bubbly yet timid. She's cautious but once she opens up she's very sweet. She might not be the brightest crayon in the box sometimes but she sure as hell will try. She's outgoing and fearless, trying anything she thinks she can do. She's quite manipulative, she is very mature when it comes to her actions.


VK (formally went by Shift when she was younger) grew up during the times of the Salem witch hunts, two brothers by her side at all times. She lived away from her village and always wore cloaks to hide herself from the world. Why hide? She was ashamed of her mother who often slept with each man she met in the nearby village. Her father was nowhere to be seen, he left when he found out her mother was really a demon.

Not only did her mother sleep with countless men, she'd kill them in the night to leave no proof. Shift lived in fear of the day her father would tell the family secret. But of course, the day had come. Her judgement day. Her home was raided by the men and women in the village nearby one night, dragging them out of their small home.

Her mother was beheaded in the center of the village while her and her brothers were taken to the church. Once they got to the church, priests held her on both sides ensuring she wouldn't escape. The poor thing was drown in a fountain of holy water at 19 along with her brothers. Boy did she wish it was some hellish nightmare. Once she woke up in hell she roamed for a good while, lost. As the years passed, she grew more awair of what her mother really was and the genes she so graciously bestowed upon her.

She explored, both the nature of her species and western hell. Though she needed to make some sort of name for herself, in the years she had traveled she realised her mother wasn't too bad for doing what she did. At least that's what she thought. She figured if people could make human shish kebabs out of innocent others, she couldn't ever be that evil. She'd just be a little less evil as that.

As the years past, she found herself in need of some cash and she sure as hell wasn't working for it. She moved to a small neighborhood and she stayed with an old rich man. She married said wealthy old guy and killed him a couple days after their wedding night during some kinky sex to get the cash. It's something her mom did so she figured she'd carry on the Midori tradition. What a wonderful black widow she was.

She wasn't exactly caught because back when it happened, the technology was pretty lacking. So of course, she got off (heh) scotch free. She figured she might as well continue on her path so she did, changing her name. When? Right after she slept with a man wearing quite a provocative sweater. She gave herself the name Virgin Kilelr.

She managed to integrate when the population started to grow so she figured she might as well continue on her "get rich quick" path. She went around the state, sleeping with and murdering the richest of virgins. Why virgins? If she was their first, she figured she might as well be their last. She thought that they were easily manipulated by the idea of punching their V-card, so it was easy.
To stay out of trouble she changed her appearance with her magic.

She decided to go into school, it would probably be a good idea because old English wasn't cutting it. She entered into a small high school in hell and she graduated later on. During those years she wanted to further her skills in the art of magic, so she majored in just that! She eventually got to Mystiques level of shapeshifting and boy was that fun. Afterwards she entered Hell Corp with her new found skills. Things are pretty different there but she figures she'll manage.

Lady Rank up:
She's grown into a fully functioning leader. She has the respect of many and has aided Diadem with his baby mama drama, so much so she became his surrogate via baby transplant. She's happily engaged to Ribbon. She wanted to feel pride and this was the perfect way to validate herself. Her priorities are straighter than she'll ever be now.


The name of her mallet was a nod to Heathers.

VK has the names of who she's slept with on her back, it forms a tramp stamp in the shape of a cat head.

The name of her first is tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip.

She oddly likes uniform socks? So she kept the one's from school. Hell even bought knew ones.

She is a cornnut for sure.

She has the name of her two favorite girlfriends on the inside of her cheeks.(won't specify which set)

She loves cute things.

Carried Diadem's baby.

Engaged to Ribbon

She voice acts eroge visual novels and hentai in her spare time.

App for :icondcmissionaries:
;U; Updated that Profile Pic and I'm hella happy
Relationship Meme:. Mary Janes

This bean was a cremepuff boy with him. From day one he wanted to protect his friend. He had a feeling he liked him when he realized he wanted to be around him on their missions. He gravitated to the quiet boy and wanted to learn about him. He finally accepted his feelings and dove straight in. From then on their fate was sealed with a sweet little kiss. He loves this boy more than himself. 10/10 boyfriend.


He thinks of him as an older brother and a best friend. As an only child, he loves the idea of having a sibling. He loves his big brother and his baby nieces. He's the brother he's always wanted. He not a lonely boy.


He's never had a dad before! Well dads. He was his support when his mothers died. He takes care of him and he feels very loved. He also loves his pop's croc too, she's a sweetie.


Monocle is Mamacle to him. He's extremely happy that he supports Sneakers and him. He looks up to him and hopes to protect his baby 

Virgin Killer:

He loves his aunty. He gets advice from her and she helps him with school from time to time. She's a good aunt to him and he respects her a bunch.


He doesn't really know him well but will think of him as okay. He gets mad when he makes aunt Virg and Jong upset.


He doesn't know her too well but she seems very nice. The kind lady gave him a dino birb and he is extremely grateful.


He doesn't really know him well but he like his crush so that's a no. He doesn't trust him and he's very afraid of being beaten up by him.

Vampire Collar:

He loves his uncle a lot. He happily calls him his uncle and he doesn't find him scary at all. He often chills on the couch and cuddles between Vampire and Jong.



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