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+ julean by oemei + julean by oemei
her name is julean, but she goes by anne or le 
she is twenty-five years old, born in 1992 on the third of March
she identifies as a female and uses feminine pronouns 
sexual; asexual 
romantic; panromantic
unicorn hybrid
julean is a very reserved character who keeps to herself. she was always taught to never speak unless spoken to and that's how she's always been. she is also very respectful, being raised to be the perfect child. saying this, she has a lot of anger issues but her passive aggressive nature renders her unable to fully express these emotions. she has always bottled up her feelings, but at most times she just snaps and ends up yelling. however, she always feels highly guilty about all the bad thing she's done so she always tries to make it up to people. she's very cautious and always worries, which is one of the reasons she is seen as boring or dull. even though she sounds like someone who would be extraordinarily smart, she is actually pretty dense, just logical. she has more common sense than book sense.
julean has long brown hair that is usually pulled into two ponytails. she has soft pink eyes and sand coloured skin. as for unicorn features, on top of her head lies a set of snow white ears and a rainbow horn, along with a rainbow tail. she is five foot, four inches tall, weighing one hundred and thirty pounds. she doesn't have many visual Imperfections, besides the brown spots on her back, possibly a birth mark 
julean isn't an all power unicorn, her blood just lengthens a life span
Current location 
julean currently lives in London, England, but she previously lived in Athens, Greece 


julean was the product of a wizard's greed. he had always wanted to hold the magic of a unicorn and his obsession with the species drove away all of the people who would've wanted to be with him and or help him. unluckily for a unicorn, he had stolen a newborn from a mother, wanting to raise it himself. he planned to breed a unicorn that would be unstoppable. but as he breed the unicorn, raising it as his own, he grew lonely for the companionship of a human. he was a highly advanced wizard, though, he could make things happen.

how he found the spell was beyond anyone, but he found that with a simple human egg, and a few words of dark magic, anything could happen. he dabbled in his thief nature during both of those experiments, but this time he charmed a witch out of an egg and in one, long night, he had a daughter. the newborn unicorn grew human features but with animal like instincts. she had a nature of a gentle animal, and he took that nature and raised her to be someone who would bring him joy and happiness and pride. she was stronger than her small frame but he wanted a wolf in sheep's clothing and that's what he got. in return he gave her everything she wanted, spoiling her, in return for her blood that kept him alive and the title of the unicorn slayer ( something he had recently started calling himself ) 

As life went on, she realized how truly sheltered she was from the world. Yes she could leave whenever she wanted, but she could never leave outside of the country lines, as it kept her close enough to him to where he could still feel her presence. A sort of bond that they had created in their short time together. Thankfully, Greece provided a lot of fun and adventure. It wasn't until her moving freely around without supervision proved to be dangerous did they have to leave. The old magician didn't want his power to feel confined and caged, and his foolishness cost him most everything. Rivalry was heated between the wickens in Greece. Somewhere in the night, a group of them had appeared at his small bungalow in the woods, setting ablaze everything around it. They got out, thankfully only with a few burns. The wizard salvaged some old spell books and that was it. The year was 2012 when the old wizard turned 90 and when he lost everything except his pride. They moved to England to start over, they put a way the fancy clothing for a simple like lifestyle. It was hard at first, but they managed to seem like a normal family 

They moved to London, a big enough place where they could easily become new people. Of course it was hard concealing julean from the world since she was clearly not human. But she wanted to be out, their house was boring after a while. She easily played it off as if she was just dressing up as what she was not. With her small stature and child like looks, anyone believed her. It wasn't until the wizard put aside his pride and pleasure to go inside a walmart. Give or take he needed a job, and he had never been in one before. He took julean since she was better with people than he was. " You're a unicorn, and a wizard, I don't know who you're fooling". The world seemed to stop. It was late at night, but they didn't want to come when it was crowded. The voice came from a woman with hair split in the middle. Yellow and a dull pink, but she seemed all too exciting. She was smoking, but wore a uniform that fit the job. The wizard exchanged some words before the girl shushed him. "You want a job, I'll put in a word," she sounded so calm, and while she addressed the man, she occasionally glanced at julean, " Just let me take your pet out for a drink". The wizard grunted and hated the idea but he gave tge woman his blessing. He never let his naive personality go, old habits died hard. 

and then some
To say julean did regret that day would be a lie. It was great, the girl, asya, was someone who was the polar opposite of julean. She was fun and loud and just brought something to her life. Of course the two kept in touch, mainly by pigeons that she had trained. Julean needed a life. Besides, phones were expensive and while Asya thought the idea was dumb, she stuck it out and formed a close bond with the girl. The wizard didn't care because his daughter was happy once more. 

+ yikes talk about short bio's :')

small facts 
+ julean is very scared of bug animals but triea to not show it
+ She would like to be brave but she ia honestly just a damsel in distress 
+ she is an atheist and just likes Greek mythology for the thrills 
+ She is a vegan and only really lives off of homemade spinach smoothies 
+ Currently in love with Asya 
+ Hates when people touch her joints because it's almost like someone touching her bones


ah I adopted this beauty from :iconladyanimesivan: and ah I really like her like so much???? and check out Sivan's other adoptables too because her designs are very appealing! + a better picture of her face  ( )
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