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Hey everyone! :)

Work has kept me quite busy the past few months. But I am ready to get back into my artistic saddle and I've started by re-vamping my Patreon to be less focused on the comic and more focused on my artwork in general. I want to offer fans or potential fans a way to interact with me and my art in a meaningful way, and Patreon is perfect for that.

Please check out my new Patreon page and all the stuff I wanna offer my supporters! One day I would love to do art full time and Patreon helps many artists do that. Even $1 a month goes a LONG way!

I would love any kinds of feedback on what YOU would like to see on my Patreon, something that would be a good incentive to support an artist for YOU. <3

Happy October, lovelies! :) Get ready for more art very soon!

-- Dani

Happy Wednesday and update day everyone!

I am happy to announce that The Dream Argument has recently partnered with a publisher, Under Belly Comics! This could mean really big things for the comic, including potential printing of the comic in graphic novel form when I have enough chapters complete! WOW!


With a bigger audience and more support I can release the comic faster both online AND off, that means more updates for everyone reading the comic, more comic-related artwork and just generally more awesome stuff for all of y’all awesome readers.

If you’d like to help support, even just $1 can go a long way. :) You can get sneak peaks of comic pages early, free monthly wallpaper downloads, and with a big enough donation, a cameo in the comic. Cool right? If that sounds like something you wanna do, clickity-click the Patreon Support button on the website:! The more supporters I have, the more awesome stuff I can do for my readers (ie: YOU!)

But for now, I am really just happy to have readers! Thank you for reading!

-- Dani

Hey everyone!!

I've been working really hard the past few months fixing the new website, updating content, and prepping chapter 2 PROPERLY to avoid any lengthy hiatuses, missed updates and other such annoying things. I've drawn a significant buffer of comics (10 weeks total!) SO THE TIME IS NIGH.

YES, April 1st The Dream Argument WILL be updating again! (YAY)

Be sure to check out the website in the meantime, it's finally getting pretty!

And as always, if you'd like to see the updates FIRST and get other sweet goodies, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter! With more supporters I'll be able to do things like Livestreams, tutorials and who knows what else?

Support The Dream Argument

Much love, fellow DAers and loyal watchers! <3

-- Dani
Hi everyone! :)

So The Dream Argument has been on hiatus for what I feel has been too long! I have so many awesome plans for the comic that I can't let them go to waste. But, so much of my time lately has had to go towards (paid) commissions. 

However, someone has brought my attention to Patreon! 

Patreon is this lovely little site that lets you donate on a per-content basis towards art, videos, music, etc. that you would like to see more of! So basically, you set an amount you'd like to donate per-comic, set a limit for the month, and away we go! If I make no updates that month, it doesn't cost you a dime, if I make more updates that month than you can possibly afford, Patreon never goes over your set limit! As a bonus, I get a steady stream of income that allows me to devote more time to making The Dream Argument become a reality and YOU get regular updates (and other cool perks!).

The comic itself will ALWAYS be free to view for everyone; but as a contributor you will get sneak-peaks of the comic in it's 'work in progress' stage, and also see the finished comic a day before it hits the main page. There are other cool perks too, but you can read about them at my Patreon page:

If you aren't aware of The Dream Argument at all... well, you can read what I have so far here: the-dream-argument.the-comic.o…

Even if you can't contribute (times are tough, sigh), I am always appreciative of people reading and sharing both the comic and my Patreon page! Seriously, even just a signal boost would be amazing. Help me make my dream of making comics come true, just $1 at a time!

Cheers, fellow DAers. :)

-- Dani
I just noticed I've rolled over to TEN THOUSAND pageviews!! Thanks so much everyone for visiting, watching, and favouriting my work. It really means a lot to me. :) I try and thank each fav and watch,  but it's getting harder to keep up with every day! You guys are all awesome really.

I will have to do some kinda thank-you art soon! Any requests? ;D
Hey all!

It's about dang time I updated my Society6 account. I've had SUCH good feedback on my Bad Wolf piece and demand for prints that you can now find it in my Society6 shop for purchase. :) If you buy right now, I've got a promo link below that will give you FREE shipping!

My shop is a little bare right now, but if there's anything you like in my gallery, keep an eye out because I'll be adding more to my shop over the next few days!


-- Dani
Hi all!

My apologies for lack of updates lately. I had a death in the family and my cat has been very unwell for several weeks now. We finally know what the root of the issue is and it turns out she has 7 (!!!) very large stones in her bladder that need to be removed. She went in for surgery this morning and will be staying overnight until tomorrow.

