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Hi everyone.
It’s been a while but we are finally in a position to share with you our plans regarding Off-White and us creating comics in general.

The last few months were filled for us with exceptional amount of work. This also gave us the opportunity to look at the project objectively. The truth we all realise is that Off-White has not been going well for the last two years. The updates were infrequent and updating the old pages killed the flow of the story, especially for the newcomers.
We started the comic fresh out of high school; didn’t have any experience when it comes to writing stories; and very little background when it comes to digital art. Since then the comic has been going for almost 9 years. It seems like a lifetime of experience and knowledge. We are not the same artist we have been a decade ago. It is very frustrating to work against the incompetence of your past self. With that in mind continuing the story with the lack of proper set up we currently have in Volume One is very hard. Even with very conservative estimates we would have to redo around 100 pages for the story to make sense. It is a daunting task.
On top of that a month ago, we had a failure of our main backup repository of pages. A big chunk of the redone pages has been lost or corrupted. Which sets us back even further.

If we had the same amount of spare time as we did when starting the comic getting it back on track would still be a huge task, but not an impossible one. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We all have successful and highly engaging careers that we wish to pursue.

This brings us to the unavoidable conclusion – it’s time to put Off-White on an indefinite hiatus. We know it comes as a big let down for many of you, especially those who have been with us from the beginning. We have always appreciated your interest and involvement in the comic. It was the single thing that kept us going for this long. Thank you.

We love comics as a medium. We will definitely continue creating but it will take some time to work out a format that works best for us. Thank you once again for all the time you spent with us, all the comments and fan arts. Here are some Q&A you might find relevant.

1. How does the story end? Will you write a summary of the Volume 2?
No. Off-White is on indefinite hiatus – not canceled. One day we might figure out a way to continue the story, and revise it or reboot it in a different form.

2. What will happen with your Patreon?
We are going to close it. It will stay up for the next two weeks to allow the Patreons to download all content.

3.What will happen to the website?
We are planning to keep it up as long as possible. The comment section will be shut down.

4. What will happen to all the related social media?
All the available content will remain. There are just not going to be any updates in the foreseeable future.

5.Can I continue the story for you?
We would kindly ask you not to. As stated before we are keeping our options open in case we want to continue the comic in the future.

6.Will you print the Volume One it the current state?
No, the Volume One is a mess and not a thing we can be proud of so we won’t invest in printing it, sorry.

Thanks and hopefully see you again soon!
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twinelf Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Missing this comic, thanks for the memories!
KarosArt Featured By Owner May 8, 2022
I have a question about the free icons from the off-white comic. I used them for years as my avatar on different websites. Now there is a person who says that I either have to delete the avatar or copyright the original artist?

Does somebody know if I can use the icons as my avatar on websites or if I have to copyright the artist? I always tought that I can use such freebies in the Internet without a problem..
Username-91 Featured By Owner May 29, 2022  Hobbyist Photographer
The person is trolling you! The author allows using her art as long as you are not claiming it as your own. I cannot find her list of frequently asked queries because this botched update hid everything. It made the website useless!
PennsyltuckyXTimes Featured By Owner May 8, 2022
You don’t need to have the copyright to use a picture as an avatar.

You just can’t claim it’s your art or profit from it.
KarosArt Featured By Owner May 9, 2022
Thank you!
To anyone who see's this.     

Am wondering if anyone might have the spell gif in some kind of form, would like for it to be added to the archive site if possible.

I was looking for the gif link on the comic page's here on Deviantart just to check to see if the link is indeed bad.  
I obviously found the link and the link is indeed bad.

Would really really really hate it if this would be lost forever, the animation was good.   At least I thought so.    
GreyWolf105 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2023
Thank you so much!!! i never knew this site existed, ive been a follower of this comic for years, and was heartbroken when the main site with the comic and all the art was put up for sale
spyrofuckingcynder Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2023
You're welcome.   ^^  

As far as I know the comic and art weren't put up for sale.    

Where did you hear that, am curious.   
PennsyltuckyXTimes Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2022
I still come here every now and then, just for the memories. This was the first webcomic I really got into, and I made lots of friends and memories in the old forums and disqus comments section. 

Off-White truly was special.
spyrofuckingcynder Featured By Owner May 3, 2022
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