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Established June 1, 2014
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Rant on people who cannot handle their hate
It gets under my FUCKING skin whenever SOMEONE that I DESPISE (or NOW despise) forces ME to like them (or GO BACK liking them).
REALLY now?! That proves they can’t handle their hate or criticism like a goddamn man or woman! 😑 :facepalm:
The worst thing about these people is that a majority of them claim they can handle their hate, yet they actually can’t and will start flame wars and shit with their haters. Seriously?! Flame wars never work, and couldn’t these motherfuckers and hoes just learn to accept their hatred like mature and civilized people and move on from their haters? Apparently not.
Either way, I hope these people will learn to handle their hatred soon.
:iconffs64:FFS64 4 17
Retake of a pic by KirbyFan99 Retake of a pic :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 4 15
A message about the Jaelynn Watterson problem
Since Jaelynn left social media, lot of people are starting to hate her. There are some status posts I wrote to make you understand about the Jaelynn Watterson problem then started to lie by faking her own death. Yeah peeps, again, I will still be Jaelynn's friend but I don't want to see her fake her own death again! Peeps, I know how you'll feel, but let's move on peeps 
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 2 7
Today is my Birthday!!!
I'm now 16!
:iconth3-blue-striker-022:Th3-BluE-STRiKeR-022 3 9
Username Ideas
Based on my poll, I wanted people to give me username suggestions but I will list more usernames suggestions that I would want. However AquaGemPrincess was just my old deviantart username but I actually hated my old username. People will get to choose the following usernames I want
1. SweetRosePrincess
2. TheSuperheroPrincess
3. PinkPrincessGirl
4. Kitty-RosePrincess
5. PrincessHeroGem
6. SweetGemGirl
7. Kitty-McGemGirl
8. PrincessSuperstar
I will change my username in July. Keep in mind that you will still know my name.
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 3 10
Birthday shoutout 1: Th3-BluE-STRiKeR-022
Happy birthday to Th3-BluE-STRiKeR-022! He was a good friend to me. He joined my fan club on Google Plus. Credit to him 
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 1 3
Almir Rants: SweetToadette01 (Jaelynn Watterson)
Okay, where the fuck do I even start?! If you are wondering why I am technically making this rant episode out of this user I had formally befriended, then you will find out in this episode of Almir Rants, so anyways, let's get going to the main topic of this rant:

So, this user right here, which goes by the name of SweetToadette01, is just a hypocrite right here. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and is 16 years old right now. If you haven't noticed about this recent situation that is going on, then Jaelynn had decided it would be okay to pull off a prank by faking her own death by telling everyone she is going to die in a few weeks and also claiming her brother had fed her drugs, when this is just a stupid lie she made up. Jaelynn, didn't you even realize how many people were worried for you?! Do you know how many?!?! You had got over 100 people worried about you Jaelynn, and I can't believe you would pull off a retarded prank
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 10 25
I will start birthday shoutouts!
Guys, I decided that I should do birthday shoutouts. Why? Because some of my friends are doing it. So please tell me your birthday and I will do a birthday shoutout for you. If your birthday is tomorrow, let me know right now!
-Eva :heart:
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 2 3
Guys, I don't want to take about the problem because it will make myself and my friends uncomfortable. According to the status post that Jaelynn post, it made me a little disappointed.  The post made me understand it was fake after someone told me. 
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 1 0
Obvious whiteknight is obvious. (RD) by FFS64 Obvious whiteknight is obvious. (RD) :iconffs64:FFS64 6 2
Summer break! :3
Hey guys! Guess what?!! I’m on summer break! Yeah! I’m happy that I’m on summer break! I will be more active! Just to let know you, I will not be active on Google Plus. 
:iconaquagemprincess:AquaGemPrincess 1 10
Question #1
If you had a tv channel, what would be it's name?
Mine: Sparklestar network
:iconabcfan27:ABCFan27 2 2
Deviants Feature: Thanks for the Faves!!
Thank you all for the faves:
:iconmomo-malt-gern:momo-malt-gern 22 53
Why is the Your Angelica Hate a Thing Again?
The following journal is an editorial.
Sooooo....apparently Your Angelica has returned to YouTube. Yeah, you know....that spambot that most IGUA people couldn’t shut the fuck up about back in 2017. Minutes ago, when I was browsing my YouTube feed, I saw where a couple of people I’m subscribed to bitching about her subbing them. Later on, when I was checking my emails, I saw where YA had subbed me. In my head, I was all like “what the?!”, but you all want to know what I did? I simply just blocked her ass, like these people should do and I am going ignore her ass, also like these people should do.
*sighs* Why can these people NOT just block and ignore obvious spambots like YA, like mature and civilized people, instead of overreact and pitch spastic hissyfits over it? 😑 :facepalm:
I’m fucking done.
:iconffs64:FFS64 4 9
Pride YCH by jadedamrail Pride YCH :iconjadedamrail:jadedamrail 5 3 My note to DeviantCringe by yuettung116 My note to DeviantCringe :iconyuettung116:yuettung116 2 9

Friday, July 14, 2006 started out like every other day with a welcoming message. The weather forecast for that day called for sunny skies, no clouds, and a pleasantly warm day. 9:11 A.M. Eastern Time: In Kickball, I competed against all three members of my own organization and one got mad at me. 11:09 A.M. Eastern Time: In Nuk'em, I repeated the same mistake I suffered even more pain as I thought 9/11 was repeating itself on 7/14. At high noon, I was disturbed and not believing in what had happened. The pain I suffered was similar to the pain Americans had on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. After arriving home from Camp Northvale, I learned that my life was changed forever and I decided to put myself in Quarantine Mode. The purpose of this is to ensure I do not repeat the incidents that day.