The good news is this type of surgery has a high success rate and she should be back to herself in a few days to a week; the bad news is the surgery is very expensive and it's taking up just about all of my savings for moving into my new house in two weeks. But I love the heck out of my cat so there was no question that I was going to do it to help her, and I'll just have to work my butt off to make some of that money back. So I am opening myself up for taking commissions. I'll give a simple breakdown below, but PLEASE feel free to PM me if you have an idea you want and it doesn't quite fit in with what you see here. :)

Simple black and white portrait sketch: $20
Simple black and white full bodied pose: $30
Full colour portrait (anime/cartoon style): $40
Full colour full body pose (anime/cartoon style): $50
Full colour portrait (more realistic, no lines): $80
Full colour full body pose (more realistic, no lines): $100

These are all basic with a simple shaded background; background details or additional characters would cost a bit more due to needing more time to do them. Please message me if you would like a more specific quote to what you want. :) I will be opening 10 slots, just to keep things manageable. All commissions require a deposit of half before I will start the commission, the other half to be paid upon completion of the artwork. 

If you for some reason are just a really cool person who loves cats and wants to donate some funds towards my sweet Okage's surgery, I've included a donation link below. If you just happen to be that awesome, include a link to a picture of you and I will draw you as a background character in one of my comic's pages. <3
Thanks all. :) 

Hey everyone! 

Sorry it was so long between pages. I'm in the process of buying a house and it has been a *lot* more work than I expected, so it's been eating up all the spare time I usually use for art. Anyway, I am hoping to be back on track now. Enjoy the new page. :)

-- D
Hey everyone!

I put two new pages up tonight at The Dream Argument website. 

Check 'em out! :) 

Hey all!

I have finally got my comic up on an actual page, so I will keep comic pages here, but for future updates, please mosey on over to the-dream-argument.the-comic.o…

If I start getting a lot of traffic to the page, I am definitely going to work on a more regular schedule. :) So far on a good day I can pump out 2-3 pages, so I may be able to swing 2-3 updates a week, eventually. Until then, I would ADORE you if you spread the word about my new comic. I am hoping to have a full chapter up by the end of this year.

Much love!

-- Dani
So some of you may have noticed a few comic pages go up last week. Exciting!! The Dream Argument is finally happening!

I'm going to be working on more this weekend, just to give a little more of a 'sneak peak'. :) After that I will be working on the comic, but I may not be putting pages up anymore since I will want to start working up a 'buffer' for when the comic goes live. BUT, you can expect other fun things like: Character concepts, panel previews, and general illustrations for the comic and maybe even some text-based bios for each of the characters in the story. Plus when I get a website to host the comic, you will obviously be able to read that also. 

Expect more exciting updates to come!

Cheers. <3 
Hey everyone!

If you care to check it out, I have a Society6 account! :) You can but prints of my work there, as well as other fun things like throw pillows and iPhone cases and T-Shirts!

You can find it here:

Happy shopping! It's a great site and there are a lot of great artists!

-- D

Thanks to a very helpful tip on my wall, there's been a huge increase in traffic to my DA page! Thanks to everyone who's stopping by, commenting and thanks especially to those who are favouriting pieces and adding me to their +watch lists! This community is awesome.

Things have slowed down this week, simply because I've been exhausted due to a few days of terrible insomnia (not usual for me) and because the roller derby season has started back up for me. So there may not be as many pieces finished during the week, but I still have lots of ideas in the works. I know just doing the League of Legends Digi-Art Throw Down contest REALLY helped me to learn a lot, so it's worth it, even if I don't win! There are some pretty fantastic entries so far, so it's going to be a really close race, I think.

The next little while I think I'm going to be doing a lot of experimenting. I really need to practice light and colour and itty-bitty details, so that might not result in a heck of a lot of finished pieces up here, but feel free to check out my Tumblr, because I will be putting sketches and studies up there as well. :)

Anyways, thanks again for so much traffic! I <3 DA.

-- Dani
So I recently invested in something huge for my artistic future, a Cintiq 22HD tablet.

It's nothing short of *amazing*. I know there are a lot of people who have had nitpicky problems with it (particularly with the anti-glare surface),  but I am loving every part of it. It just streamlines my whole digital process and allows for me to work so much more quickly and naturally. Someday I will program all the awesome quick-keys it has, and make even better use of all it's awesomeness.

In any case, you may notice a lot more art popping up in my gallery as a result. :) I'm working on practicing and producing something every day, and though not everything will be polished enough for me to post it here, I will be posting even just sketches on my tumblr: So feel free to follow along there as well!

Basically I made this huge investment because I am going to be working towards pursuing art/illustration as a professional, even just part-time, but full-time if I can. This could take years, it could be difficult, and I am okay with that. I'm really just happy to be so productive with my artistic muscles again.

<3 to you DAers. :)
Just popping in to say, THANK YOU for 6000 views on my profile.

It probably isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things on Deviantart, but every little bit counts and I appreciate each and every one of your views, comments and favourites. Keep the love coming, DAers! <3

On that note, maybe a celebratory piece of artwork is in order!
Just wanted to give a shout-out to all the people making it over here from League of Legend's Facebook page! HELLO and thanks for visiting. :D I am so flustered that Riot chose to feature my art on their page, it's really, really awesome!

Hope I see some of you in Summoner's Rift. :3

Captain Teemo, on duty!

-- Dani (OfRedAndBlue on League of Legends)
Things are going swimmingly!

