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ODFS Inferno

Name: ODFS Inferno
Stable Name: Inferno
Age: Deceased at 45
Gender: Mare
Height: 16 hands

-------------------------------------------------------------------SSS' S: None
------------------------------------------ SSS: Depression
-------------------------------------------------------------------SSS' D: None
----------------- SS: Freak
--------------------------------------------------------------------SSD' S: WPS Dreamweaver
------------------------------------------ SSD: DLS Timeless
--------------------------------------------------------------------SSD' D: DLS Snow
Sire: Bezaleel
--------------------------------------------------------------------SDS' S: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Predator
--------------------------------------------------------------------SDS' D: Unknown
----------------- SD: Indemoniato
--------------------------------------------------------------------SDD' S: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: I Have No Name (Papillon Noir)
--------------------------------------------------------------------SDD' D: Unknown

Dam: ODFS Hellfire

Sire: Bezaleel
Dam: Hellfire
Breed: BL Harlequine partbred (Akhal-TekeXArabianXEridanus build)
Stable Ranking: Elites Class

Character: Inferno is a bold mare, vivid, fiery, and confident. She doesn't let anything anyone says get to her, and always is the better person in a scuffle, because she has strong morals and virtue, and is very wise, almost beyond her years. Her part-nightmare blood is to her advantage, because she will live a long time. Seems to have a vagueish ability to read minds.
Talents/Discipline: Dressage

Passable Traits: BL Harlequine—50% chance of throwing Harlequine coat with a normal horse, unless bred to BL or CL. May pass on her minor telepathic abilities.

Owner: Lady Darkness
Stables: Of Darkest Fantasies Stables

Breeding Status: Closed
-:bulletblue: ODFS All Fear the Freak

-:bulletblue: ODFS Be'alzevub
-:bulletwhite: Unamed foal (Freak X Sally's Puppet) owned by ~kindstar1
-:bulletwhite: Unamed foal (Freak X ???) owned by =GettingOverOctober
-:bulletwhite: Unnamed foal (Freak X Zillah) owned by =xXDark-DescentxX
-:bulletblue: ODFS Calcipher (Freak X Evey's Vendetta)
-:bulletblue: NH The Flame of Freak (Freak X Grothyle)

-:bulletblue: ODFS Lord Lucifer
-:bulletwhite: Unborn foal (Be'alzevub X Keeba)

Great-great grandoffspring:
-:bulletblue: ODFS Grievous Shakar (Lucifer X Sanar)
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Nov 25, 2012, 3:33:20 PM
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Ah, there you are, Inferno. I needed your ref. D:

Finally sat down and redrew Everything's Eventual. Just not sure how to specify her breed?
OfDarkestFantasies's avatar
Derrr....The Harlequine is unimportant and kind of pointless now, so I'd call Eventual an Ice Demon X Akhal Teke-Arabian partbred.
MistingWolf's avatar
Gotcha! :D

Why pointless? Did the breed die out?
OfDarkestFantasies's avatar
No, the breed is very much alive, but it's gotten a lot of new rules and a lot of horses are no longer recognized as Harlequines, such as Inferno.
MistingWolf's avatar
Oh, I see. Good to hear from ya! Hope all is well!
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
MistingWolf's avatar
Wow, Freak really gets around, doesn't he? XD
OfDarkestFantasies's avatar
Hehehe, yes, I suppose so. :)
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