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This is my first contest so prepare your pencils and pens. it is not just about drawing, but also about writing! The pirate chicks contest. and here are the details. read well since the rules have to be respected in your entries.
this contest has 3 categories:
a- Illustration:3
you can draw an illustration of any of the characters (1 or more) doing something. Photography or Photomanipulations are also allowed. make it hilarious and funny. your illustration has to have an idea, not just a simple pose.

b- Comic strip:
Here you can make a 1 page comic strip. you have to include at least 1 of the reference characters. you can add other characters of your choice if you like. there is no limit in the number of panels. the story has to be something funny. here, the story and idea are important.

c- Comic strip 2:
Writers also can participate in the contest. you can write a comic strip description (panel by panel) no limit in the number of panels. and also you have to include at least 1 of the reference characters. the story has to be funny and humorous.

-Entries can be of any media, colored or black and white.
-If you are interested to enter the contest, you can send me a note (even before you prepare your artwork) and I will add your name to the list of people who enter the contest. once you upload your submission, I will add a preview.
-All entries must obey all of DeviantART policies to the letter! no porn or ultra violence
-You can enter as many times as you like
-The work must be 100% completed by YOU
-upload the artwork to your gallery and send a note to me with the subject "Contest Entry" with a link to your submission. remember to specify which category are you entering.
-You have to include in the description of your deviation that it is for the contest and add a link to this contest page.
-You can submit up to three entries.
- you may use your characters, but the main character in the artwork has to be from the reference characters.
-you can not win more than 1 time.
-Ecchi is acceptable. but no weird things pls.
-if you are not sure about something, contact me via notes or via MSN.
-I'd like to see quality work. I mean, not something done in 15 minutes. but something I can feel your effort from it.

I have 2 ways for judging
- I choose a winners from each category.
- My watchers choose the winners in a poll.

I will give prize to the winners I chose and those chosen in the poll.
so it will be 2 winners in each category.
the winners will receive 1 full color (up to 2 characters) artwork from me + a feature for 1 month.

and one winner for the very special artwork (it has to be special) 1 full color (2 character) artwork from me + a feature for 1 month

the 3 first from each category will be featured for 2 weeks.

the winner of the writing (category 3) will have his comic strip drawn by me with full credit to the writer. and maybe partnership in the webcomic.

by the end of the year, if I see so many entries, I will consider giving more prizes (for example, second and third places, in each category will receive artworks) or adding more prizes (more artworks to each winner / subscriptions...)

if you like to donate some prizes to the winners (artworks, subs...), feel free to contact me via note.

the first person who submits his artwork for the contest will get 1 free clean sketch from me.

deadline of the contest will be january 15th 2009
this may change.

:thumb105085110: :thumb105085163: :thumb105085212:
more references will be added soon...

The Most important thing is... have FUN. and good luck to everybody :clap: I hope to see some good artworks here...

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