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1) Start a new world that you’re willing to mess up.  If you do this right, you’ll destroy one of the world’s movers, and I haven’t figured out how/if you get it back.

2) Hatch a norn and don’t get too attached to it.  Just in case.  If you want to be really lazy, click on the left building on the mountain right above the garden, and Em Foo will drop out of the sky.  Volia: instant test norn!

3) Grab the spinning top toy, the coffee pot, and a few C1 carrots from the garden/house and put them in your inventory.  If you can, put the tester norn in there too.  Otherwise, just wait for step 7.

4) Grab the incubator and scroll on over to the mover/cart between the island and the lighthouse.

5) Drop the incubator (you can put it in that bubble beneath the island, I’ve found, or simply drop it in the ocean for now).  Go into your inventory, grab the coffee pot and the top, and put them both in the cart.

6) Now here’s where there’s some discrepancies between my walkthrough and the “official” walkthrough written nearly a decade ago:
*****a. In the “official” walkthrough, you’re supposed to put a carrot in the incubator and get a norn to pull the carrot as the mover’s passing beneath the sunken Shee Statue.  As I’m doing this by hand… cursor, and I’m unable to pull the carrot, I’ve discovered another way.
*****b. Put the empty incubator in the mover, and when it’s moving, try and drop a C1 carrot into the incubator.  If you did it correctly, the carrot will turn blue, drop out of the incubator, and explode.  THIS CAUSES THE MOVER TO DISAPPEAR, so if you’d like to keep it, I’d save the world beforehand.
**********i. When I did this beneath the Shee Statue, the top and coffee pot seemed to disappear as well, so I tried to do it when the cart was on higher ground (i.e., beneath the lighthouse).

7) Now, grab your norn and put him in the incubator.  Grab the coffee pot and the top, and put them both in the incubator.  The whole rig should vanish, and if the norn you put in there is your selected norn, you’ll be briefly transported to the DS “Hub” screen that you see in the background when you’re loading worlds.  Don’t worry; the incubator transports you back after a few seconds. :)

8) What about the scuba suit you find by the Death Cap Mushroom?  I… haven’t found a use for that yet.  I’ll get back to you. =P

And that’s all I’ve found thus far.
Written by request.

So, you want to know why the C12DS incubator is moveable and why you keep coming up with blue carrots? Look no further, my friend.

(Note: I have no idea if I’ve exhausted all of the potential “tricks” for this easter egg or not, so if you see something updated or altered, it’s because I’ve found something new.)

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I wonder what that wetsuit's for...I mean, it can kep your Norns alive underwater, I think, but besides that...