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[ yoshida,haruko ] by oemei [ yoshida,haruko ] by oemei
 It's a beautiful sky 
Makge gaen haneul like you


>> Yoshida, Haruko, most commonly known as Ruko is a young girl born in 1996 ( January 5 ) 
She is from Yokohama, Japan and is not known for her smarts. She is known as the sunflower girl.
In short, the sunflower girl or himawari, is you're everyday girl who you would find stalking
around a small coffee shop.

>> She is a bisexual kid who usually wears glasses to hide her very light brown eyes that appear
to be yellow. Along with her pale eyes, she has a very tranquil personality. Even as a young kid,
she was very calm and reserved, although she appears to be very outgoing. She usually expresses
herself through facial expressions and small hand gestures. 

>> Ruko very much favors flowers and natural things. She likes the color green and is almost 
up to three hundred rocks in her rock collection ( which she is super proud of ). She doesn't really favor animals,
however, she loves fish. Overall, she likes things that deal with the beach and the woods. 

>> Ruko doesn't like showing offer her arms since she has eczema that she really tries her best to hide.
She also doesn't like to be in huge social gatherings or talking to others. Saying this, school was never easy for her.
Verbal grades were her weakness and she just didn't learn things as quickly as others. This is why she always gets
really upset/hostile when people bring up school and ask her how successful she was in school. 

>> more tba ???


I got this bab from :iconganatanatda: and ah she's really cute//////
oc/art belongs to me!
+ I found the mood board on Google Images!
Ganatanatda Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks so cute!
oemei Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Ah thank you!
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