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[ park, soohyun ref ] by oemei [ park, soohyun ref ] by oemei

[ Name ]

kim, soohyun | 
박, 수현
[ Name Reasoning ]
soohyun ; A name picked out by his father who knew his son would be worthy enough of everything he was given
[ Nicknames ]
narcissus ; soohyun is mostly known for his cocky behavior and being quite obsessed with himself
big man; despite his small height he has gained a bunch of respect and is ironically called big man 
[ Age]
18 ( 19 in Korean age )
[ Birthday ]
February 5, 1999
[ Sexual orientation ]
heterosexual  / biromantic
[ Height ]
176.8 cm ( 5"8 )
[ Weight ]
77 kg ( 169 pounds )
[ Body Type ]
Soohyun has a very small and muscular figure
[ Skin Type ] 
soohyun has very clear pale skin, he looks surprisingly healthy 
[ Hair Colour ]
He has naturally black hair that he died half blonde, half brown
[ Hairstyle/length ]
Short and messy
[ Eye colour  ]
[ Clothing Style ]
When Soohyun isn't wearing his school uniform, he dress very comfortably
yet, at times he dresses very formal, especially when he wants to impress
[ Tattoos / Piercings ]
He only has his ears pierced, though it's the standard cartilage piercing and has a tattoo on his
forehead ( family marking) and roses on his lower abdomen 
[ Occupation ]
Student at Èmó Xuéxiào or Demon School ( an underground school for inhuman people )
12th year  
[ Species ]
[ Powers ]
mind control, exceptional strength/speed, enhanced healing factor, voice control
Since Soohyun is a pure incubus, his powers are very strong and he can quite 
easily tap into them 
[ Likes ]
- Soohyun likes to be spoiled and likes attention. He likes knowing
that people worship him and that he can get whatever he wants. He also has a raging sex drive
so he usually spends his nights the same way. Along with that, he likes to indulge in all the things that would give 
off the bad boy look. He also is sort of immune to it, so it doesn't give him any harm. That's why
he is usually found smoking, and sometimes drinking if he can get over the bitter taste. Soohyun also likes very dull colors
and simple things. Although he doesn't look it, he loves to observe people and their little flaws make him smile almost. He likes to know
what people like least about themselves, so he can't make them feel good about themselves. He really is a romantic person and loves the fact that he has hearts all around
his name. He also likes the way black coffee taste and drinks it on a regular. 
[ Dislikes ]
- Soohyun, although being a player and a incubus, hates being known for breaking hearts. He would like to have a perfect reputation.
He was raised to be perfect, so he always makes sure that his name is swooned over and that he is the teachers favorite always. He also doesn't
like having to cook because he never thought his cooking skills were the best. Dark colors are also his least favorite thing, he likes soft, dull things. 
Soohyun also doesn't like the fact that people believe him to be a simple korean when he is much more than that. He doesn't want his name 
to go dull with such a small label, so he always makes it apparent that he is more than his labels. He also doesn't like bugs and really hates going outside. 
He is seen as a true inside kid and hates any type of weather. He mostly hates the cold, however. He hates having to search for warmth. He also hates bad breath and odors
with a burning passion. he makes it his job to drown himself in the finest scents before leaving home and expects other to do the same. Secretly, but not really, he is really big on keeping clean.
His room is never messy, he never dresses messily, and he never smells bad. In his school bag, there's a bunch of germ-x, cologne, and mints.
[ Fears ]
Soohyun fears losing his title and credibility, he also fears being unclean. ( yes, even though he is a sex demon, he makes sure that he never catches anything )
[ Friends ; During or after school year ]
park, eunha ; eunha moved to Beijing ( where he lives and the school is ) when she was fifteen and honestly he wanted to just get in her pants, but 
he soon realized that she was someone worth knowing. She is sort of like a mom to him and he finds himself being very grateful for her. | witch | 16
- soohyun doesn't have many friends and isn't even apart of the bi. he has placed himself so far on top that his only friends are his sibilings and eunha
[ Personality ]
Soohyun is a narcissists who knows how to hide it. He hides his true self through being very romantic and almost bribing people into 
giving him compliments. He loves to play the game so to say, and has been playing it long enough to know how to win every time. He is very quiet, but
whenever he speaks, he sounds very proper and mannered. He knows how to compliment and has made it a sport. He is very nonchalant as well, 
he rarely shows his anger and always suppresses it with small comments that he doesn't actually mean to say. At times, he can be a bit harsh and
irritating, mainly because he's very difficult to work with and hides his difficulty under very heavy flirting and sickeningly sweet words. He knows how to keep a good look, but
it's the people that he has truly opened up to that have seen his bad side. That's mainly why he lacks friends, because he knows that people wouldn't be able to handle the soohyun that 
isn't all nice words and flowers. Other than that. Soohyun is actually a very chill guy and doesn't fight, but is still highly intimidating. Despite being shorter than the big man
on campus, he somehow always finds a way to make it known who is in control. 
[ Family ]
Mother || Park, Jiyoung succubus, 37, alive
Father || Park, Minhyun incubus, 39, alive
Sister|| Park, Minah, succubus, 18, alive 
Sister || Park, Minji, succubus, 10 alive

[ Love Interest ]
Li, Yazhu | Soohyun had always been hoplessly in love with Yazhu, rather his attraction be physical or just because Yazhu was one that he could never seem to win over
Soohyun liked the chase and eventually his lust turned to admiration, then to adoration, then to love. He would savor the moment Yazhu became his
Yet, for an incubus, love wasn't something that was taken to seriously and that's hat he had always pondered and feared. 
[ Extra ] 
- is very well known in the school for having a black book that is more sacred then the bible
- his parents moved to china because all the korean incubi and succubi were mating with humans and they thought it would be
best to move their children to china where, if they were to marry halfbreeds, they would be more powerful and wealthier halfbreeds
- he doesn't have any pets, but he is surprisingly good with animals and kids, which is one of his charms
- snores when he sleeps
- one day he went to the Li household to sell some stuff for his sister ( Minji ), and when he walked in, he was asked to look around.
Well, one thing led to another and he was in an empty room and in the corner he heard a faint cry; it was Yazhu. That's probably what
made Soohyun fall for Yazhu, since he saw how weak the boy was, and he swooned over that weakness. Of course, soohyun never brings it up
to protect Yazhu's repuation

art/character @ me
adopted from @ :iconnyctoyo:
oemei Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Student General Artist
ah I love him too
he's so precious :''''
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