My middle school career still went on, but with mental health problems. In one of my soccer practices in seventh grade, I found a big stick that was shaped like a pistol. Upon that moment, I decided to train myself into hand gun gestures for vengeful purposes. On Friday, October 6, 2006, I made the same mistake of not competing against any of my friends in a team competition. At the end of my soccer practice, I was whining with sadness, yelling at myself, and almost cried some tears. Three days later, I decided to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to officially welcome myself into the darkness. The movie that once frightened me had now supported my dark, depressing life. Near the end of my eighth grade, my depression had escalated into thoughts of suicide, which landed me in Summit Oaks Hospital. My stay was originally for Hackensack Hospital, but I was transferred to Summit Oaks in order to receive psychiatric help. After my release, I strived to beat my depression as I had graduated from middle school.

High school was when my depression started to become volatile before gradually dying down. My first two years of high school were supposed to mean hope for ending my depression. However, I repeatedly got sent away from school due to behavioral issues. In the summer of 2010, I had enrolled at Camp Excel to gain confidence in beating my depression. Friday, August 13, 2010 was the climax of my depression because I had succeeded in my efforts to earn all six different awards at Camp Excel. My last two years of school were when I exhibited signs of hope with some new friendships and wonderful achievements during eleventh and twelfth grade. I even began joining some media websites, such as Facebook during the summer.

As I was officially a college student, I started becoming more independent with my choices.  However, my overall Facebook experience started to go wrong. This all began over a post about Hurricane Isaac. About two weeks later, my Facebook experience went haywire when I got jealous over a birthday post. Selfishly, I had reported it as spam, but the writer of the birthday post got mad at me and declared that it was the last straw. After three months of penance, I chose to leave Facebook forever. There were rumors about the end of the world on Friday, December 21, 2012, as depicted in the film 2012. As things turned out, that date was actually the “end of the world” for my depression, thus beginning a recovery that took until Monday, January 11, 2016, when I had my last monthly session with my psychiatrist before graduating about four months later.


OfficerAPC's Profile Picture
United States
Established on June 1, 2014

I have decided to join the UtubeTrollPoliceTeam as OfficerAPC because the Good Citizens Against Evil Clowns got shut down after getting involved in The Amazing Race All-Stars Scandal.

Bragging rights
My birthday badge


As you may know, the free version of Google+ will be inaccessible next year, so you'll have to migrate to some other networking site, depending on your activity on there.
As I was going through my Twitter feed, one of my old friends from high school shared news Hurricane Florence may hit my area as a Category 4 (or 5) Hurricane next week.
About the bruise I got from my platelets donation three days ago, it may be serious enough to force me to retire from giving blood. :(
Now that I finally achieved the DeviantArt 500, I will now take a break from uploading deviations for quite a while.
What's your opinion on Facebook and Twitter nowadays?
When I tried to make a bus run over an aluminum can, the driver got out mad at me and then kicked the aluminum can out of the way before confronting me.
Early on this decade, I stumbled upon a funny Nickelodeon game show called BrainSurge.
What's even more fucked up is self-doxxing after creating a death hoax!
I'm starting to think The Raiding Crew uses unforgivable actions as an excuse to attack people.
Guess what, I am now a quarter of a century old!
I can't believe it's been five years since I joined The Lounge "Moviecodec" Forums.
For breakfast today, I decided to make waffles from scratch the HowToBasic way and it was so delicious!
How can someone wear a bathroom? 😁
Three weeks from today, I will be donating blood for the second time within six months, something I have not done since my sophomore year at college.
To this day, I still have my college notebooks and handouts for all eight semesters, in which I plan on compiling them all into a large binder.
This Tuesday, monetization will be pulled from my YouTube channel because it does not meet the new threshold of 4,000 watching hours within the past 12 months and a total of 1,000 subscribers.
Because I got three big fat F's in chores within the past 7 days, I now have to wear diapers.
I had an awesome day where I not only aced in today's chores, but the successful comeback is significant enough for me to overcome my embarrassing day from August 25, 2015. ☺
For Ash Wednesday next week, I am giving up meat consumption on ALL Fridays for the rest of my life, not just the Lenten Fridays.
Today, I had the WORST Groundhog Day throughout the course of my life.  Drama erupted both in real life and online that not only affected me, but also others as well.


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