I worked on a commission this weekend, got the composition approved and laid down some very basic colour. Turns out I have to paint animals differently than I would other things, because an outline when there's so much curly fur just doesn't seem to jam with my digital style. But it's going to look painterly and hopefully awesome. I may lay down some more colour this week.

Yesterday I put together some playing card layouts for a board game I am helping to put into production. We're spiffing it up to look professional and to be feasible to make efficiently and within a reasonable price. The cards look nice, but I am waiting on approval from the genius orchestrating the whole project; I am hoping he likes what he sees. After that it's just a matter of creating the different images for each card and inputting the text, which is half fun and half tedious.

According to my schedule, tonight I should work on The Dream Argument stuff, which I have actually been looking forward to doing. I really want to get some solid character sketches done. I have been thinking of the need for more defined styles in each of the characters; what they wear, how they look, what makes them unique. Obviously, I have a rough idea, but I would really like a good basis of HEY these are what these characters are like, and it shines through in how they look, how they emote, what they wear. Plus it just makes for more consistency when it comes to drawing the comic.

And it's nice for people to get acquainted to them, hopefully making them interested in reading the story!

I submitted my work to Jacqueline Carey, an amazing author of one of my favourite book series ever, for a new book she is working on. Although she said that my style was not what she was looking for (I had suspected as much, but it doesn't hurt to try!) she enjoyed my work. It was the nicest rejection ever, and I felt motivated by it, rather than defeated.

I know my style and my work is not yet near what I could be or what I want it to be, but the more I do, the better I will get. Artists get better all the time the more they produce, and that will happen for me also.

I am just so glad it's such a big part of my life again. :)
Hey all!

So productivity art-wise has been good. Two full colour, rather detailed pieces over the last few weeks has really boosted my confidence as an artist, and kept my motivations high. Suddenly, I have a lot of projects, too!

Things I'll be working on over the next month or two:

- Commissions (I have one set one, two possibilities)
- Stratos: I am helping design the cards for a board game developed by a friend of mine!
- The Dream Argument: my comic, which I am finally feeling strong enough in my style to start really getting ready to draw it. I am going to start with the characters, who have all had name changes since the last time I put anything up. Hopefully a few sneak-peaks of comic pages as well. :)

So I've laid out a weekly schedule for myself to hopefully get all this stuff moving. Commissions I'll post up once they are approved and safely delivered to the clients, but I will try to post Stratos stuff and comic stuff as it is finished.

PS - thanks so much for all the comments and favs lately, you guys rock! <3

-- D
Hi guys!

So I've been re-arranging how I do things in my life and I am making a conscious effort to bring more of my artwork to life. The biggest step has been eliminating time-vampires from my free time; namely video games and the internet. I work on a computer most of the day anyway, so there's really no reason for me to be on it at home so much (except to paint artwork of course!)

The last piece (my Korra fanart) has really re-inspired me in a lot of ways. I've felt so out of practice the last few years that I know I avoid drawing as much as I want to because I know I used to be far more skilled. My anatomy was better, my style was more consistent, my drawings were more interesting, detailed and dynamic. I know, logically, that I still can be. It just takes practice; it is just a muscle that has atrophied from lack of use. I just need to exercise it again. So hopefully, these changes in my life will continue to motivate me. I certainly finished the Korra piece faster than I have finished something in a lot time. AND I was EXCITED to do it.

So this is wonderful news, hopefully, to a more active deviantart. :)

I am slowly re-working a lot of 'The Dream Argument' as well. I really want to pin down the look and feel of each character; some of you who have followed me for a while may notice that the names have changed. This is a personal preference, because the original names were names of real people, and I needed to step away from that in order to write the story properly. But they are all still recognizable, I promise!

I have a decent chunk of the first chapter sketched out, so hopefully I can ink a few of those and post them up here as teasers. ;)

Thanks as always for watching and reading. <3
Hey guys!

Just letting you know that due to a very unfortunate incident at work, I needed to leave my job rather abruptly. As a result, I am job hunting but in the meantime, I would like to open myself up for commissions. :) I can give you a rough estimate of pricing here, but for a more accurate quote, you can leave a comment with a description of what you want or private message me.

Simple Sketch: pencil, one character, portrait-style: $20.00 (additional characters $5.00)
Simple Sketch: pencil, one character, full-body: $25.00 (additional characters, $10.00)

Inked Drawings: pen, one character, portrait: $30.00 (additional characters $10.00)
Inked Drawings: pen, one character, full-body: $35.00 (additional characters $10.00)

Full colour: digital painting, one character, portrait: $50.00 (additional characters $15.00)
Full colour: digital painting, one character, full body: $60.00 (additional characters $15.00)

Background elements and such may also change the price. I also offer graphic design work; business cards, brochures, websites, advertisements, logos, etc. So if art isn't what you are looking for, I may still be able to offer you something. :)

I will open up 10 slots for commissions.

Thanks everyone. :)

-- Dani