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As you’ve probably noticed, during the last few months "off-White" updates were rather slow. Creating a free high-quality comic takes a lot of time and energy that we unfortunately had to put into our jobs and school. After a very long time and numerous discussions we’ve finally decided that maybe Patreon isn’t such a bad idea. After all even a few dollars per page will allow at least one of us to work a bit less over-time and concentrate on creating the comic!

You, our fabulous readers are what keep this project alive. Without your views, words of encouragement and helpful critiques we’d probably have abandoned the comic a long time ago. With pledges from you, we’ll be able to dedicate more time to the production of Off-White. There will be rewards for our patrons, too! We have a lot of sneak peeks and goodies to give to those of you who pledge!

Don’t worry – the comic is still 100% free to read for everyone and always will be. Think of our patreon as a tip jar for the artists.

Thank you very much for your support guys! You’re doing a great job on keeping us motivated and we hope to deliver you best content possible. :)


Hello dear readers, it’s been a while!

We are happy to announce we are ready to get back to posting Off-white.

First things, first: you may wonder what happened to us. The answer is overwhelmingly simple – we were just insanely busy with work. We really do enjoy working on this comic but it’s not the only thing we have going on right now.
That’s why this white wolf:

had to temporarily take a back seat and let this white wolf get a bit more of our attention:

Both Ann and Kate worked on Witcher 3 and The Witcher Battle Arena as illustrators and concept artists, so hopefully you got to see some of the work we did there!

So yeah, after the hiatus we finally managed to catch up a bit with the comic. We even have a few pages ready in advance to ensure more regular updates.

Another thing you might have noticed is the fact that we’ve finally updated our website. It’s been a long time since we’ve refreshed the coding of the page. Hopefully everything will run smoother now.
Unfortunately due to the new architecture of the website all the old comments had to go (sorry, we really did try to move them!). We also got rid of the forum and the cast page. The former, as we warned in previous updates, is gone forever. The latter needs some refreshing and will be back… soon-ish. If you find any bugs or broken links, please let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the new page, the new website and please, don’t kill us.
Hello everyone!
It's been a while since we wrote anything personal here, but today is important to us and we'd like to share with you some very good news!

We've been working on Off-White for almost 6 years now. During this time our lives gradually changed, and we've acquired new responsibilities. Ann is busy with creating a museum design for her major degree in architecture, and Kate works full time on the newest Witcher game. With all that keeping up with a regular update schedule became more and more challenging. Because we are still very committed to this project, we felt that we've been letting our readers down lately. We've decided it's time to make some changes. To keep the updates regular we've invited a new member to our team! Today we welcome Jessi as our new artist and writer!
Here's a few words from her:

Hey Off-White readers!

You’ve probably seen me around, especially in the comment section for the past couple of years. And for some of you more experienced, long-time readers, you’ve seen me in both of the Off-White forums as both user and Global Mod. I’ve been reading Off-White since 2009 and not only have I forged a strong friendship with Kate and Ann, but I’ve met plenty of wonderful (sometimes hilarious) fellow fans that have also become dear friends of mine. This comic and this community have been a pretty important part of my life, and even though I may not participate very often as of late, I still check the site at least once a day to see what’s going on.

And with that, it’s a huge honor to be brought aboard the Off-White team! Kate and Ann have been long time role models of mine. They’ve offered critique, advice, and even taught me all sorts of things to better myself artistically, and I feel like I can finally repay them for all the headaches I’ve caused them! I feel like they’ve awarded me with a new way to better myself by allowing me to work on this project with them, and I hope to do all of y’all proud.
Happy reading, everyone!

- Jessi

With this change we hope to no longer have problems with hiatuses while one of us has to take a break from Off-White either because of work or private reasons. Give Jessi a warm welcome and visit her deviantart [link] and twitter [link], while we work on a new page of the comic!

:iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei: :iconjessi-mei:
It's back!

We're happy to say that our forum is again up and going. This time on a much more stable and what's more important - our own.
For those who remember the old forum, we've got good news! This time we've opened not only a O-W role-playing section but also a free-style one for all the random creativity!

Hope that you'll join us!
OFF-WHITE web page just got a facelift! Check it out!

What's more, now beside our Twitter , you can also follow us on Facebook…

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