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[ li, yazhu ref ] by oemei [ li, yazhu ref ] by oemei
[ Name ]
Li, Yazhu  | 
李,  雅筑
[ Name Reasoning ]
Yazhu ; A name picked out by his father who wanted his child to have a name that would represent the family; an elegant build 
[ Nicknames ]
Legs/Shoulders ; Since his most notable features are his long legs and broad shoulders, people refer to him as either "Legs" or 'Shoulders"
Good Boy; Since he is seen as a bad boy, people ironically call him a good one just for the kicks
Ya/Zhu/Azh; Just another nickname revolving around his first name
[ Age]
17 ( 18 in Chinese age )
[ Birthday ]
October 3, 2000 ( Dragon )
[ Sexual orientation ]
Asexual / Biromantic
[ Height ]
He is 188.98 cm ( 6"2 )
[ Weight ]
He weighs around 71 kg 
[ Body Type ]
Yazhu has a very tall and lanky figure, though most of his muscles are around his upper torso ( very muscular arms )
[ Skin Type ] 
Yazhu has bisque colored skin, he has a very sickly appearance
[ Hair Colour ]
He has naturally black hair that he died a light purple with tan strands
[ Hairstyle/length ]
Short and messy
[ Eye colour  ]
pale green 
[ Clothing Style ]
Yazhu is a very casual person. If he isn't wearing his school uniform, then he is wearing a hoodie
or a long sleeved shirt with some matching pants. He always finds a way to match
[ Tattoos / Piercings ]
He only has his ears pierced, though it's the standard cartilage piercing and no tattoos
[ Occupation ]
Student at Èmó Xuéxiào or Demon School ( an underground school for inhuman people )
11th year  
[ Species ]
Half incubus, half human
[ Powers ]
mild mind control, superhuman strength/speed, enhanced healing factor, voice control
[ Likes ]
- He likes to hit on people and or flirt, due to his incubus like nature.
However, he doesn't have a sex drive and doesn't feel sexual attraction to people. Saying this, he still enjoys seeing
people swoon over him and really likes people to be jealous or envious of him. He enjoys the finer things of life,
white wine, slow songs, and violence. Along with flirting, he loves to fight. His knuckles are usually bruised when he comes home.
He never loses a fight and that earned him his reputation on campus. He likes to see people with tattoos, 
tight chokers, and studying the human mind on his free time. He doesn't talk that much, and prefers to hear others talking.
He also likes to eat human food, even though he feeds off of sexual energy. His favorite food is instant ramen of any kind.
[ Dislikes ]
He hates the color red, thinking it to be too bland and stereotypical. 
He hates having to be seen as the odd child in the family, since his mother was raped by an incubus. 
He also doesn't like having to present things or when people talk down about him. That's his
main reason to fight, because his pride can't be harmed or he'll have to make someone else feel that pain.
He doesn't like to wear sleeveless shirts, because he has a few markings that came from some things he wasn't proud of.
He also doesn't like loud noises or when girls/guys get upset because he doesn't reciprocate their feelings.
However, overall, Yazhu hates when he feels starved and or tired because it takes a lot out of him to regain that energy.
[ Fears ]
He fears the inevitable, he fears big animals and having to be in closed spaces for long periods of time
[ Friends ; During or after school year ]
park, eunha ; eunha moved to Beijing ( where he lives and the school is ) when she was fifteen and from then on he always picked at her and just genuinely given her and himself a friendship that is a bit toxic but still worth it. | witch | 16
xie, yifan : out of all of his so-called friends, yifan was his only real one. those two were friends ever since yazhu was 10 and have stuck it out ever since. | incubus | 18
the bi ; his small gang of incubi and succubi that he was the leader of. they practically controlled the school
[ Enemies ]
yazhu had many enemies in school, but one major and very important enemy was Lu, Qiang and his gang of huli jing, or fox spirits. The two never got along, always interfering with each other's mischief and activities. they are almost like natural born enemies 
[ Personality ]
Yazhu is very stoic and stern. He has an aura about him that demands attention and respect. rather it be by his height or last name, he is very much respected and would expect nothing but respect. He is a bit cocky and anger inducing and really loves to flirt. While, yes, he hardly talks, his gestures speak loud enough. He is seen as a bit abrasive and makes very risky movements. It's not intentional and he doesn't mean to make many enemies. however, he is actually very nice once he warms up a bit. he just doesn't want people to stop respecting him or stop envying him so he always has this bad boy facade up until he meets someone that he can really soften up to. Yazhu is also very lethargic unless provoked, then he is very energetic and aware. His anger sometimes gets the best of him, even he will admit, and that is the one thing that people note him by. While he can be very aggressive when provoked, he always manages to keep some sort of mannerism and always tries his hardest to never disrespect older people, always tries to be some sort of model student. 
[ Family ]
Mother || Li, Jingyi, human, 37, alive
Step-Father || Li, Xun, human, 39, alive
Biological Father || name unknown, incubus, age and status unknown
[ Love Interest ]
[ Extra ] 
- his parents are very high up, so his birth was sort of swept underneath the rug. he's not very well known, but the only reason that he is kept alive is because he is their first born and very helpful when it comes to getting power
- he has a small dog named yahui, which is his will to live and the only thing that he is really soft for
- tries his best to be a model student and get good grades
- would've been expelled if he hadn't been doing favors for their headmaster
- not very proud of his past and not many people know of it 
- the scars on his arms were left by a succubus, so they won't go away and he always tries to cover them
- people think him and eunha are together but he really just likes to bully her affectionately
- him and yifan are always hanging out, so he doesn't feel like a burden to his parents

art/character @ me
adopted from @ :iconvesodopt:

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