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Although I am logged into DeviantArt on the Firefox on my tablet, I will still have to do the following pictures before the trip:
Bullet; Blue 5 years in heaven tribute to James Gandolfini 
Bullet; Blue Another picture set of Gregory
Bullet; Blue Balloon of Lunacy thumbnail redraw
Bullet; Blue Another humanised Paddington Bear picture
Bullet; Blue Illustration of one of TomSka's tweets Twitter 
Bullet; Blue MiiTomo tribute
Bullet; Blue Some Green Wings Man pictures
I will be getting a shatterproof case from Argos on the 12th so I won't have to return to Ireland with another broke tablet screen.
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Copied from

A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He will see what’s going on, and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another DeviantART user. (I'm not sure if this is true, but better safe than sorry).

Please do this!!!
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Last night my interest in Minecraft has been renewed thanks to this YouTube video:
I first played it in 2014 thanks to some Downfall Hitler playing Minecraft video but I stopped in July 2016 due to devastating lag on one my worlds that I barely give a hoot about now but I will keep it. I played it on my LG Tablet which is charging as of writing this and If want to know what it looks like, here are the two screenshots that are on here:
Doraemon cameo by OffClaireBlue2001They will never know by OffClaireBlue2001 and there are two screenshots on my Google Plus  (a cringe-worthy page)  from the original gameplay that I will be uploading sometime today. Anyhow that's all I have to say!
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I have decided that after a recent power outage that occurred on 22nd July 2017, I will not log off on the 1st October only to log back in on 1st November to avoid the logged out glitch as the reason my password was told it was incorrect even thought it was correct after the password change was because the password box didn't have the new password in the password box. I will be prepared if it does happen but who knows since other deviants had the same problem. Pixel Art: Pineapple the Budgie 
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Hey guys!
I'm back!:happybounce: I got logged out on Halloween by a glitch and now I am back. However on 1st October I will log out to avoid the glitch and will log back in on 1st November, ok?! :bademoticon: 
Yes, I'm not dead! :bademoticon:
Spread the word, ClaireBlue Is Alive or CBIA!
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New Logo by OffClaireBlue2001
So tomorrow will be one year since the wiki for my book started and I need the fan base to grow because it's just me, my friend Hazel Greene (who isn't on DA yet) and my dad (who also isn't on DA).
I will give you the links to thing related to Green Wings Man, create your characters on Wikia, read the story and follow the tumblr. Also create accounts on the sites if you don't have one on the site or on all three.

We need this story's fan base to grow, bigger than FNAF, bigger than MLP and bigger than Frozen!
If you have Twitter, follow me @ClairebigBlue on Twitter! Read the chapters out on videos! Do it! The links are ready!
NOTE: I usually read my own story from time to time and yes, the typo in the tumblr but I don't want to change it)
If you want to follow my friend on Tumblr, Hazel's Tumblr name is hazelgreeneonline.
EDIT: Hazel closed her Tumblr but she is on Twitter

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It would be great if some did a comic on my two Rick and Morty pictures:
An actual Tiny Rick (Rick shrinks) by OffClaireBlue2001

Rick Shrinkchez: revenge on Morty by OffClaireBlue2001
I need to see the shrink/growth scenes so no Mature Content on them, keep them G even though RAM is on [adult swim]. Also credit me for the original pictures and Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for the characters.
Also my godmother got me the Back To The Future Trilogy (with a bonus disk) for Christmas. You should've seen my reaction when I saw the logo.
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Finally! My dad stopped playing Juice Jam and has removed it from his device!
He's out of the vat (get the reference. Hint "Tiny Rick!")
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  • Listening to: My heart will go on
  • Watching: 3e
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Good News Doraemon fans! Our favourite robot cat is coming to Boomerang UK and Ireland! YIPEE!
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I can't believe it....
Kids of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s....James Horner has passed away in a plane crash.…
I am away in Paris without a laptop so I might read to hand draw the tribute

James Horner 1953-2015
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Hey everyone. I am now on my summer holidays and I became a fan of Doraemon. He is so cute that a tsunami would be afraid of coming to Asia again.
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I'm back,
Sorry for the hiatus it was because the settings scared me and I am permanent on Deviant art and other sites.
 Signature Comments are too mainstream so I will be a rare exception and th e other stuff I didn't care and like even though I only went into the first page twice and I will never go into the setting of my accounts ever again! NONE!
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I started a blog. I will do a blog everyday or so. Also I'm sick, so not a lot of deviations this week. Sorry. My mind is also sick as well.
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So today, I have been on DevaintART for a month and Today is the 26th anniversary of Lucille Ball's death.
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The reason why I am always logged in 24/7 is  to avoid a log in glitch that is being fixed. I will never log out!
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I remember Widows XP.
It was a fun ride and I had to go to school to see it because I had Windows 98 at home and my dad never bought Windows 2000 or XPIt's snowing. . I remember my primary school used Windows XP Yay! Eddsworld by JaxAttaz. When we
Started the computers in the computer room: DO-D EH-DO-DEHDO.
During the sessions: DONK! DIRR! DING! DA-UNK!
Shutting the computers down: DO-DO-DO-DO!
It helped me with Aspie needs as well and I was 7 when someone diagnose me with Asperger's Syndrome and I didn't find that out until January 2015 but back to Windows XP. Ms. Ryan knew about how to work the programs on the projection on the wall. During my experience with t, I played, Reading Rainbow, Zebran, Letterland and later Junior Science, Know your Ireland and Know your Europe. I also did a concept of Green Wings Man on it but back then, he was a teen-superhero. I printed it out as well and sometime, I will upload a picture of him. I have Vista computer, a 7 laptop and this one I have which is Windows 8.
When I heard that Bill Gates and the Microsoft team were discontinuing XP, I was shocked Eddsworld Tom by JaxAttazmy paint mentor, my Office mentor was going to retire Freddy's Nope Chat Icon by gold94chica! I told one of the resource teachers and I hope they told Ms. Ryan about it in yes, since after 8th April, she somehow got the computers with XP in the computer room to run like what they did. i left Sacred Heart on Tom Ska's 24th birthday and that was the last time I said goodbye to Windows XP.

Rest in Peace Windows XP...
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Write your lyrics for each character in this based on their most popular song. I highly suggest you listen to their songs before coming up with the lyrics
Once I pick the best lyrics from the comments, they will be added under the females' name and the film's song.
What if by OffClaireBlue2001

Another suggestion, go to… and read the comments to get ideas as well.
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Uh Wow by OffClaireBlue2001
I don't care about using the Video Editor anymore!Rage 
I will use Kevin McLeod music, my Windows 7 laptop's Movie Maker.Deviator  I'm in ur post! Shakin mah fish! 
So go ahead I will make replacements YouTubeArgh! Stupid writer's block. I have a frequently asked question! 
I removed about 4 of my videos. Happy?Sweating a little... Little Worker 
If you need moreCough , take all the time you need!Okay... Moving on now...
- ClaireBlue
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Bullet; Blue YouTube -  Did you mean: Darude - Sandstorm by Darude
Bullet; Blue Google Maps - Pacman Maze
Bullet; Blue PRANK: Disney buys Star Trek

4 more hours until it's 2nd April 2015 in my regionSt. Patricks Day! .Mwahahahahahahaha! 
They were fun but now it's tiring..frustrated Bump 
Sorry if I hurt your feelingsI've got too much work to do. . I can't take it..:-X (Mad)

- ClaireBlue