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Undertale Anniversary Special - The End

Here it is my special Undertale Anniversary Illustration and at the same time the punishment illustration I was required to do for loosing my last streaming bet!

It was about time! 
But here it is, a True Pacifist Run ending, but with a little plus in it. 

Enjoy my little flowers!!!
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Bought it, put it in a frame, hung on my wall, and I LOVE it!

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ohhh I am really happy it look good on your wall

Is there a way I can get the full resolution of this? I wanna use it as a wallpaper

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you can buy it and download it :)

Oh cool thx.

I don't use Deviantart a lot. Found the shop tab tho.

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Did you get it? if not I can offer you another way

I dont really have a way to print a good poster so I passed

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you said you wanted it for wallpaper on you computer. Download the digital version.

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"And now, with the dread and uncertainty they felt before long dead, the monsters can now prepare for whatever the future has in store..."
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Wow this looks great! Mind if I use it for a youtube video? I'll credit you of course Meow :3
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what type of video?
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A theory about why the save menu says“ LV 0” before the first save and if Frisk killed their parents
Yeah that's creepy, I know.
I want to use it as a background for the moment I'll talk about why Frisk can stay with Toriel, because they're supposed to have a family, right?
So, I can?
(Btw I'm French, so sorry for my bad English)
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Yeah sure go ahead
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wow this is STUNNING.... Alphys and Undyne taking a selfie (the light on them!) - Asgore's long flowing hair... Papyrus being totally rude and leaning on his bro's head (lol what a doof) and then the town in the distance has so much detail... really... truly amazing, the light and shadows in this make it one of my TOP faved fanarts I think.

sometimes you just come across something that is UNTOUCHED by the fandom's influence - some real fanart of the CANON GAME - and it is just PERFECT.
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The most beautiful scene :3
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so... Chara is there... but what about Asriel and Gaster?
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Chara is the only on confirmed to have made it out
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ah, i see. it's cuz they're stuck with frisk, so they have to follow them even beyond the underground, unlike Asriel or Gaster.
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Well it is not that they are stuck or forced to follow them, it is Frisk that is stuck with Chara. This illustration is the happy ending post genocide run. So not really a happy ending since Frisk has given up their soul to restore the timeline and free the monster.
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o so that is y chara has that smal 
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"Little plus"
little plus? Little plus?? What is it? Is flowey there? Asriel? What is i- OMFG CHARA YOU CANT HIDE FROM ME, I SEE YOU! JFC that scared me to death when I saw it XD
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I see you, Chara, i see you
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