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Armborough was a fairy tale town that stood on the site Felicity for years. It had winged pixies that brought the seasons to the town. Everything was just rosy until 1926 when a bad pixie ruined the Spring supplies causing Mother Nature to kill the pixies off and a 13 year long winter in Armborough. For 13 years, the castle fell, a few buildings fell and some people were buried in the river bed that wasn't affected at all.


Then in February 1939, an old scientist and inventor named Dr Charles Grove began testing robotic parts on humans with galvanized metal, salt water, a substance that would harden and become real skin with a widowed farmer named Fredrick Hopper, who became the first Irish Cyborg and he called himself Harris Hopper. He also gave Harris a snow melter, the Snow Melter acted and looked like a fire extinguisher only stronger. It gave out blue soapy water substance that melts ice and snow except in the Polar icecaps in which it does the opposite. When he saw that his new being was working, Dr Charles Grove summoned his friends to become half human-half robots. These four friends were Clapton Cherub, Michaela Rogers, Daniel Burren and Jordan Kean.  They helped to create a new town called Felicity and soon began spreading their ways from then on. 


They were called Irish Cyborgs after the coining of the term cyborg by Nathan S Kline and Manfred Clynes because of a mix up with the robotic type of cyborgs and then in 1962, the first Irish Cyborg Centre in Gailotown (gale-o-town) was opened. Sadly Harris died in 1959 so he was interred in the cemetery across from the centre, Son to Father Cemetery along with Dr Charles Grove who died 19 years prior to Harris. Jordan was next in 1966, followed by Daniel in 1984 and Clapton in 1998. Since then over 1000 people became Irish Cyborgs and the same amount for Irish Cyborgs births.


Now, they are making their way to Felicity to create a capital for Irish Cyborgs and a new generation...


The prolouge to my Wattpad story for those who don't have a Wattpad
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March 29, 2016
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