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Fight or Flight

"With both arms free the Shee shoved the remaining Grendel off and hurried for the door, bag in hand. Not wanting to accidentally Warp one of these beasts back to the Capillata with him, he made for the door and ordered the trio of freed Ettins to run, a command they obeyed with no complaint as he swung the door open. Before he exited, the Lone Shee took a final look at the scene."

I drew this scene from my "Lost Chapter of the Lone Shee Saga: The Cookie Ettins." It's one of my first pieces done on a computer, and so I'm rather proud of it.

Creatures 3, Docking Station, the Lone Shee, and the (Cookie) Ettins are all copyright Gameware Development. The Lone Shee story was written by Frimlin, not me. I only own the plot of this chapter, and I even borrowed some of that.
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Amazing! The Lone Shee is awesome. No question of it.
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Thank you! ^_^ I'm quite fond of the Lone Shee, too (obviously ;P ).
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Yeah cookie ettins are cute.
A shame they arn't downloadable.
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<3 cookie ettins! Long live creatures..!
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Someone really needs to make Cookie Ettins. ^^ Nice picture~
Shaucker's avatar that Creatures? Aw, I loved those games back in the day! I miss the Grendels.
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cool to see another from the cc :)

I remember this pic, i posted a comment on it at albia2000 :giggle:
But i think i can do it here too ^__^

Very cool pic :D

also i have many creature-pics too, it is just searching trough my gallerie and you will find some more, oh and by the way thnx for adding some of my pics to your'e fav :D
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